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Instagram Influencer Campaigns for 200+ Brands

Purplle Influencer Marketing Agency
Total Views
1.6M +
Collaborated with beauty & lifestyle influencers to promote Purplle's youthfulness as a one-stop-shop for all beauty needs.
Cambly Instagram Influencer Marketing Company
Total Views
Envisioned connecting students worldwide with native English speakers by making learning enjoyable through honest and playful demo sessions.
Ola Foods Influencer Marketing Firm
Total Views
+ve Comments
During the 20-day IPL, Ola Foods invited influencers to create rap videos of states with ‘Khichdi’ at heart.

Leverage Engaging Instagram Content Formats

Trending Reels - Video Influencer Marketing Services
Trending Reels

Compared to other content formats reels performs 10-15x better for reach. Reels brings more than 80% reach to non-follower accounts compared to other formats.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Platform
Bespoke Content

Ideating bespoke campaigns basis your goals and target audience. This is a great way to educate your audiences and connect them with the salient features of your products.

UGC Images & Videos - Influencer Marketing Content Format
UGC Images & Videos

Use the photos and videos created by influencers on your brand’s organic feed to improve engagement. It can be also utilised on brand website or social media ads.

Barter's collaboration With Micro and Nano Influencers
Product Reviews At Scale

Working with micro, nano influencers through barter collaboration on bulk to create a buzz and leverage product reviews at scale.

Brand Awareness with Influencer Marketing Agency
Contests & Giveaways

IG contest is a great way to draw attention to your brand. Contests and giveaways help boost engagement & gets content noticed by the Instagram algorithm leading to better organic views.

Skyrocket Engagement With Instagram Influencers

Cost effective Influencer Marketing
Cost Effective

Instagram is fairly cost effective platform compared to other social channels..

Increase Product Discovery with Influencer Marketing
Increase Product Discovery

Working with multiple influencers simultaneously - you can drive large scale brand/ product discovery on Instagram.

Higher Engagement Rate with Influencer Marketing
Higher Engagement Rate

Engagement rates on IG are better than most social platforms and help a lot in the middle of the funnel.

Relatable, Engaging Instagram Content At Scale.

Let’s talk to the next generation of your consumers. Instagram Influencer Marketing helps you reach, connect and educate target audiences at high scale.

But, Why Confluencr as Your Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency?

Vetted Influencers
50,000+ Vetted Influencers

Our network of 50,000+ influencers means we are able to match you with the perfect influencers for you – no matter what the requirements.

Unbeatable Influencer Marketing Pricing
Unbeatable Pricing

We work with brands at scale and hence are able to command an unbeatable pricing for most talents across genres.

High ROI with Influencer Marketing
High RoI

We understand content marketing and weave stories that leave a lasting impact on your target audience.

Double Tick

Our Instagram Influencer Marketing Deliverables

Influencer Discovery

We curate the right influencers for your campaign using content affinity and target audience mapping.

Campaign Execution

We deliver seamless campaign execution and keep you appraised through out the process.

Content Plan & Scripting

We create a content strategy basis brand USP & influencer profiles & then use that to co-create scripts with influencers.

Reporting & Analytics

We analyse outcomes and dissect them via various segments to fine tune the scale up recommendations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started with Confluencr, you need to send across a signed copy of the MoU. Once received we are able to share our recommended influencers within 48 hours. From the confirmation of the influencers at your end, it would take about 7-8 working days for the final content to get done. If the product needs to be shipped, then please add that to the timeline.

We understand that your brand’s tonality is important, and do our best to protect the same. Hence, only once you approve the script and visual treatment document, do we start creating the content. After the draft is approved by you, it is then published live.

You can share a unique coupon code for every influencer and they shall add it to content or a unique link which can be added to the bio. With this you should be able to track the clicks and conversions.

Instagram influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing where Instagram influencers get paid out for promoting or endorsing a brand’s product or service among their followers.

To craft a successful Instagram influencer marketing strategy, it is necessary to take several aspects into consideration.  Following are the 5 steps that can help you get started with Influencer marketing on Instagram: 

  • Set goals for your campaign: Identify the business goals that you are willing to achieve with the help of an Instagram influencer marketing strategy. Defining key metrics for the campaign to measure these goals.
  • Know your audience: Before starting with an Instagram influencer marketing campaign it is necessary to define your target audience. Determining various audience demographics such as age, location, gender, interests, etc can help you plan your campaign accordingly. This shall help you in choosing the right influencer for your brand.
  • Choose an influencer: Once you have determined your target audience you can decide which influencer suits your brand and aligns with your target audience the best.
  • Enter into an agreement: Once you define your target audience and choose an influencer for your campaign, the next step is reaching out and collaborating with that influencer. Make sure you define all the terms and conditions of the campaign in a contact. Signing a contract based on terms and conditions will help you to avoid future miscommunication or confusion. 

Measure your result: Last but the most important step is to measure your campaign results. You can match the results from the campaign with your set metrics to determine its reach and success.

An Instagram influencer marketing agency is a company that specializes in connecting brands with influencers on Instagram. The agency typically has a board network of influencers and helps connect brands with the most suitable, niche-specific influencers. An Instagram influence marketing agency also helps you in strategizing an Instagram influencer marketing campaign for your brand and helps track its success.
Instagram influencer marketing agencies help the brand to reach out to the influencers who are best suited for their brand advertising or product promotion. The agency will typically handle all aspects of the campaign, from negotiating deals to managing payments and more.

The cost of hiring an agency will typically depend on the size and scope of your campaign. Generally, an Instagram influencer marketing agency charges 10%-15% of the total ad spend.

There are several ways to find influencers on Instagram for marketing your brand. A few of them are: 

  • Using hashtags. 
  • Use of social media management tools. 
  • Discovery of influencers using social media platforms and targeted keywords. 
  • Hiring an Instagram influencer marketing agency.

There are several reasons why your brand may need an Instagram influencer marketing agency including: 

  • Creating content that appeals to a target audience and helps to promote the brand and its products or services. 
  • Build relationships with bloggers, vloggers, and other social media influencers who can help to spread the word about your brand. 
  • They provide analysis and feedback on the brand’s Instagram performance, thus helping in identifying areas for improvement. 

Ultimately, working with an Instagram influencer marketing agency can help brands to reach a wider audience, build awareness, and boost sales.

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