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India ranked #2nd country with most Instagram users in 2021. Reach wider audience with Confluencr Marketing Campaigns created by trusted Influencers with Curated Content.

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Every brand wants to get on the Instagram ride to not only reach but connect with their followers and increase engagement. Brands from diverse industries are aiming to reach millennials and Gen Z through Instagram campaigns. It has become a great platform to build communities, engage audiences and increase sales through the platform.
Blame it on our senses, but the more interaction we have with a product, the more familiar, comfortable and confident we feel purchasing it.

influencer marketing Case Study
140 Million

Active Users from India in 2021

1.2 Billion

Users Worldwide by 2023 Projection

18 to 35 Ages

Reach younger Audiences age groups

Wonder Why Instagram Works For Brands?

Instagram has been able to increase its popularity because of myriads of Influencers generating high-quality content that your consumers love to see. Their word is Iron and consumers trust influencer reviews more than sponsored endorsements to give them real and accurate information.

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Cost-effective Platform

Instagram is one of the cost effective platforms compared to other social mediums which delivers more ROI with less expense.

Gaining 10K Followers In 6 Months

Higher Engagement Rate

Instagram produces higher engagement rate via live videos and reels along with photos. Instagram metrics are resourceful to measure the impact of your campaigns.

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Increase Product Discovery

Instagram shop is a convenient option for users as they can not only shop but make payments via Instagrams payment gateways. This has increased product discovery and sales for brands.

Instagram Influencers: The New Way Consumers Shop

Historically, brands have targeted messaging at consumers, without listening for a response. But with the introduction of social media platforms, like Instagram, consumers have changed the conversation. The younger generation uses the platform for research on product reviews, brands, and their services more than ever.

Content Solutions

Instagram influencer marketing gives us the luxury of regular sensory exposure – one that has become the norm – and it’s why the traffic and conversion driving tactic has grown exponentially in recent years.

Short Videos & Reels

In July 2020, Instagram launched Reels. Like the popular video-making app Tiktok, it allows users to record videos with desired songs and plenty of other exciting features.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live allows users to have real-time interactive sessions with their audience. And, this interaction creates a two-way communication fostering trust.

Repurposing Content

Use the photos and videos created by influencers on your brand's organic feed to improve engagement. It can be also utilised on brand website or social media ads.

Contests & Giveaways

An Instagram contest is a great way to draw attention to your brand. Contests and giveaways will help boost engagement and get your content noticed by the Instagram algorithm.

Ride The Trends

Instagram keeps launching new features such as Branded Augmented Reality Filters, Instagram Guides, Ads on IGTV, which would help brands to interact with their customers.

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Content Mapping

We create content strategy to highlight your unique brand and product story


influencer curation

Based on your goals we identify the right influencer mix for the campaign​


Content Delivery

Influencers make engaging content and go live on their channels


Reporting & Analytics

We share the analytics and insightful campaign reports of the goals achieved​

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