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Thumb-Stopping Content For The Win

Testimonial Videos for UGC Video Ads

Testimonial Videos

Authentic content about the benefits & use-cases from each audience persona.

Unboxing Videos - Influencer Marketing Collaboration

Unboxing Videos

Showcase the brand packaging & products in detail for a better purchase experience.

App Demos with User-Generated Content Ads

App Demos

Take the user through the functioning of the app through screen demos.

Trending Reels - Video Influencer Marketing Services

Trending Reels

Hop on to the band wagon by adopting trending content for your social media.

Social Media Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Product Explainer

78% of marketers say these videos give them a better ROI than statics.

YouTube Shorts & Videos - Influencer Marketing Platform

Videos For YouTube Channel

Grow organic views on your own YouTube channel through informative content.

Skyrocket Engagement With UGC Videos

On Paid Ads

Improve conversions on your paid Digital Ads - Google & Meta.

On Social Profiles

Grow engagement on your brand's Instagram and YouTube handles.

On Marketplaces

Improve trust through videos on Amazon (or other marketplaces) product listing.

Relatable, Affordable & Quick UGC Videos

We create UGC videos which can be tailor-made to your brand’s voice. Compared to the cumbersome studio shoots, these are affordable and hassle-free. And, best part – you get it within days!

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Vetted Influencers

Vetted Creators

We suggest relevant skilled creators considering the brand’s voice, and product details for you to shortlist.

Unbeatable Influencer Marketing Pricing

Unbeatable Pricing

Why pay for studio rents and models and make-up and editors, when you can get more effective relatable content for 10X lesser?

High ROI with Influencer Marketing

Increase RoAS

UGC videos from Confluencr are high-performing and generate way better returns than other ad creative options​

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What is User Generated Content?

User-generated content refers to unpaid or unsponsored content that comes straight from the users as contrary to brands or paid influencer collaborations. User-generated content consists of images, videos, testimonials, and reviews created solely by social media users for the brand without any sort of association or affiliation. UGC content has proven to be a highly beneficial tool for new-age marketers as it helps build brand credibility and better connect with your audience. 

User-generated content is referred to be highly authentic and genuine and gives brands an edge over their competitors. Being a UGC video agency, we understand the potential this type of content has for brands and can help leverage user-generated content strategy for your brand across all the social media platforms. Trusted by India’s leading brands and agencies, we help you create thumb-stopping content and leverage bespoke UGC content formats for your brand. 

Why should brands use User Generated Content?

UGC content helps your potential customers at various stages in their purchase journey. Besides leveraging trust, authenticity and credibility for your brand, user-generated content also drives higher engagement and conversion rates for your brand. With users from different audience segments taking it to social media platforms to talk about your brand, and share their experiences and reviews, it helps build a sense of trust amongst their followers. This eventually results in the building and expansion of a loyal customer base for your brand. 

With so many brands and influencers trying to build their identity on social media, it becomes tough for brands to cut through the noise. Leveraging UGC content, in such times where people are hardly influenced by a sponsored ad, gives brands the kind of attention they crave. Unlike paid collaborations, UC content formats give audiences an opportunity to engage with the brand and participate in its growth marketing rather than just playing the role of a spectator. 

Benefits of UGC videos

Keeping your customers in the front and centre of your marketing strategy, UGC marketing services provide a win-win for both brands and the consumers. User-generated content marketing brings in a plethora of benefits and can prove to be a sustainable growth aspect for your brand. Being a UGC influencer marketing agency, we have seen the power of UGC content transforming and shaping brands and can help you with effective UGC services. 

Here are some of the most promising benefits of user-generated content on social media.

  1. User-generated content voices the stories and experiences of your consumers.
  2. UGC content leverages the power of word of mouth through social media platforms.
  3. Social media platforms and UGC content together boost the social media reach and growth of your brand.
  4. UGC campaigns provide valuable audience insights for marketers and brands that can help them in leveraging social media marketing strategies.
  5. User-generated videos act as social proof for your brand thus increasing your brand’s credibility amongst your audience.
  6. UGC content provides personalisation to the content that brands aim to leverage.
  7. Reviews and recommendations coming from genuine consumers of the brand help shape a positive purchase decision in the minds of consumers.
  8. UGC content helps improve brand advocacy.
  9. User-generated posts massively boost engagement and conversions for brands.
  10. UGC content marketing is cost-effective and drives significant returns on investments.

Confluencr’s UGC services to boost your brand

Being a UGC video agency, Confluencr has helped brands leverage various UGC formats across multiple platforms. As a UGC influencer marketing agency, we curate tailored UGC content that aligns the best with your brand and your target audience. With end-to-end UGC video marketing services, we help brands improve their UGC efforts through affordable, hassle-free and quick video creation services. We help brands create multiple UGC videos including, but not limited to:

  1. Testimonials and review videos : Showcasing unique stories and experiences of consumers who have used your products and services.

  2. Unboxing videos : We help create intrigue and excitement regarding your brand’s offering by creating unboxing and unwrapping videos.

  3. App demos and platform tutorials : We create informative videos around app demos and tutorials, making it easy for your audience to understand the working of your product and attract them to your brand.

  4. Product explainer videos : Product explainer videos and tutorials help solve problems and or any misconceptions the audiences might have about your product and build trust making your brand all the more approachable.

  5. Informative YouTube dedicated videos : We run dedicated Uc video campaigns for your brand on YouTube by subtly integrating the features and the benefits of your product to build a strong recall value for your brand and its offering. 

  6. Trending short video formats : We attract users by creating trending reels and viral content thus boosting engagements for your brand. 

We help skyrocket engagement for your brand while optimising the ROI of your user-generated content. Besides helping you with content planning, influencer curation and UGC video production, we help you with accurate repurposing of your UGC content by leveraging it on various social media and digital platforms. With this, we ensure each content piece created gains massive reach and is optimised for utmost growth. 

We feature UGC video ads on the following platforms to help you get the best out of both mediums:

  1. Paid ads : We use user-generated content for paid ads on search engines and social channels to drive high-quality leads and conversions for your business. We ensure these ads perform to their optimal level by placing them right in front of your target audience. 

  2. Social media platforms : We drive engagements, referral traffic and impulse purchases by placing the created UGC content on social media platforms. We help brands grow their brand presence, visibility and reach on their Instagram and YouTube handles.  

  3. Advertising on marketplaces : We make use of UGC videos to gain a spot for your brand and build trust on online marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart and help you with product listings on these e-commerce platforms. 

Why choose Confluencr as your best UGC video production agency in India?

  1. A vast network of vetted creators : Being UGC video platforms, we help you connect with skilled creators that align perfectly with your brand’s tone, voice and personality and can create highly relevant content for your brand. We provide you with a vast number of options to choose your best match from!

  2. End-to-end UGC video production services : We take care of everything from studio rents, makeup artists, and post video production technicalities and deliver high-quality UGC videos at unbeatable pricing. 

  3. High ROI : We ensure all the UGC videos are made to scale and reap maximum benefits for your brand. We ensure the creation and publication of high-performing videos that generate increased RoAS for your brand.
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