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Confluencr is an advanced platform that creates engaging strategies with optimised content sourced from reliable influencers. Share your requirements and we’ll craft a bespoke campaign with our network of 15,000+ influencers.

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Inherent Challenges Of The Industry

The E-commerce space is goverened by high cost of acquisition, and requires a 360 degree marketing approach as the lead funnels need to be carefully crafted. Building awareness and converting that into purchases is an inherent challenge of this crowded eCommerce space.
Hyper-competitive Space

If you go looking for any product, you will find atleast a 100 options in less than a few seconds. And, the challenge doesn't end there. Most of these products are similar, and hence it becomes extremely challenging for a brand to stand out in the market.

High Cost of Acquisition

The eCommerce space is often troubled with hugh cost of acquisition as the consumer traverses mutliple stages from brand awareness to purchase.

Keeping Up With GenZ

With a long list of choices, getting GenZ to pay attention to your brand is no child's play. This consumer segment tends to evolve their choices indefinitely making it difficult to retain them.

Influencer Marketing Channels for eCommerce Industry

The challenges of the E-commerce sector are increasing and hence the solutions have to win the customer through dynamic and engaging content.
food and beverage influencer marketing company

Improve rating on relevant platforms

Drive your organic ratings on all relevant eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart through product reviews.

youtube influencer marketing platform

Long form product reviews on YouTube

Associate with youtube influencers to drive product recommendations and disseminate information about your products.

social media influencers

Brand awareness via Instagram

Create awareness about your brand through snackible content on Instagram.

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Serving Diverse eCommerce Brands

Confluencr is involved into the E-commerce Sector by closely collaborating with diverse brands from E-commerce friendly industries.

Beauty & Skincare Products

Confluencr works with the largest beauty and skincare brands of today on long and short form video content to help drive awareness and conversion.

New Online Store Launches

We help in driving awareness and creating a buzz about new stores through our specially curated solutions keeping in mind the constraints of a newly launched brands.

Gadgets & Tech Products

Gadgets such as phones, laptops, audio accessories require a significant amount of review content to aid purchase.

Fashion & Clothing Brands

As the fashion trends keep evolving we help with dynamic trending content for such brands to keep up with the consumer tastes.

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