20 Influencers For Fintech Brands In India

Companies across the globe have adapted to Influencer Marketing as a credible trend for marketing products and services. Coming from influencers our affinities lie with, we’re bound to absorb their information, suggestions, and the brands they market as the gospel truth.

Fintech brands are the latest to join this bandwagon to establish not only the credibility of their brands, but also offers that set them apart in a financially conscious world. It can range from a full blown coverage of your business, features, services, or apps, or subtle marketing placements to push off the domino effect – like we at Confluencr did for Upstox.

But owing to the governance that exists in the fintech industries then, it becomes imperative to engage with fintech influencers that are well-versed with the industry regulations, and who know their way around.

Here are 20 fintech influencers whose reach Fintech companies can leverage:

Startup Gyaan - 294K Subscribers

Startup Gyaan has gained a lot of traction owing to their reviews of startups, businesses, and their engaging discussions on entrepreneurship and motivation. Their videos, put up weekly in Hindi, attempt to bring out the struggle-stories of entrepreneurs starting out with their businesses. With their stories to success, this channel prompts learning vicariously that it’s the long haul in business and that with a proper action plan and mindset, it can be your story too. Like for Groww and 5paisa, Startup Gyaan – in collaboration with Confluencr – drew staggering results.

Chart Analysis - 68.2K Subscribers

Umesh Sharma started Chart Analysis with a strong backing of 12 years experience in broking and advisory firms, and 8 years of experience teaching. His videos set out to educate his subscribers in understanding technical analysis when participating in the stock market. His aim is to simplify technical concepts like pattern recognition, indicators, cyclical analysis, chart analysis and intraday trading for the layman. At the same time, he strikes the trading psychology of the masses and through the patterns to solidify, if not guarantee, the chances of great returns.

Sumit Jaiswal - Finance Guru - 125K Subscribers

Sumit Jaiswal’s channel reaches out to his follower base with systematic videos pertaining to online loans, bank loans, credit card knowledge, and multiple other finance related topics. He’s all for legitimately putting out this information with payment proofs and focus purely on the review of loan apps and companies. Open to sponsorships, just as well as he is for questions, he’s a go-to for all things and developments in loaning – an area that the general population tends to struggle with at large.

Fantastic Nifty - 170K Subscribers

Fantastic Nifty covers all ends of the Indian Stock Market continuum with informative videos on mid cap, small cap, and large cap stocks. The range of topics in his videos can get flabbergasting with revenue analysis, net profits, peg ratio, debt equity ratio, to share recommendations, zero debt companies, pledging, FII holding stock, and many many more coming under this channel’s coverage. You can perform targeted search for your subject of interest or better yet, just check out the entire feed for a comprehensive list of information. Might we suggest, sit with a pen and paper and use the hashtag #fantasticnifty while you’re at it.

Stock 4 Retail

Stock4Retail is a finance YouTube channel that upholds the belief that anyone keen on becoming an investor should set up a reliable foundation with correct lessons and knowledge of defined principles. Their videos broadly look into stock market, investment, and financial solutions with topics covering the length and breadth of share markets and the nuances that need to be kept in mind while picking up trading.

These include information on stock market, tips and updates, fundamental analysis, market technical analysis, mutual funds, and a lot more. For beginners, this channel can prove to be especially handy in acquainting themselves with everything about the stock market.

Long Term Shares - 129K Subscribers

A straight forward channel in what it offers, Long Term Shares is a channel that reaches out to the masses with recommendations in stocks and the Indian stock market. They’re looking to educate the viewers, mainly to the retail investors, into promising companies, stocks to invest in, platform how-to’s, and much more.

Ravinder Vats - 115K Subscribers

A Chartered Accountant by profession, CA Ravinder Vats is an adept stock market expert and analyst. His videos shed light on market corrections, NIFTY recoveries, live streams, and bank updates. In each, he carefully analyzes the trends and crafts engaging methods of presenting that information to the regular audience who may not be as familiar with the industry lingo.

Tech & Finance - 170K Subscribers

With a whopping 170,000 subscribers, Tech & Finance seeks to inform its viewers about everything current in the stock market, Zerodha trading platform, investments, NSE, online trading, and more. For novices looking for a way to start out, this channel posts trading demos, platform navigation tutorials, intraday live trading, and educational videos. So while it’s a resourceful channel for seasoned traders to stay up to date, it’s a practical source for beginners to catch-up to trading.

Hindi Stock Advice - 55.7K Subscribers

As will be evident upon opening up this channel, it contains everything you need for smart stock trading and stock market updates – in Hindi. Their share market related information directs viewers to discussions relating to the market news, companies to examine and engage in stocks with, and multiple reviews. That’s why when Angel Broking reached out to Confluencr for influencer marketing for their services, we in turn reached out to Hindi Stock Advice, vouching for their expertise and wide reach.

Marathi Sanket - 1.53M Subscribers

Driving the content home to a much more targeted Marathi-speaking audience, Marathi Sanket is a channel that keeps its audience on its toes with regards to market information and updates. This channel, in association with its sister channel – Wealth Sanket – seeks to educate the viewers on how to manage wealth mindfully and profitably with tips and hacks on the share market.

ShahanPan - 874K Subscribers

Yet another Marathi channel, the videos on this one re slightly more diverse in their scope – covering wealth management, health management, and success tips along with motivational and inspirational videos. They review personalities from multiple industries and across histories to crystallize summaries and tips that can be applied for better wealth management, among other things.

Qdigita - 224K Subscribers

A community driven initiative, Qdigita is a channel imparting educative insights to their financially aware YouTube community. With videos exploring subjects relating to intraday trading, mutual funds, share markets, and personal finance among other topics, they guide their subscribers with pp and platform reviews, multiple how-to’s and hacks into earning better. With their mantra to ‘Learn, Earn, Invest, Repeat’, this is yet another channel to watch out for. As we did, when we – at Confluencr – reached out to them to market brands including Tickertape, Groww, and Upstox – all charting promising progress reports.

Rupee Monk - 45.8K Subscribers

With just as much zing from down South, Rupee Monk is a channel run by Subeesh, or as he likes to address himself as – ‘Common Man’s Financial Guru’. With his Malayalam dialect, Subeesh creates videos that provide guidance on stocks, mutual funds, insurance, loans, and other deposits. He credits his savings and investments over the last 1.5 decade as the bases for the knowledge he imparts through these videos and currently has his financial planning certification underway. Speak of experience guiding our way through the investment maze!

Mutual Funds Telugu - 48.1K Subscribers

Mutual Funds Telugu comes as a channel localizing their inputs to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions – but staying equally applicable across the country. As its name suggests, the channel guides viewers with everything centred around Mutual Funds and growing wealth by investing in the same – suggestive of financial freedom and practical applications. Their channel is research oriented and specific, should investors look for handy tips.

Vijay Thakkar - 21.1K Subscribers

Vijay Thakkar is a channel run by its namesake who’s a technical analyst, trainer, positional trader, and price action follower. His videos are stock-centric for the most part, with weekly stocks updates, general tips on trading, investments, and intraday trades. His posts are organized and largely in Hindi to hit the relatability quotient with the audience.

Aswin Alora - 37.3K Subscribers

Aswin Arora runs this finance YouTube channel committed to expanding the horizons of the masses with thorough financial education. A finance student himself, Aswin claims to be a passive investor – sharing his experience on the stock market, in personal finance, and investment strategies with the regular masses. The channel’s videos are mostly in Malayalam – aiming to establish financial independence.

Manoj Kumar Jain - 447K Subscribers

A Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant by profession, CA M.K. Jain holds a lot of feathers in his cap – not literally so as he wears them in his videos. An award-winning, lauded personality, Mr Jain crafts videos on shares, taxation, government regulations, investments, and more. His light-hearted style of presentation has reasons to win over his audience, apart from his experience-laden content and easy way of explanation. It was a no-brainer that Confluencr onboarded him to market Upstox – one of India’s best stock market apps.

Trading Gurukal - 174K Subscribers

Trading Gurukul is a channel operated by Navjot Brar – a professional trader and trainer with over 5 years of experience in the stock market set-up. Collectively, he’s garnered over 25,000 hours of experience in the share market and has crafted strategies and recognized patterns that can be applied for profitability while trading.

Dropout Engineer - 155K Subscribers

Don’t let the name mislead you. Akash Kunder, a 23 year old technology aficionado, may yet be the dropout computer engineer that the audience may turn to all things technical. While his speciality and interests lie majorly in unboxing gadgets, reviewing them, and techie tips and tricks, he’s started reviewing stock trading apps and platforms not more than a year ago – compiling them into a video for audiences to review and take lead from. And this is what Confluencr leveraged with Akash with whom we collaborated to market Coinswitch Kuber – to lots of positive results.

Bazar Ke Pandit

Bazar Ke Pandit is a channel compiling videos that offer a compass in creating wealth and tips on investing in the stock market with special mention into the ‘best multibagger stocks’. Looking to impart financial wisdom, the host seeks to educate upon intraday trading, stock investments, market updates, and similar items of interest.

Confluencr has pioneered influencer marketing solutions that have now become a staple part of the BFSI marketing mix. In India, we work with 4 out of the top 5 discount brokers, leading insurance firms, global consumer banks, cryptocurrency platforms and many other financial investment brands like Groww for whom we successfully strategised and implemented influencer marketing in collaboration with some of the leading finance influencer YouTubers.

With the restraints that apply to finance brands, it’s rather tough to create marketing campaigns that can truly promote the offerings. We have aptly leveraged influencers for an industry that much needed to find newer avenues, to shed off its primary image as boring or dull, and therefore now attracting a younger audience as well. To implement influencer marketing for your brand, reach out to hello@confluencr.com

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