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Regional Influencer Campaigns for 200+ Brands

Carmesi Influencer Marketing Agency
Total Views
Celebrated womanhood and created a natural and eco-friendly presence of Carmesi’s easy-to-use unique hygiene products.
CoinSwitch Kuber Influencer Marketing Agency
Total Views
9.4M +
Vocalized the reliability and power of trading cryptocurrency with India's most popular cryptocurrency investing app.

Neuherbs Influencer Marketing Company
Total Views
4.4M +
Emphasised Nueherb’s natural essence, genuine quality and authenticity offered by a wide range of innovative health products.

Leverage Bespoke Regional Content Formats

Brand Recognition with Influencer Marketing Agency
Increase Product Discovery
Widen your consumer base nationally and increase your brand recognition in Tier 2 & 3 cities with content-driven influencer campaigns.
Conversion Rates Increase with Regional Influencer Marketing
Increase Conversion Rates
Get higher conversion rates for your social media presence by initiating creative content-driven influencer campaigns.
Boost Engagement with Influencer Marketing Platform
Increase Engagement Rates
Double your engagement rate by appealing to vernacular speakers and increase your brand recognition in specific markets of India.

Authentic, Value-driven Regional Videos At Scale.

Regional Influencer Marketing is on the rise in India and we help you create targeted content from our wide influencer database spread out nationwide. We integrate content with regional cultures to create impactful campaigns.

But, Why Confluencr as Your Regional Influencer Marketing Agency?

Vetted Influencers
15,000+ Vetted Influencers

Our network of 15000+ influencers means we are able to match you with the perfect influencers for you – no matter what the requirements.

Unbeatable Influencer Marketing Pricing
Unbeatable Pricing

We work with brands at scale and hence are able to command an unbeatable pricing for most talents across genres.

High ROI with Influencer Marketing
High RoI

We understand content marketing and weave stories that leave a lasting impact. We also implement meta tags, click inducing titles & thumbnails and more for YouTube SEO.

Double Tick

Our Regional Influencer Marketing Deliverables​

Content Mapping

We create content strategy to highlight your unique brand and product story

Content Delivery

Influencers make engaging content and go live on their channels

Influencer Curation

Based on your goals we identify the right content mix for the campaign​

Reporting & Analytics

We share the analytics and insightful campaign reports of the goals achieved​

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Our efficient and effective influencer marketing campaigns help as a catalyst in your digital marketing.

We are able to considerably reduce user acquisition costs and improve user retention through our content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started with Confluencr, you need to send across a signed copy of the MoU. Once received we are able to share our recommended influencers within 48 hours. From the confirmation of the influencers at your end, it would take about 7-8 working days for the final content to get done. If the product needs to be shipped, then please add that to the timeline.

We understand that your brand’s tonality is important, and do our best to protect the same. Hence, only once you approve the script and visual treatment document, do we start creating the video. After the draft of the video is approved by you, it is then published live.

You can share a unique link/coupon code for every influencer and they shall add it to the description box, and also mention it on the video. With this you should be able to track the clicks and conversions.

What is regional influencer marketing?

Regional influencer marketing refers to collaborating with regional creators on various social media platforms for brand partnerships and collaborations. Regional creators have a dedicated local follower base who follow them for the personalised, regional touch to their content. These influencers are known to create content in vernacular languages which connect well with their audiences and can effectively shape their purchase decisions. 

Regional influencer marketing is on the rise in India, with numerous social media users consuming content in their regional languages. Brands aiming to reach out to the tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India can highly benefit from regional influencer marketing as it allows them to tap into the interests of a local, unexplored population. Reaching to the grass root level audiences through region-specific influencers can give brands a vast reach and help in consumer base expansion. 

Being a regional influencer marketing agency in India, we understand the impact of regional influencers on your brand ad help you create targeted content integrated with the regional cultures to create impactful regional campaigns. With our wide database of influencers, we help you connect with the right regional influencers for your brand who seamlessly integrate your brand’s vision and essence in their content. 

Who are regional influencers?

Regional influencers are social media creators who garner a massive fan following by creating content in their regional language n dialect. These creators are looked up to for recommendations and reviews as they cater for a selective group of regional audiences through their content. Regional brands can make the most out of their influencer marketing strategies by collaborating with these regional influencers and enjoy a sizeable market share.

What are the benefits of regional influencer marketing?

Regional influencer brings in a plethora of benefits when done right. As a regional influencer marketing agency, we have closely studied the benefits of regional influencer marketing for local as well as global brands and enlist here some of the most powerful benefits of regional influencer marketing.

  1. Improved brand awareness :  Regional marketing helps in building and boosting brand awareness. With regional content creators, brands can place their products in a highly targeted niche audience in the most appealing way possible. With valuable content fused with subtle brand integrations enhance the reach of your brand and people from various segments of society become aware of your brand, products and services. 

  2. Enhanced credibility : Regional influencers create content in vernacular languages which relate to their audience. Regional influencers thus share a unique, personalised relationship with their audiences and have considerable sway in their purchase decisions. Recommendations and product reviews coming from this influencer are considered to be highly trustworthy and genuine and shape the positive purchase decisions of your target audience. Collaborating with these influencers, you can build a credible image of your brand.

  3. Increased engagements and conversions : Regional influencers with their powerful content drive increased engagements and conversions for your brand. Being a regional influencer marketing company, we help you create engaging content with these creators and help scale regional influencer marketing campaigns to drive sustainable growth for your brand. 

  4. Effectively reach your target audience : Through regional influencers, brands can effectively reach niche-specific target audiences who are already interested in your niche.  Besides, regional influencer marketing is a cost-effective method to reach out to diverse sectors of audiences with lesser investments.  

  5. Leverages your content strategy : Regional influencer strategy works well in filling the gaps in your content strategy. Getting regional creators to create content for your brand not only improves the positioning of your brand but also helps you with repurposing and optimising content. In this era with more people resisting banner and display ads, regional influencer marketing helps you with a better placement of your products, tell compelling stories about your brand and strike a chord amongst your target audience. 

Why choose Confluencr as your regional influencer marketing agency? 

As India’s largest regional influencer marketing agency, Confluencr delivers regional influencer marketing services that best suit your brand. With a curated network of influencers, we help you connect with social media influencers that align the best with your brand. Right from influencer selection to strategising content, we take care of everything that your brand needs for a solid social media presence.

  1. Content mapping : Being content-driven influencer marketing, we believe in stories and that a compelling brand story can do wonders for your brand. Being an all-inclusive regional influencer marketing platform we help you map the needs and interests of your audience and the content that they consume and help you with a content strategy that works just right for you. 

  2. Niche-specific influencer curation : We help you connect with niche-specific, genuine influencers that can best portray your brand’s story. We help you with careful influencer curation and help you select the best regional influencers for your campaign. We identify the best influencer mix that caters the best to your business goals and connect you with these industry leaders that best represent your brand. 

  3. Content delivery : We work with influencers to create content that best suits your brand and ensure that it is compelling and engaging enough to instigate your target audience to take an interest in your brand and drive them to know more about you. We ensure that the content is presented in the most appealing way and is hosted on the platforms where your audiences are already present.

  4. Regular reporting and analytics : We ensure effective tracking of all your regional influencer marketing campaigns through essential KPIs and deliver regular reports and analytics. This helps scale your campaigns to the best of their potential and drive massive growth for your brand.

What makes Confluencr the best regional influencer marketing agency?

As a regional influencer marketing agency in India, Confluencr strives to deliver the best possible results for our clients. With dedicated brand success managers, we help you with every step in the execution of your campaign and create a lasting impact through tailor-made influencer marketing campaigns. 

  1. A vast network of influencers : With a 15000+ global network of influencers, we help you find and collaborate with genuine influencers that best represent your brand. Being India’s largest, expert regional influencer marketing agency in India, you can trust us with the ultimate brand-influencer matchmaking!

  2. Experience and expertise : Having worked for 200+ brands to scale their regional influencer marketing campaigns, we exactly know what works for your brand and help boost ROI for your business by crafting compelling stories and effective content marketing. 

  3. High scalability and unbeatable pricing : We design pilot campaigns with absolute efficiency to scale while sticking to your budgets. A regional influencer platform with a sticking track record of success, we help brands optimise results while keeping the investments in check.
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