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15,000+ Influencer Content Created for BFSI Industry

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Influencer Marketing Solutions for BFSI Industry
YouTube Long Form for BFSI Influencer Marketing
YouTube long form

Associate with subject matter experts in personal finance, cryptocurrency, insurance, investments for their recommendations

Twitter Trending Content for BFSI Influencer Marketing
Twitter trending content

Highlight specific product features through engaging tweets via relevant influencers

Amplifed Brand Awareness with BFSI Influencer Marketing Agency
UGC Videos

Amplification Through Celebrities

Conquer The Inherent Challenges Of BFSI Industry

Credibility Driven Decision Making​
Credibility Driven Decision Making​

Companies need to drive information to their customer with knowledge backed by logic and data backed with credible sources of information​.

Long Sales Cycles Due To Non-Impulsive Purchase​
Long Sales Cycles Due To Non-Impulsive Purchase​

BFSI industry is riddled with long customer journeys as there are multiple parameters a prospect takes into consideration before starting.

Highly Competitive BFSI Market​
Highly Competitive Market​

In the saturated BFSI market, it is challenging for companies to gain competitive advantage while driving brand value and controlling costs of acquisition.

Improve Customer Acquisition With Confluencr.

Confluencr has been knee deep into the Banking & Finance Industry by closely working with diverse brands from the sector.

But, Why Confluencr Wins For BFSI Industry?

Vetted Influencers
15,000+ Vetted Influencers

Our network of 15000+ influencers means we are able to match you with the perfect influencers for you – no matter what the requirements.

Unbeatable Influencer Marketing Pricing
Unbeatable Pricing

We work with brands at scale and hence are able to command an unbeatable pricing for most talents across genres.

High ROI with Influencer Marketing
High RoI

We understand content marketing and weave stories that leave a lasting impact. We also implement conversion strategies to ensure you reduce acquisition costs at each step.

50+ Brands | 5000+ Videos

Serving Diverse BFSI Brands


From P2P lending platforms to digital wallets. From exotic savings instruments to Forex platforms. We've led influencer marketing for scores of new FinTech startups.


We've helped leading Insurance brands launch new products through awareness campaigns to specific target markets.

Trading & Investment

We are proud to be associated with 12 out the top 20 discount & traditional brokers in the Indian market.

Crypto Platforms

We've demystified Crypto Trading for Indian Consumers through 500+ Youtube videos across multiple brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started with Confluencr, you need to send across a signed copy of the MoU. Once received we are able to share our recommended influencers within 48 hours. From the confirmation of the influencers at your end, it would take about 7-8 working days for the final content to get done. If the product needs to be shipped, then please add that to the timeline.

We understand that your brand’s tonality is important, and do our best to protect the same. Hence, only once you approve the script and visual treatment document, do we start creating the video. After the draft of the video is approved by you, it is then published live.

You can share a unique link/coupon code for every YT influencer and they shall add it to the description box, and also mention it on the video. For Instagram we can add it on swipe-up or the bio. With this you should be able to track the clicks and conversions.

What is influencer marketing for BFSI brands?

Influencer marketing has proved to be a fruitful marketing technique for brands and businesses over social media platforms. Initially, influencer marketing for the banking industry offered steady growth to the banking and financial sector. With innovative marketing strategies and compelling content, influencer marketing in financial services has proven to be an asset.  

The shift of the era towards social media trends has provided banks with an opportunity to make their effective use more smartly and productively. When the majority of the world population is scrolling their fingers over social platforms, conveying messages through it is much more actively responded to. This helps the finance and banking sector to share information in a digestible format and get people to trust them. 

Confluencr – One-stop solution for influencer marketing for BFSI industries

The BFSI industry is built around trust, diligence, and visibility. Keeping that in mind, Confluencr, a BFSI influencer marketing agency, helps you maintain dignity and decorum by generating the quality leads and brand involvement you seek.

Being an award-winning BFSI influencer marketing agency in India, we provide effective solutions to all your BFSI influencer marketing needs. We have fetched our clients unmatched leads, conversions, and ROI to enable them a seamless marketing experience. 

Our specialisation and expertise in providing banking influencer marketing services ensure you get the best influencer marketing strategies. We have a proven track record in financial influencer marketing services and understand how to navigate it accordingly. Our work speaks for itself. 

What are the banking and finance influencer marketing services provided by Confluencr?

  • YouTube influencer marketing: We have an enriched network of YouTube influencers, professionals and finance subject matter experts who constantly prove their worth and knowledge in personal finance, cryptocurrency, insurance, and investments. We help banking and finance institutions to connect with these tought leaders for their recommendations and to create personalised long-form content for your YouTube influencer marketing.
  • Twitter trending content: Gaining the leads organically is what we believe and tend to achieve. Our excellent feature of highlighting the specific product features through engaging tweets via relevant BFSI influencers helps us effectively use Twitter marketing.
  • Amplification through celebrities: We help you create amplified brand awareness by suggesting and connecting you with renowned celebrities that endorse your brand. 
  • Effective use of social platforms: With a creative alignment of content, influencers, and brand reach optimisation, we help you use every social platform effectively and gain maximum results. 
  • Track performance:  Our alternate methods of tracking reports, such as link/coupon code for every YT influencer, swipes and bio considerations, helps you to measure and keep track of your influencer marketing success. 

Who can benefit from BFSI influencer marketing? 

  • Banks & NBFCs:  We help you grow your business offerings’ visibility. In a highly competitive market and low-differentiation space, being visible on the web acts as a sword in your hand. Be it about gaining or developing trust with your audience or boosting engagements, we help you to attain it with ease. Whether you’re trying to disburse loans, open savings bank accounts or Demat accounts, sell credit cards or collect fixed deposits, we help you get inquiries like never before. 
  • FinTech brands:  Are you a new-age Fintech company looking to cope with the traditional BFSI sector in India? If yes, we can help you scale up quickly, challenge the competition, and even get ahead of them. With our BFSI influencer marketing company, you can effectively reach out to your target audience and drive results.
  • Insurance companies: Whether you have a pan-India presence or you are one of the local insurance agents, we’re to serve you as of your required need. We optimise your business listings to improve visibility in your target areas and launch successful influencer marketing projects. 
  • Trading & Investment: Having worked with the top brands in this space, our proven influencer marketing in financial services can help build your brand too!
  • Crypto Platforms: We’ve demystified crypto trading for Indian consumers by crafting effective brand awareness campaigns and have subtly integrated the brand benefits with effective influencer content. 

What are the benefits of using BFSI influencer marketing for your business?

  • Informed decision-making: We help companies drive sales by effectively educating their customers about the benefits of their products and services. We ensure that the audiences make informed decisions based on influencer recommendations and reviews. 
  • Sustainable lead generation: The BFSI industry is riddled with long customer journeys as there are multiple parameters. As a BFSI influencer marketing agency, we help you generate sustained leads by effectively educating your valuable prospects and assisting them at each stage down the sales funnel.
  • Stand out from the competitors: In the saturated BFSI market, it is challenging for BFSI brands to gain a competitive advantage while driving brand value and controlling acquisition costs. Through our BFSI influencer marketing services, we offer customised, effective solutions which make brand awareness easier and help you stand out from the competition. 
  • Competition Tracking: We help you to have in-depth details on how your competitors are faring with their campaigns on social media. This helps to get insights into audience sentiments, and you can develop your influencer marketing strategies to drive maximum results.
  • Reports and analytics: We provide details on your brand’s performance on different social media platforms. Our every insight is owned to help you see what kind of content works best for your target audience and niche.

Why choose Confluencr as your BFSI influencer marketing agency? 

Want to gain an edge over your competitors through a highly targeted, goal-oriented marketing strategy? Then, Confluencr is the best to cater to your need.

  • Leading BFSI Influencer marketing agency: We’ve worked with leading Banks & NBFCs, Insurance Companies, Fintech startups, Payment Gateways, Financial Aggregators, and more which has helped us closely understand the BFSI influencer marketing space and deliver tailored results for your brand. 
  • 15,000+ Vetted Influencers: Our vast network of 15000+ influencers helps us to find the best compatible match for your brand and marketing needs. 
  • Unbeatable Pricing: We work with brands at scale and can command unbeatable pricing. Our every stipulated amount turns out to be budget friendly and cost-effective. We stick to the budgets and help you drive maximised ROI on all your campaigns.
  • High RoI: We understand content marketing and weave stories that have a great and lasting impact. We also implement conversion strategies to ensure you reduce acquisition costs at each step. Especially for a niche like banking and finance, we ensure the influencer content caters to the needs of your target audience and help them convert to your customers. 
  • Exceptional results: With our expertise and experience, we carve a solution that is effective for your brand and deliver award-winning results to your business.
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