Top 10 Indian luxury lifestyle influencers on Instagram

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“Influence equals action. It’s knowing there’s individuals that come in all different shapes and sizes, everyone from your own customers to bloggers, Twitter personalities, analysts and experts who are able to move the needle for you.”- Deirdre Breakenridge
(CEO, Pure Performance Communications)

Influence marketing has re-introduced the power of word of mouth and is working extremely well for both B2B and B2C brands. The question ‘does influencer marketing pay?’ is no more prevalent given the mind-blowing influencer marketing statistics. Influencers have been successful at driving sales, with one video, one post at a time. Their content, inspired by their real-life experiences is genuine and relatable, which helps to attract a good number of followers, including the new ones. Luxury lifestyle influencers, in particular, take a lot of energy and dedication to promote high-end brands and lifestyles in a way fair enough to develop an emotional bonding with the target audience, thus helping brands reach a wider pool of prospects. Instagram luxury lifestyle influencers are creators who, without fail, share their day-to-day routine, life experiences, daily outfits, family life, beauty tips, and adventures using attractive texts and hi-tech visuals on Instagram.

They are approached by a lot of high-end, luxury lifestyle brands to use their products and promote the same on a collaboration basis. And instead of paid advertisements, people look up to the advice and experiences shared by these luxury lifestyle influencers on Instagram to make their purchase decisions. Being an Instagram influencer marketing agency, we have closely studied the influencer marketing space and have curated creative campaigns with India’s leading, trusted influencers. And here we present the top 10 Indian luxury lifestyle influencers on Instagram who could be a perfect fit for your next influencer marketing campaign.

Top 10 Indian Luxury Lifestyle Influencers On Instagram:

Masoom Minawala Mehta owns her own fashion portal on Instagram named ‘Miss Style Fiesta’ and has gained popularity as a stylish influencer with fashion choices that are equally affordable and luxurious. If you think that a piece of clothing can only be draped in the way it actually is meant for, you have probably missed out on checking Massom’s Instagram Profile! Besides, she is also a fashion entrepreneur and carries out social work to help people around her. She presently enjoys over 1.2 million followers on Instagram with the numbers going up each day, and engages them at a 1.3% engagement rate. With her unique content, this luxury lifestyle influencer on Instagram has garnered an average of 174K likes on each of her posts. A few of the fashion brands this influencer has collaborated with include Vero Moda, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fendi Baguette, Nandita Sikachi clothing brand, Sobariko, Style Junkie, and notable others. This Indian luxury lifestyle influencer has also been featured in Vogue Magazine, Indian Express, Grazia IndiaCosmo India, Deccan Chronicle and many more. Head on to Masoom’s digital home for quick inspiration on all things fashion!

The owner of Inde wild US, this Indian luxury lifestyle influencer has a whopping 1.7 Million followers on her Instagram profile. Besides being a top Instagram influencer, Diipa Khosla is also an amazing mother and is making India proud every now and then. Her visit to the Cannes Film Festival 2 months after the birth of her child has been applauded by people around the world and is looked upon as an example to inspire women worried about life after childbirth. She got married to a diplomat from the Netherlands, Olleg Buller, and it’s wonderful to watch reels featuring her husband and daughter. Diipa has been featured on Grazia India’s digital cover under the #GraziaCoolList for 2022. This Indian-Amsterdam based luxury lifestyle influencer has shot for Louis Vuitton, Etihad, Bucherer fine jewellery’s joy collection,  Victoria’s secret and notable others including her own brand Indie Wild.

Juhi Godambe is the owner of the fashion brand Arabella and makes sure to never miss a chance to live life at its best and to enjoy every single moment. This luxury lifestyle influencer’s Instagram profile is like a dream- everything just so perfect and top-notch! Juhi enjoys a follower base of 517K followers on Instagram with whom she engages at a 1.68% engagement rate. This Indian luxury lifestyle influencer makes sure to make her followers aware of the top fashion trends, and brands she prefers and has collaborated with a notable number of brands. It is a pleasure to watch her parents do her wedding makeup and clips from her wedding in such a compact format. Cuteness overloaded! This Instagram influencer has collaborated with fashion and lifestyle brands some of which include Prerto, Chanel, L’Oreal Paris, Olay India, Dot&Key Skincare, and many more. Take a sneak peek at this Indian luxury lifestyle influencer’s Instagram profile, for fine fashion inspiration!

Looking for content about a particular niche? Name it, and you can readily find it on Natasha’s Instagram profile. Whether it is about fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle, or luxury, this Indian luxury lifestyle influencer is the one who makes sure to cover everything without fail. If you are looking for advice about a makeup kit or thinking of what to wear for the upcoming wedding party or where to visit this summer, Natasha is here to help. With an MBA in Finance, she fell in love with Instagram influencer marketing and has gained popularity with her rich content and high-quality images. Seeing her follower base of 267K followers and engagement with them, a lot of brands have chosen this Instagram influencer to collaborate with. Some of her brand collaborations include L’Oreal Paris, Silsila India, Lakme India, Fab India, Dyson India, Pixi Beauty with My Nykaa, and notable others. Do visit her gram profile to check out some stunning outfit ideas!

Aashna’s Instagram profile reflects her true love for lifestyle and fashion. She has a good follower base of 931K followers on Instagram, which is also experiencing a steady growth every day. Aashna keeps her taste in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty and is also working on her online page named ‘The Snob Home’, which talks about home decor. Even though she has faced a lot of trouble to establish her new page yet, nothing has been able to hold her back from reaching success! Keep up the spirit Aashna! With her mesmerizing Instagram feed, this Indian luxury lifestyle influencer has garnered an average of 11.7K likes on her posts. A few of Ashana’s brand collaborations include My Nykaa, Louis Vuitton, Olay India, L’Oreal Paris, Elemis, Dior, Gucci, and notable others.

Niki Mehra’s fashion sense has got her fame as a luxury lifestyle influencer in India on Instagram. She has about 452k followers on her Instagram profile and is reigning the platform with her hashtags. Her personalized, unique hashtags, #Hackbyniki and #NMRethinks, are the ones responsible for getting her in the limelight on Instagram. She is just the best example of having an idea of what you wish to do in life since childhood and then growing up to fulfil this goal with success. Her wedding pictures and outfits are looked upon by her followers as an inspiration for planning a perfect D-day. A few of this luxury lifestyle influencer’s brand collaborations include Fabindia, Cartlane, Bata India, Romsons, Amag Beauty, and notable others. Don’t forget to pay a visit to this Indian luxury lifestyle influencer’s IG page!

The popular song ‘Couple Goals’ from Bandish Bandits seems to go perfect for Kompal Matta Kapoor’s Instagram Profile. Travelling with her better half, living beautiful days together, and experiencing wonderful staycations is what Kompal’s profile talks about. Completing her schooling in New Delhi India, she is now settled and rocking her New York life! With a loyal 341K followers on Instagram, this luxury lifestyle influencer engages with her audience at a 3.8% engagement rate. Seeing her engagement and a whopping 13K average likes on her posts, a lot of luxury lifestyle brands have collaborated with this Instagram influencer. Some of the notable brands with which this influencer has collaborated include Daniel Wellington, Gucci, @fempirebygg, Titliyan by Karishma Kaushik, Studio Iris India, Milan Designer fabrics, Kakun Jewellery, and many more. Head on to this luxury lifestyle influencer’s IG feed overloaded with travel and couple goals!

A popular name on the luxury lifestyle influencers India list for the Instagram platform, Prerna Goel is a sensational stylist, model, and entrepreneur who has been a part of some of the popular brand collaborations in the lifestyle and fashion niche. Some of these include Raw Mango, Shankara Naturals IndiaSesaa Clothing Brand, Tiffany and Co., Fashion Signature, Boond fragrances, and notable others. Her follower base mostly comprises people who look up to her for luxury styling tips and fashion inspirations. This luxury lifestyle influencer in India boasts a fan following of 47.1K followers on Instagram and has garnered a maximum of 52.3K views. With the number of followers, engagement, and efforts this influencer puts in for her posts, we see her already on the rise!

Saying ‘why should girls have all the fun’, this luxury lifestyle influencer is giving a tough fight to competitor female influencers! Honoured as the ‘Male Influencer of the Year 2021-22’ by Parcos, Rizwan Bachav boasts a follower base of 119K followers on his Instagram profile. Being an investment banking professional this Instagram influencer takes an interest in luxury lifestyle, cars, watches, and real estate. Sneakers and fragrances are the latest on this list. The best part is he not only has a good number of male followers but almost an equal number of female followers who love to know about the lifestyle choices of this handsome hunk! Some of the luxury lifestyle brands this luxury lifestyle influencer has collaborated with include Louis Vuitton, Dior, Creed, Paneri, Gucci, Adidas Home of ClassicsBurberry, BMW India, and notable others. Make sure you check out this Indian luxury lifestyle influencer’s IGTV videos if you are looking for some good product reviews!

The phrase ‘Live Life King Size’ goes perfect for Rij’s Instagram profile which boasts a follower base of 30.6K followers. He is best to get ideas about male fashion and high-end product reviews, cars, and finance. This luxury lifestyle influencer’s feed is all things fashion and lifestyle. He makes sure to drop a few fashion and styling ideas here and there on his feed. Enlightening his audience on how to pose for a picture, and mistakes to avoid while clicking pictures, Rij also shares mini-workout tutorials for his followers. Seeing his fan following and engagement, many brands have collaborated with Rij including Pure Nutrition, Nyka Man, Maison Des Parfums, Belvedere, and notable others.


Influencers have the ability to promote your business and its products through their creative, relevant content. One of the many advantages of collaborating with influencers is the fact that they already boast a huge fan following of your target audience. Collaborating with influencers gives brands the opportunity to tap into the interests of their target audience and subtly promote their offerings. Luxury lifestyle brands need to collaborate with luxury lifestyle influencers in order to reach out to their potential customers. The above mentioned are some of the best luxury lifestyle influencers on Instagram who are performing great with their rich content and consistency. However, the list of lifestyle influencers on Instagram is endless, with some names that deserve mention like Amrita Thakur, Kresha Bajaj and more. 

Being a global Instagram influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr have curated a fine network of influencers that can best suit your brand. We help you reach out to your potential audience through genuine, trustworthy influencers, and carefully crafted Instagram influencer marketing campaigns. With a unique approach and strong influencer marketing strategy, we make sure your brand gets placed in front of the right audience, at the right time, through the right influencer. Want to curate a successful influencer marketing campaign for your brand? Write to us at [email protected] and we shall be happy to help!

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