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Unacademy is a premier online learning platform that has revolutionized the educational landscape for CA aspirants. With a commitment to delivering comprehensive and accessible education, Unacademy offers a wide range of courses tailored for students preparing for CA exams. The platform leverages advanced technology and experienced educators to provide a learning experience that is both effective and engaging. Unacademy’s mission is to empower students with knowledge and skills, ensuring they have the best preparation for their professional exams.

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Influencer Profiling

The campaign designed for Unacademy targeted CA aspirants through a strategic influencer marketing approach. Collaborating with a diverse range of influencers from various niches, the campaign leveraged personalized content to resonate with a wide audience. Influencers shared stories and posts highlighting the benefits of pursuing a CA degree, showcasing Unacademy’s comprehensive course offerings and expert educators.


The mix of influencers with varying follower counts from 1.5K to 200K+ offers a balanced approach to reach both niche audiences and broader segments. Smaller influencers often have higher engagement rates and stronger community trust, beneficial for targeted messaging. Larger influencers expand visibility and credibility across wider audiences. This strategy ensures comprehensive coverage, maximizing impact by leveraging the unique strengths of influencers across the spectrum, from micro to macro, to create a cohesive and compelling campaign for Unacademy.


Instagram served as a crucial platform for Unacademy’s campaign, providing a visually engaging medium to connect with a younger, tech-savvy audience. Through influencers, Instagram enabled personalized, relatable content showcasing Unacademy’s CA courses, leveraging the platform’s wide reach and interactive features like stories and posts to enhance visibility and engagement. Instagram’s role was pivotal in creating a direct link between potential students and Unacademy, making educational opportunities more accessible and appealing.

Content Frequency 

The high frequency of influencer posts over consecutive days played a strategic role in creating a sustained and impactful presence for Unacademy’s campaign on Instagram. This approach ensured continuous engagement with the audience, increasing the likelihood of the message being seen and absorbed. It leverages the “mere exposure effect,” where repeated exposure to a brand or product fosters familiarity and preference. Additionally, it capitalized on Instagram’s algorithm, which favored active and engaging content, thus amplifying reach and visibility. This concentrated effort significantly boost brand awareness, consideration, and ultimately, conversions.

Content Style  

Content varied from inspirational stories of educators, comparative analyses of educational platforms, to personal narratives on the importance of CA in ensuring financial security and societal respect. Each post directed viewers to Unacademy’s CA preparation courses, emphasizing the platform’s accessibility, affordability, and quality of education. This campaign aimed to inspire, inform, and drive enrollments by connecting potential students with relatable success stories and valuable educational resources.

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