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Our Influencer Marketing Solutions

Whether you are running a startup or an enterprise, we have a relevant Influencer Marketing Service for your industry and goals. 

Integrated & Dedicated Videos, YouTube Shorts with 5,000+ KOLs

15,000+ micro, nano, mega influencers across 35+ content genres

Unboxing, Testimonials & Reviews with 50,000+ vetted micro-influencers

Go viral with rapid distribution over 1Lac+ meme pages

Unboxing, testimonial videos for ads, social media, website

Build credibility with celebs across Sports, Bollywood, OTT, Stand-up comedy, TEDxSpeakers

Award Winning Influencer Marketing Agency At Scale.

No fluff. Real Growth Wins For Brands

We have worked with some amazing brand teams & powerful content creators to drive impact beyond imagination.

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How Confluencr is Designed for Scale

Instagram Lifestyle Influencer Marketing Platform

Right Influencer + Relatable Content = Results!

We have a decade full of global experience in creation, distribution and monetisation of content. We were leveraging content, well before the term 'influencer marketing' was even coined!

70+ Members Strong Team​

To conquer the digital space, you need an army of talent at your disposal. We are a multi-faceted team of digital marketers, content creators, design mavericks, video editors, and operational ninjas.

Itch To Measure & Analyse Data​

The digital landscape changes faster than the night, and newer formats keep getting created. Without measuring the right outcomes there's no way you can tame this horse. We live for data.


To deliver campaigns at scale, it takes more than technology and content – it takes grit. Our team strives above and beyond to win for you.

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Carmesi has been associated with Confluencr for more than a year now. Since then, we have worked with influencers of different genre and we absolutely love the efforts put into our campaigns. I highly recommend Confluencr as one of best agencies to work with. 
Lincia D'Mello
Senior Marketing Manager
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Grip worked with the Confluencr team for an influencer program that involved big influencers. The campaigns were well executed and handled by the team. Really appreciated the proactive communication by them.
Aashish Jindal
Co-Founder & CPO
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I genuinely appreciate the efforts of Confluencr team for us. The way they handled our campaigns is really commendable and so is their diligence. Some of our issues were resolved even past midnight which was truly amazing. Glad to have Confluencr as a partner. Looking forward to more partnerships.
Parisa Kohli
Growth Manager
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Confluencr team played an instrumental role in successfully expanding our influencer marketing efforts in India. They were able to identify new, relevant creators in multiple verticals, and they managed the entire process from beginning to end. I can always count on them to communicate exactly what’s going on, which is super important when working with Influencers. Always reliable and professional. Definitely an agency I’ll continue to work with.
Shivangi Dewani
Growth and Partnerships

Our Awards and Recognitions

When you strive to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of Influencer Marketing, you earn recognition. At Confluencr, we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. By leveraging our expertise and insights, we have earned recognition as a leader in the industry.

Let’s Influence Together!

Our efficient and effective influencer marketing campaigns help as a catalyst in your digital marketing.

We are able to considerably reduce user acquisition costs and improve user retention through our content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing where influencers are used for promoting or advertising a brand or its products among their audiences. In general, influencers have many followers on their social media platforms, and they promote the product among them for which the brands pay them.

Influencer marketing helps you build customer trust and loyalty as nowadays, people prefer choosing the product based on their reviews or the people they relate to more. It also helps you to create genuine customers by targeting audiences from a particular niche.

Getting started with influencer marketing can be challenging. However, with the mentioned few steps below, you can easily get into influencer marketing successfully. Some of the essential steps are: 

  • Identify your actual goal – You must determine your key objective for the program to have a successful influencer marketing campaign. 
  • Define an influencer profile – It is important to define a suitable influencer profile for your program, as this will help you to get the right influencer. 
  • Look for potential influencers –  Once you know the type of influencer who will help you meet your demand and campaign needs, the next step is to find them. You can search on social media using hashtags or relevant keywords to get the influencer in the same niche. 
  • Have a better compensating reward – Do always make sure the rewards you offer help you to stand out from the rest. You can also offer additional rewards to your influencers as this strengthen your relationship and brand image in the market.

Influencer marketing agencies help brands to build relationships with top influencers in a wide range of niches. They even strategize, execute, and manage influencer marketing campaigns for their clients to derive the maximum value from every campaign.

Influencer marketing is one of the leading marketing strategies helping the brand grow. It not only helps your brand to socialize with the audiences but also helps to create genuine customers for your brand. As per one of the reports, the derived ROI through influencer marketing is 6 times more than other marketing tools. Moreover, influencer marketing also helps you attain customer loyalty and build trust among them.

The channels popular for influencer marketing are: 

  • Instagram – Being popular among young adults, Instagram is emerging as one of the popular platforms for influencer marketing. With its Instagram live, posts, stories, and reels are allowing businesses to grow rapidly in the market. As estimated, 89% of marketers use Instagram influencer marketing as their major advertisement tool. 
  • YouTube – With 2 billion active users, YouTube is the second best platform for influencer marketing. It allows you to share long content videos and remains accessible for a longer period, which helps you generate engagement from your old videos.  
  • Twitter – Twitter has grown exponentially in the last few years. It is upholding itself as one of the major platforms for influencer marketing channels. The true loyal fan base of influencers over twitter is marking it as a genuine and lead producer platform.

Influencer marketing has become a successful tactic for businesses. As per one of the reports, 81% of marketers find influencer marketing an effective strategy. Some of the successful reports state that: 

  • The quality of traffic generated by it is better than other marketing sources. 
  • It helps to generate more ROI than other marketing channels. 
  • It derives faster results than organic searches or affiliate marketing. 
  • It is one of the most cost-effective channels for marketing.

Influencer marketing campaigns are oftentimes referred to as “paid social” or “sponsored content”. These campaigns are designed to target specific audiences online, and they work by paying people (influencers) who have existing relationships with their audience to promote certain products or services. Influencer marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly popular, and brands are using them greatly.

Influencer marketing helps businesses to promote brands. It is becoming increasingly popular, especially among startups and small businesses who want to reach a wide audience at a minimal cost. Some of the associated benefits of influencer marketing are: 

  • Reach –  The first benefit of influencer marketing is its wide range of reach. Since influencers have a massive following online, their posts often go viral. A single post shared by an influential person can generate thousands of views and even lead to increased sales.
  • Trust – Another benefit of influencer marketing comes from trust. When people follow someone they know and trust, they feel more comfortable buying products from them. Research shows that consumers are willing to spend almost twice as much money on products recommended by friends than those not recommended by friends.
  • Authenticity – The third benefit of influencer marketing stems from authenticity. People tend to trust recommendations from people they know and trust. Therefore, if you use an influencer to recommend a product, customers are more likely to believe you and buy your brand.

Our 50,000+ Creator Network pans across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Quora and Facebook.

We have worked with FinTech, Lifestyle, Healthcare, Education, Consumer Apps and more brands from across sectors. As a specialised Influencer Marketing Agency, we understand the nuances of multiple industry and have demonstrated success across categories.

We encourage brands to experiment with low budget test campaigns before scaling influencer marketing.

We dedicate a team of Campaign Manager and Associates for every project – irrespective of budget. Using our in-house platform they take care of the whole campaign end-to-end.

Influencer Campaigns are catalysts to growth – it drives increased organic brand search, fosters trust amongst consumers and impacts purchase decision positively.

Confluencr is an influencer marketing agency in India that provides state-of-the-art influencer marketing services that are customised to fit your needs and price range. Let us assist you in utilising powerful influencer campaigns to narrate your brand’s USPs in a unique way. Our modus operandi as an influencer marketing company is developed with a desire to push the envelope by bringing a revolutionary change to the realm of influencer marketing.

Your audience is not interested in what you sell. They desire solutions.

We help your brand’s products become their go-to solution by making genuine, emotional connections through action-inspiring content from reliable creators.

As a digital influencer marketing agency, we offer:

    • Campaign metrics for your brand.
    • Share our database of the industry’s key influencers and content producers.
    • Suggest strategies to increase engagement and brand awareness.
    • Run advertising campaigns, and present key performance indicators and reports.

As one of the leading global influencer marketing agencies, we have developed some of the most renowned, celebrated, and effective influencer marketing campaigns ranging from niche activations to global brand experiences, in sectors as diverse as finance and technology to gaming, beauty, and retail and fast-moving consumer goods.

We’re here to listen to you like a confidante, manage your influencer marketing strategies like a founder, and create like an artist.

For the campaigns to have the greatest impact on your target demographic, we provide influencer marketing services that make sure your brand is presented in the best light possible.

The influencer marketing programmes we work on every chance to build relationships between your company and your current audience while converting them into long-term loyal customers.

What is Influencer Marketing?

A brand works with an online influencer to promote its products and services through an influencer marketing platform.

Influencer marketing is advertising to, with, and via influencers to reach audiences whose demographics align with your brand’s target audience.

10 Benefits Of An Influencer Marketing Platform:

    1. Creator collaborations can increase your social media following.
    2. Influencer marketing aids in immediately appealing to your target demographic.
    3. You may optimise your campaign with the aid of influencer marketing and achieve measurable outcomes.
    4. With their followers, influencers have developed relationships, reputations, and trust. Their recommendations and content are respected by their audience.
    5. Influencer marketing is less expensive than other types of advertising.
    6. Many influencers bring a fresh perspective that can give your content marketing plan new vigour.
    7. Social media platforms have limitless sharing potential.
    8. Boost sales, ROI, purchasing motivation, and SEO.
    9. aids in establishing long-lasting, win-win collaborations with influencers.
    10. Trends set by influencers can help your brand.

What are the different influencer marketing services Confluencr provides to your brands?

We create a content strategy to highlight your unique brand and product story, based on your goals, we identify the right platform for your influencer marketing campaign which is the platform your target audience visits the most. We then provide an influencer mix for the campaign with whom we plan content that best represents your brand and matches the vibe of the platform.

  1. YouTube influencer marketingThe benefit of using YouTube as an influencer marketing platform is that it may simultaneously inform customers about your business and increase conversion.
    With the appropriate direction, YouTube influencers may produce tremendously powerful direct response commercials that encourage their audiences to make purchases by including a coupon code or special link to your website.
    These advertisements make the most of your previous branding efforts and encourage consumers to make a purchase.
  2. Instagram influencer marketingInstagram has now become one of the most popular platforms people derive their shopping suggestions from. Tell us your target audience, and we will create Instagram posts, reels and videos to reach your goals.
  3. Twitter influencer marketing: Twitter influencer marketing is known for providing an authentic endorsement of your brand. The chances of creating an impact are very high with Twitter influencer marketing. However, Twitter influencer marketing campaigns are a little tricky and need a detailed plan and execution strategy. Being one of the best Twitter influencer marketing agencies in India, we help you curate quality content that best aligns with both the platform requirements and your brand.
  4. Micro-influencer marketingBecause micro-influencers have an audience which is in the growing phase; it comprises people who are really passionate about the influencer’s niche which helps bring in high-quality leads. Brands have seen exponential ROI while collaborating with micro-influencers.
  5. Regional influencer marketingConfluencr is a leading influencer marketing agency in India when it comes to regional influencer marketing in Tier 2 & 3 cities. It is a great way to widen your consumer base nationally. In addition to the localised, regional influencer marketing campaigns, Confluencr is a digital influencer marketing agency in Bangalore and an influencer marketing agency in Mumbai that helps increase brand recognition in Tier 1 and 2 cities.
  6. Celebrity influencer marketingCelebrities have a huge fan and follower base which can take your brand awareness to the next level. We help you find the celebrity whose personality aligns the best with your brand.

How can Confluencer’s Influencer Marketing help your business?

What makes Confluencr the best influencer marketing agency for your business is the unique approach, creativity and diligence we bring to our services.

  • Customised campaigns: We have a seamless approach to achieving your objectives via customised influencer marketing campaigns. We start with understanding what your business is, the target audience it caters to and deciphering the right demographics, the right set of influencers and the right social media channel for your target audience.
  • Influencer selection: With a knee-deep experience in the influencer marketing industry, we have de-coded what works the best for different brands and their business goals. From a wide network of influencers, we choose influencers that suit your brand the best. We shortlist and reach out to influencers for you and provide a tailor-made list for each influencer marketing campaign.
  • Accurate analytics: Our data-driven internal analytics methodology helps us understand the outcomes of your quantifiable reach through data collection and tracking analytics. We study the analytics and reports of your brand’s influencer marketing campaigns to understand the response of your target audience and plan the next campaigns accordingly.

Why Confluencr is the best influencer marketing agency in India?

Your brand’s target audience has no tolerance for aggressive advertisements. They enjoy the content that is entertaining and has an emotional appeal. Understanding that traditional marketing tactics no longer hold the persuasion power makes Confluencr one of the best influencer marketing agencies.

With years of experience and expertise in the influencer marketing industry we know what appeals to your audience, brings in engagement and converts your audience into trusting customers.

We help brands bridge the gap between them and their target audience by helping them collaborate with authentic creators whose personal interests and passions align with the goals and values of the brand.

We execute our campaigns with creativity and precision and transparency.

Here’s why Confluencr is the best influencer marketing company for your brand:

  1. Smart strategies: Our team is made up of marketers, creative strategists, account managers and writers that dream up tailored influencer marketing strategies that target every aspect of the problem your brand can solve for your target demographic.
  2. Timely execution: We provide a timeline along with the strategies to you and stick to it. You will receive full transparency from us so that you know what to expect in terms of deliverables.
  3. Good quality influencer network: Our account management and execution teams have built trustworthy relationships with influencers. We have built a database of authentic influencers in every niche and provide brands with a list of influencers that would represent their brands the best.
  4. Dedicated influencer relationships manager: We have a huge network of influencers that our teams are associated with on a regular basis. We take care of the communication and payments and relationship management for your brands.
  5. Immaculate quality control: Our teams are in touch with the influencers every step of the way. We ensure that the quality of your brand campaign’s content is top-notch.
  6. Diversity and inclusion: Honouring diversity puts action to our values. We understand the value of campaigns that authentically represent the lives of the audiences who experience them.
  7. End-to-end campaign management: Everything is handled by our team, including influencer shortlisting, reach outs, campaign management, and payments.
  8. Demonstrated expertise: Influencer marketing requires a great deal of knowledge, contacts, industry expertise, and organised time-consuming effort. We, as an influencer marketing agency bridge the gap between brands and influencers in addition to extensive planning, development and management of campaigns which every successful influencer marketing campaign requires.
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