Coding Ninjas Case Study

Coding our way to the future with the right study partners - Content creators create a hype about this new skill

The brand provides rigorous and dedicated programs to accelerate learning and make anyone job ready in a career of technology. They wish to bridge the knowledge gap between college and industry. Their faculty includes alumni of IIT, Stanford, IIIT and Facebook – offering 17+ Programming courses.

We were tasked to run a YouTube campaign communicating the existence of this service and importance of such a special skill, whilst increasing their brand visibility and boosting the sign-ups they receive.

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Content Map

Coding as a skill is rare and of high value in today’s digital world, and with the advent of technology, it’s a must-have skill. With this idea being the pillar for our content, we devised a strategy where all content creators that were onboarded spoke not only about the programming courses this brand offers, but the job opportunities that would be available to them after adding this skill to their resume.

The Creators

We onboarded YouTube influencers from the niches of Infotainment, Education, and Career Counselling to make both - integrated and dedicated videos. They were in the midtier-macro level range, all with the same enthusiasm to educate their audience about this platform. Each one of them believed in this business model and spoke passionately about the same. They all came back with a positive outlook about the brand and some of them engaged more than twice, integrating Coding Ninjas with their video topics.

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Some Of The Videos

Seems so interesting, definitely going to sign-up!

Never knew such difficult programming is being taugh online. Going to check it out for sure.

Was looking to learn one of these programming courses for so long, finally know where I’ll be signing up to!

Wow. Really YouTube videos do give you the best suggestions!

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