Vedantu Case Study

The new code: mother influencers driving parents’ trust in coding for kids

Changing The Way Kids Learn To Code​. The brand offers coding lessons to kids from grade 1-8 and they are amongst the best in the market but in such a competitive market, they needed to do something very unique to get faster growth.

They turned to influencer marketing to get authentic recommendations of their product through leading voices in the industry.

Vedantu Case Study by confluencr

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We integrated Vedantu Super Coders as the e-learning class of choice in Instagram posts of leading mom Influencers. While telling other mom's their stories of parenting and the difficulties that they're facing in the pandemic with the kids. They smartly recommended how it's important to learn coding as it's the language of the future. They posted engaging Instagram posts showing how their kids are enjoying this language of tomorrow.

The Creators

We focussed the campaign on Instagram & YouTube to work with Influencers whose word is already trusted by parents. We also worked with some educational channels to position Vedantu as the right choice for parents.

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Kids Learning Influencer Marketing Case Study
Confluencr Vedantu Case Study
Confluencr - Vedantu Case Study

That's a great idea for kids!!

Seems amazing and interesting. Will definitely try!

This is so good and the offer is so amazing!!

Will definitely share your code with my friends and family.

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