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In the coming years, 82% of all the content on the internet is estimated to be video content. It will be the quintessence of every successful marketing strategy.

The reason is simple. Videos are interesting, they engage customers. In fact people are 2X more likely to click on a video than read text.

Is your brand ready for such a future?

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How It Works For A Brand

We have ensured that as a brand this is a seamless and a hassle-free experience for you!

Help us understand your goals, and target audience

Approve content strategy for selected influencers

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Campaign Design & Development

Our handcrafted Confluencr Marketing campaigns capture the essence of your brand and represent it most accurately to your target audience to deliver measurable impact

Strategy & Content Roadmap

The key to the right answer usually lies in asking the right questions. Similarly, our strategy is hugely reliant on the content we envision, that best portrays your brand.

IDENtifying the right influencers

Through our AI enabled tool we now begin the hunt for the most suitable influencers based on the brand guidelines, target audience and content parameters.


Our Content Crew works hand-in-hand with the Influencers to develop platform specific high quality content that can steal attention.

Launch & Monitor

Once the campaign has been launched we closely monitor the engagement, conversations and consumer sentiments being driven and provide an exhaustive report.

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Industries We Work With


Tech influencers have continue to drive high value purchases through deep and nuanced content providing true value to consumers. We have collaborated with several leading techfluencers to create content that has moved the needle for various apps and electronic brands.


Not only do 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations but 40% purchase something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram! If you're a brand in the e-commerce space its time for you to piggyback on the trust of the right influencers by generating authentic content

Tourism & Hospitality

With a competitive landscape in the travel industry it becomes very crucial for marketers to be frugal. 22% of marketers say influencer marketing is the most cost-effective method of obtaining new customers. Travel influencers have captured experiences powerfully to convince engaged audiences!

Food & Beverages

Influencers have re-shaped the food and beverage industry with their delicable content formats. What continues to be exciting is the concept of Blogger Reviews especially in this niche. Without reading reviews one barely tends to eat even roadside food these days!

Fashion & Lifestyle

57% of Fashion and Beauty Companies Engage in some form of Influencer Marketing! This is an industry that relies heavily on influencer marketing as organic growth for brands has become immensely challenging without advertising and amplification.

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Over time, as more brands have trusted us with their Influencer Campaigns, we have delivered startling results and repaid their faith multiple times over.

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