10 Best Fitness Influencers on YouTube

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“Today, fitness influencer marketing reigns on social media. Brands might still collaborate with athletes for product endorsements and sponsor athletes in competitions, but it’s no longer just the professionals who are capturing the trust of brands.”- Jeffrey Pulvino
(Co-founder and CEO, Boost Media)

Fitness – We all have different reactions when we hear this word- Joy, Dread, Confusion; All of them. When it comes to fitness, there are no one size fits. This results in most of us find it challenging to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Here is where the fitness influencers on YouTube come in. Fitness influencers have become a constant source of inspiration, especially in times of a deadly pandemic that highlighted the importance of mental and physical wellbeing. Brands in the fitness sector hence need to reach out to these influential personalities for credible product endorsements and brand awareness.

Here are the 10 best Fitness Influencers on YouTube in India 2024 to subscribe to right now:

Ranveer’s brainchild, “BeerBiceps”, a YouTube channel dedicated to fitness, blossomed from his passion for health and wellness. Initially set up to solely market Ranveer’s fitness startup, he realized the vast opportunities presented by the social media and digital marketing fields and decided to take the plunge by setting up a 360-degree lifestyle YouTube channel.

Today, his channel hosts videos on several topics like fashion, grooming, personal finance, etiquette, meditation, mental health, communication skills and entrepreneurship. It has become the one-stop destination for self-help and self-improvement inspiration. His podcast- The Ranveer Show, narrates success stories and is a huge learning experience for its listeners. Ranveer has cemented his place in the hearts and minds of his audience since setting foot in this trade!

What are you waiting for if you haven’t subscribed to the BB YouTube channel yet? Click the bell icon and avail yourself of a daily dose of inspiration.

In awe of Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone’s figures? Yasmin is the woman behind it! This celebrity fitness instructor runs her fitness studio- Yasmin’s Body Image. 

She’s on a quest of making the people around her fit and healthy. Yasmin’s workout videos are not just informative but also very encouraging. She not just uploads the regular workout routines but also how one can fix their posture and myth busters. She is India’s very first certified Pilates instructor. She’s the one responsible for bringing those huge, bouncing balls into our homes! 

Yasmin believes a person can be genuinely healthy only if they are consistent in their workouts and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She has won several awards for her efforts in the industry- “Best Fitness Instructor” at Vogue Fashion Awards, 2013; Super Woman Award 2015 by 94.3 Radio One; Fitness Innovator of the Year 2019 by Jaslok Hospital and various more felicitations. 

Her involvement with the Miss India Pageant and other fitness programs on TV lend an air of authenticity to her reputation. To subscribe to her channel for insights and tutorials on maintaining a virile life.

Tarun Gill, the forerunner of fitness YouTubers in India. He calls himself a storyteller- one who tells tales about fitness and busts the myths and mysteries surrounding it through his videos. His channel is India’s premier digital media on the subject of fitness. Tarun launched IFL, the most prominent fitness league in India, collaborating with Suneil Shetty. The league unveils the stories of the athletes who are participants in the show. 

Tarun’s YT channel has several videos spanning exercise routines, nutrition, supplements, fitness challenges, Bollywood fitness and more. His channel proves Tarun’s fierce love and passion for health and fitness. Those who are seriously considering turning towards a healthy lifestyle should visit this channel.

Gaurav Taneja, the man behind FitMuscle TV, is a certified nutritionist, professional bodybuilder and aviator. This YT channel is a fountain spouting content on the different forms of workouts, diet plans and interviews, which is truly helpful!

Since Gaurav is a certified nutritionist himself, you can rest easy knowing that the content provided on the channel is authentic and scientifically proven. This is one of the significant criteria everyone needs to make sure of as, more often than not, following a workout or a diet regime developed without a proper study can do more harm than good!

Guru Mann is on a mission to make India fit. He is one of the first professional fitness trainers to provide more than 48 free fitness programs to fulfil his mission! Based in the United States, Guru has proven that borders don’t matter when realizing your goals. This fitness influencer is replete with fat loss, muscle building and desi diet programs, essential tips, challenge series, and motivational speeches. He is one of the best fitness influencers on Instagram.

Guru has prepared workout and diet regimes for all levels of fitness enthusiasts– from those who are just starting on their fitness journey to those at the advanced level. As a nutritionist with top fitness certifications, Guru has helped people suffering from various diseases, from Diabetes, BP, Arthritis to Liver cancer, Prostate cancer, etc. 

For those who wish to start working out but are unsure of how to go about it, we recommend you look at Guru Mann Fitness for inspiration and well-designed regimes. This is one trainer who cares about providing the best possible training programs to his viewers.

Hosted by Abhinav Mahajan to make people aware of their true capabilities.

Several videos on fat loss, no gym full-body workout, diet and nutrition, student transformation plans, general fitness, grooming and lifestyle. Whew! This is an all-around channel covering diverse topics.

There are so many of us who work out but cannot lose our body fat. It’s because we aren’t targeting the right body parts. Many of us get intimidated by the gym or wish to exercise in the solitude of our home. Workouts only work if accompanied by proper diets and nutrition intake. 

Boys start going to the gym as soon as they are out of the schooling system. All these are not only mentioned on this fitness influencer’s channel but are also discussed in-depth with scientific facts and tips. He knows what the general public is looking for and has managed to target the bullseye.

Abhinav also stresses the importance of yoga and vegan food for remaining in good shape. This fitness YouTuber only collaborates with brands promoting vegan products.

Sahil Khan is a top Indian fitness influencer. He is a fitness influencer, bodybuilder, actor, and entrepreneur who has inspired millions to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Sahil Khan’s journey to fitness began when he was just a teenager, and he fell in love with Bodybuilding. He trained hard, and followed a strict diet, and soon, his dedication paid off, as he won the title of Mr India in 2007.

Sahil Khan’s success in Bodybuilding led him to the world of acting, and he made his debut in the Bollywood film industry with the movie Style in 2001. He has also launched his fitness brand, Life Fitness India, which offers a range of fitness products and supplements.

Sahil Khan’s approach to fitness is holistic, focusing not just on physical fitness but also on mental and emotional well-being. He believes that fitness is a lifestyle, and his philosophy is to stay fit, not just for a few months or years, but for life.

Shreyas believes in providing customized fitness regimes to his clients rather than general plans. Shreyas makes an effort to understand their fitness goals and lifestyle, which he uses as a base for designing the appropriate program.

This fitness influencer on YouTube offers online training which is tailored to the clients’ needs. He also doesn’t force them to use supplements if they aren’t comfortable using them or can’t afford to. Shreyas also believes that clients will achieve their goals only if they stick with the workouts and take them seriously. The results might vary depending on their lifestyle. 

He doesn’t keep a set of trainers in his team as he believes that each trainer has his own set of beliefs that might clash with his, and the client may suffer due to them. Shreyas is doing a fine job with his clients as a one-person show, and we only see him achieve greater heights.

This Indian fitness influencer’s YouTube channel mainly focuses on weight loss and body transformation

We are all aware of the plethora of content on fitness across the various online channels. You only have to type in “fitness”, and you will be bombarded by pages and pages with information about it. This only serves to daunt us even more. Another concern is that the data provided can be false or incorrect. Raghav aims to solve these matters through his ‘easy to pursue’ and well-researched fitness programs.

Raghav provides 30 days, 60 days, 180 days, and even 365-day body transformation programs, which are sent every fortnight so that your body doesn’t get accustomed to one particular regime. That’s so thoughtful and something we might not even have considered! These programs include exercise and nutrition plans which are the two most essential components of any body transformation program.

This sports science nutritionist from India has his own YouTube channel, making it one of the best fitness YouTube channels in India.

Rohit has uploaded videos targeting individual body parts such as the shoulder, chest, abs, legs, biceps, etc. Many of us wish to work only on specific areas of our bodies. Videos such as these are helpful as they concentrate only there, and we need not comb through the entire video. 

Videos talking about the common mistakes people often make while working out are also posted on this fitness influencer’s YouTube channel. This help stops others from doing the same and reduces getting injured.

Rohit’s Boyfriend-Girlfriend fitness challenge videos will encourage you to stop being a couch potato and commence working out with your partner! After all, you won’t be suffering alone! Rohit created the new world record for the “Most Push-ups in 30 seconds”! Wow! That’s so fitting! 

Keep challenging yourself and us, Rohit!

As per studies by various marketing firms -

On YouTube, users get to listen and watch the trainer while they work out. This helps them see the exact part of their body being worked on and how the exercise is performed. As they say, pictures may paint a thousand words, but videos paint a million! 

It becomes essential for brands wishing to market their fitness products to collaborate with such fitness influencers on YouTube. They are creating relevant content and engaging with and advocating various products related to the health sector to their audience. 

As a YouTube influencer marketing agency we, at Confluencr, have exercised our brain muscles and created a team of well informed and fit influencers. If you wish to collaborate with them, we will work out the best influencers for you to flex your products through. Just drop-in an email to us at [email protected], and we can have a friendly chat!

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