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Our influencer marketing strategies are optimised to broaden the top of the funnel & improve your customer acquisition cost.

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15,000+ Influencer Content Created for d2C Brands

Carmesi Influencer Marketing Agency
Total Views
Celebrated womanhood and created a natural and eco-friendly presence of Carmesi’s easy-to-use unique hygiene products.
Purplle Influencer Marketing Agency
Total Views
1.6M +
Collaborated with beauty & lifestyle influencers to promote Purplle's youthfulness as a one-stop-shop for all beauty needs.
Meesho Influencer Marketing Company
Total Views
Total Likes
Displayed the simple and convenient shopping experience of running a business on India's largest resale platform.

Influencer Marketing Solutions for eCom Brands

Brand Awareness Via Instagram for Ecommerce Influencer Marketing
Brand awareness via Instagram

Create awareness about your brand through snackible content on Instagram.

YouTube Product Reviews for Ecommerce Influencer Marketing
Long form product reviews on YouTube

Associate with youtube influencers to drive product recommendations and disseminate information about your products.

UGC Images & Videos - Influencer Marketing Content Format
UGC Videos For Engagement

Affordable, hassle-free video content for your social media, website & product listings at 10X lesser cost compared to any studio shoots.

Conquer The Inherent Challenges Of eCom Industry

Beat The Ecomm Industry Competition
Beat The Competition

If you go looking for any product, you will find atleast a 100 options in less than a few seconds. And, this is where powerful recommendations via influencers helps you stand out.

Reduce Cost of Acquisition with Influencer Marketing
Reduce Cost Of Acquisition

The space is often troubled with high cost of acquisition as the consumer traverses multiple stages from brand awareness to purchase. Improve the top of your funnel with influencer marketing.

Keep Up With The Audience
Keep Up With The Audience

Any consumer segment tends to evolve their content consumption indefinitely making it difficult to retain them. Influencers help you create quick content to maintain that engagement steadily.

Improve Customer Acquisition With Confluencr.

Confluencr is involved into the E-commerce Sector by closely collaborating with diverse brands leading the D2C play in India.

But, Why Confluencr Wins For eCommerce Brands?

Vetted Influencers
15,000+ Vetted Influencers

Our network of 15000+ influencers means we are able to match you with the perfect influencers for you – no matter what the requirements.

Unbeatable Influencer Marketing Pricing
Unbeatable Pricing

We work with brands at scale and hence are able to command an unbeatable pricing for most talents across genres.

High ROI with Influencer Marketing
High RoI

We understand content marketing and weave stories that leave a lasting impact. We also implement conversion strategies to ensure you reduce acquisition costs at each step.

40+ Brands | 15,000+ Content Created

Serving Diverse ECommerce Brands

Beauty & Skincare Products

We serve diverse beauty & skincare brands on to help drive awareness and conversion

New Online Store Launches

Creating a buzz about new stores through our solutions optimised for constraints of newly launched brands.

Gadgets & Tech Products

We create engaging review videos for phones, laptops, audio accessories.

Fashion & Clothing Brands

We create dynamic trending content for brands to keep up with the consumer tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started with Confluencr, you need to send across a signed copy of the MoU. Once received we are able to share our recommended influencers within 48 hours. From the confirmation of the influencers at your end, it would take about 7-8 working days for the final content to get done. If the product needs to be shipped, then please add that to the timeline.

We understand that your brand’s tonality is important, and do our best to protect the same. Hence, only once you approve the script and visual treatment document, do we start creating the video. After the draft of the video is approved by you, it is then published live.

You can share a unique link/coupon code for every YT influencer and they shall add it to the description box, and also mention it on the video. For Instagram we can add it on swipe-up or the bio. With this you should be able to track the clicks and conversions.

What is influencer marketing for e-commerce?

Influencer marketing for e-commerce brands is when brands or businesses collaborate with influencers to help market their products/services. Influencers promoting an e-commerce business are termed influencer marketing for e-commerce. Influencers cater to an audience that brands target for promoting their product/service. Influencer marketing has become profitable in e-commerce marketing because of the positive ROI, high engagement rates, and tactical targeting of online audiences. E-commerce marketing services provided by agencies help businesses achieve their goals through the credibility of influencers through sponsored endorsements. Many e-commerce companies have succeeded by collaborating with influencers. Enhancing the power of word of mouth, influencers have now become a successful medium for e-commerce brands to build awareness and trust in their brand. 

How can Confluencr help boost your business through e-commerce influencer marketing?

Finding the right influencer for your brand doesn’t have to be a painful process. Partnering with an e-commerce influencer marketing agency like Confluencr can help you plan and execute influencer marketing for e-commerce brands. Influencer marketing e-commerce agencies like Confluencr help find the influencer with the target audience suitable to your niche. The core of an authentic influencer marketing strategy is to drive customer appreciation for your brand and product in the most organic way possible. 

Confluencr is an influencer marketing agency for D2C brands that have been part of many successful collaborations with influencers. We at Confluencr have curated a network of vetted influencers and can help your brand to connect with the right influencers on the right platforms.  We provide comprehensive e-commerce influencer marketing services for your brand, resulting in high engagement rates and increased brand awareness. 

Why choose Confluencr for influencer marketing in e-commerce?

Confluencr helps e-commerce businesses connect with their target audiences through the right set of influencers. Through effective strategising of content, we ensure the influencer delivers the brand’s message and values through unique, authentic content. Here’s why you should be choosing Confluencr as your  e-commerce influencer marketing agency:

  1. Finding the target audience: With our team of experienced professionals, we identify the right audience persona for your niche. We help target the right influencers for marketing your business based on the defined target audience. Knowing your target audience helps us create a targeted marketing campaign with a personalised content strategy that sticks with the brand image.
  2. Identifying the right influencers: An influencer with a defined target audience is crucial for marketing your business. The hiring and contracting of the influencer will be done keeping in mind your interests. With our optimised screening, we provide influencers who offer high-quality content and a decent number of followers to achieve your desired goals through influencer marketing for e-commerce brands.
  3. Influencer-brand relationship management: A good partnership with e-commerce brands and influencers results in an excellent digital campaign with a win-win situation for both. We help you with effective influencer-brand relationship management to ensure a smooth campaign planning and execution flow.
  4. Developing an e-commerce influencer marketing strategy: We help you craft an engaging influencer marketing strategy for scaling and spreading awareness about your business. We have dedicated brand success managers who assist you throughout the process and keep you updated on your influencer marketing campaign progress. We ensure a personalised, specially curated brand strategy for your business that is bound to drive significant results.
  5. Personalised and high-quality content mapping: Being a content-driven influencer marketing agency, we help you with personalised content strategy. We help you with content ideas for the campaign by effectively mapping the influencer content and that of your competitors. We ensure that the influencer clearly understands the brand brief and creates content that adheres to the brand guidelines.

What are the benefits of hiring Confluencr as your e-commerce and D2C influencer marketing agency?

For your e-commerce brand to overgrow, influencer marketing could be one way to do it. Hiring a successful influencer marketing agency like Confluencr results in planning an effective marketing strategy and influencer campaigns. Our vetted influencers help your brand to deliver quality content and attract traffic to your business. Below are some other benefits of hiring Confluencr as your e-commerce influencer marketing agency:

  1. Spreading brand awareness: Through our vetted influencers, your business will reach a vast audience across various platforms. While interacting with their audiences, the selected influencers actively give positive reviews about your products and focus on how they will improve their quality of life.
    Such recommendations though credible influencers, shape positive purchase behaviour amongst the audience. Confluencr, an influencer marketing agency for e-commerce brands, provides genuine influencers highly active on social media platforms as trendsetters and is bound to boost brand awareness.
  2. Building trust among audiences: Being an e-commerce influencer marketing company, we help you build trust among the audience. Audiences try to follow the lifestyle of their favourite influencers, starting with the products they use. Your business can capitalise on the faith influencer has gained over the years and positively promote the brand.
  3. High conversion rates: Many e-commerce businesses have generated a high conversion rate through e-commerce influencer marketing. Collaborating with an influencer with genuine followers helps generate organic leads for your business. With the help of a D2C influencer marketing agency, you can easily remarket your product and make the most of your marketing spending.
  4. Impressive ROI: Influencer marketing services for e-commerce businesses are more cost-effective than traditional methods. At Confluencr, we work towards driving the best results within an optimum budget. At Confluencr, We understand investing in the right influencers that will suit your brand and give a positive ROI through our influencer marketing services for e-commerce.
  5. Regular reports and analytics: Reports and analytics are a crucial part of influencer campaigns. It determines the success of a campaign. The data generated from these campaigns help find potential new consumers and improvements required in the influencer or content strategy to meet those goals.
    As an e-commerce influencer marketing company, Confluencr has a team of experts who track the marketing campaigns’ progress and ensure that your desired goals are achieved.
  6. Finding genuine influencers with genuine followers: There are a lot of factors which are considered when selecting an influencer for your brand. At Confluencr, we do a thorough check to find genuine influencers with genuine followers. We check whether the audience is relevant to your product and whether the brand values match the influencer. A genuine influencer’s recommendation to a genuine audience helps generate quality leads.
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