Satt Naturals Case Study

Satt Naturals Case Study

Pushing against norms with LGBTQ influencers promoting the luxury brand

Through their authentic, natural products, they have combined the old-age Ayurvedic practices with the modern aesthetic. Their products are curated to deter maladies through a holistic approach to healing.

Sourced from nooks & corners from across the nation, they ensure to bring the best plants, seeds & leaves to make pure-grade products with 100% cruelty-free processes. At Satt naturals, they make ancient science relevant to the modern world.

Confluencr - Satt Naturals Case Study

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We saw a community being unheard, we gave them voices. The one concept in today’s society that is often mistaken as unnatural is being queer, being gay, or a lesbian. The LGBTQ community often finds itself in the position where they need to say it aloud – we are natural. We took a bold step and decided to share their stories out in the loud so the world knows “They are Natural, just like Satt Naturals”.

The Creators

We encouraged Influencers who are a part of the LGBTQ community and asked them to recall how the society called them unnatural and didn’t accept them, they shared their stories which will leave you touched.

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Oho lovely! Trying this

Amaaazing products !!!

What an amazing product will also try this..😍

Seems like a nice product💯

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