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Metropolis Healthcare Limited is a prominent diagnostics company with a wide presence across India, South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Renowned for its superior diagnostic tests and services, Metropolis has built a loyal customer base. Operating an extensive network of diagnostic centers, the company provides a comprehensive range of clinical laboratory tests and profiles for various stages of disease management. A key player in advancing diagnostic accuracy, technological equipment, customer experience, and research-driven services, Metropolis offers around 3,487 clinical laboratory tests and 530 profiles, including specialized tests and advanced technologies, solidifying its leadership in the diagnostics industry in India.

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Influencer Profiling

In this campaign, collaborating with doctors played a crucial role in building trust with our audience. The medical profession’s inherent association with trust and reliability was effectively reinforced by featuring doctors in our content. Our approach involved tailoring influencer collaborations based on specific campaign themes. Leveraging different influencers with diverse perspectives allowed us to communicate our brand message in a way that resonated with the unique themes of each campaign.


In our campaign for Metropolis, we strategically collaborated with mostly mid-tier to macro influencers. This choice was driven by the desire to leverage influencers with substantial audience bases, aiming to create a significant impact. By associating well-known faces with our campaign, we aimed to convey a compelling message and effectively promote Metropolis.


Instagram being the primary platform for our campaign, we harnessed the power of effective storytelling through imagery. Utilizing visually compelling content, we crafted stories that depicted the journey of individuals and highlighted the significant role each wing of diagnostics played in their lives. This storytelling approach aimed to resonate with the audience on a deep emotional level, leveraging the visual nature of Instagram to convey impactful and engaging narratives.

Content Frequency 

Our approach of aligning content frequency with trending topics and taking two influencers live weekly was well-suited for maintaining a robust social media presence. This strategy enabled Metropolis to adapt to changing trends, engage with the audience consistently, and maximize visibility through effective influencer collaborations with macro influencers.

Content Style  

Over the course of almost one year, we conducted multiple campaigns with various themes. However, one consistent element across all our campaigns was the core content style. We avoided being overly salesy and instead approached it with a storytelling perspective. Each video had a well-crafted story and a meaningful message. We encouraged influencers to showcase their organic side, making themselves vulnerable in order to connect with the audience. This approach involved sharing their vulnerabilities and fears, particularly regarding health, fostering a more authentic and relatable connection with the viewers.

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