Carmesi Case study

Confluencr along with Carmesi Celebrates Womankind

This brand is a rebellious one at its very core. The journey starts with the very name of it. Carmesi is a Spanish word which means the colour ‘crimson’ – Period blood has, for decades, been shown in ads as a blue liquid by all sanitary pad brands. With their brand name, they are challenging this closed mentality that periods are something dirty or to be ashamed about. The brand offers an array of products related to female hygiene from sanitary pads to tampons & menstrual cups. All of their products are without harmful chemicals or synthetics. With nothing but intentions as pure as their products, they tasked out to spread awareness about this venture.

Content Map

The cornerstone of this campaign was to raise awareness about the materials that are used in hygiene products for women and how those are harmful. The content engaged in review of different products offered by this brand and how it was all natural, just like the natural process of menstruating. The digital assets created for the month of March also revolved around Women’s day & offered special discounts to everyone. The videos focused on celebrating womanhood and not shying away from this topic. Unlike the pads that are sold in black poly bags and wrapped in newspapers, our videos flaunted the reality and took pride in it.

The Creators

We engaged only micro influencers on YouTube from Lifestyle, Beauty and Mom centric channels, to do integrated videos. All creators onboarded had premium looking channels whose audience was from Tier 1 & 2 cities. They all showed love for the brand on and off-camera both. We built brand loyalty along with creating awareness and curated this campaign with utmost love and can proudly mention that the brand received more sales than expected. Also, this was an all female run campaign, not only the creators but our team at Confluencr too!

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Some Of The Videos

Brb! Switching my preference now! Happy Women’s Day indeed!

Never knew alternatives to pads and that too so eco-friendly.

Such a great initiative and an even better explanation. Kudos! promising.

Fills my heart to see brands that actually care about the environment & their customers

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