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Inherent Challenges Of The Industry

The Education Sector is lagging behind on its digital efforts due to standardization, changing economic needs, upgrading course structures, lack of digitization and technological advancements in the Industry.

Unadapted Digital Disruption

While the pandemic rapidly pushed Education sector to adopt digital solutions, many brands have not been successful in the digital adoption. Digital Shift requires research and implementing the right strategies systematically to gain quicker presence.

Reaching Younger Audiences

Younger age groups from school goers to young adults spend 80% of their time on social media platforms following influencers everyday lives. Digital Strategies will help reach target audiences for the Education sector.

Need for Credible Information

Consumers require excellent reviews and credible sources of information before initiating a large purchase in Education. Social platforms are a great medium to raise brand awareness and educate audiences.

Influencer Marketing Channels for Education Industry

The challenges of the Education Sector are increasing rapidly and hence the solutions have to win the customer through Digitization and Awareness.

social media influencers

Brand awareness via Instagram

Create awareness about your brand through informatic posts and IGTV Videos on Instagram and build a connect with GenZ.

youtube influencer marketing platform

Long form videos on YouTube

Associate with Youtube influencers to drive recommendations and disseminate information about your institute and courses.

Smiling young woman doing a video blog with the camera

Short Videos on Instagram & YT Shorts

Create awareness about your brand through snackible content on Instagram reels and YouTube shorts to build rapport amongst the youth.

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Serving Diverse Education Brands

Confluencr has been advancing into the Education Industry by closely working with diverse brands from the sector.

Schools & Colleges

Schools & Colleges largely rely on word of mouth & traditional promotional activities. Confluecr increases brand awareness through resourceful content created by trust worthy social media Influencers.

Study Abroad Institutions

Study Abroad Institutions require credibility and distribution of information to consumers in order to drive consumers and increase personal recommendations. Confluencr uses social platforms to increase reviews and recommendations via Influencer driven Strategies.

Online EdTech Brands

EdTech has gained the most popularity in the last 5 years and is forecasted to increase more. With high quality content driven campaigns, Confluecr aims to drive sales and engagement created by awareness campaigns for the future of EdTech.

MOOCs Platforms

Online free & paid courses are the new remote based educational institutions. Confluencr creates the best content driven campaigns to stand out from market competition and increase acquisition rates for MOOCs.

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