About The Brand

Nirogam is a 20 year old Ayurveda brand. Famous for its curative products for BP, Hypertension  and such lifestyle conditions – Nirogam wanted to go beyond this brand positioning and be known for wider Ayurvedic solutions. We were tasked to promote their beauty and health products to make the positioning broader.

Content Map

Since the brand is already well known for its authentic products, we decided to use that only to further the positioning of the brand. We focussed on the authenticity of the blends and the ingredients and the results that people saw from using the products.

The Creators

We chose 2 creator personas – Doctors to lend credibility and creators who focus on organic living to reach out to the right set of users who would be most interested in Nirogam’s product range.

Campaign Results & Reactions


Unique Content

Positive Comments

After my delivery my skin looks so tanned and dull..I feel there is no life on my skin..so need this

want to buy this product , what is the price of this product and how I can buy this product .

Sounds like an amazing treatment option for Psoriasis… 👍

Hi.. thanks for amazing contest💞💞💞💞💞 ….i am mom of 2 kids…and no time go saloon and pampered me….this amazing product best care of my face and still look young and gorgeous

Looks like a great ayurvedic product for treatment of Psoriasis

I need this product as I have suffering from Psoriasis since a year now. I have tried multiple shampoos, medicines, spas, but nothing seems to be work and it keeps coming back.

Need this product for my sister.She will really love it.

Have never used ayurvedic medicines. But thanks for the info. My dad had psoriasis (mostly treated, he still has a few patches though). Would definitely recommend.

That’s pack looks great for the glowing skin. Definitely try it