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Our services are designed to drive revenue growth through Facebook Advertising.

Capture attention and maximize your advertising budget with our expert team. We have an in-depth understanding of Facebook’s algorithms, enabling us to identify profitable opportunities for long-term expansion.

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Facebook Advertising Campaigns for 200+ Brands

Our Facebook Ads Success Stories

We possess the expertise to strategically target the right audience and effectively captivate them, enabling you to expand your customer base, implement successful customer retention tactics, and reduce advertising expenses. Witness the remarkable outcomes that await you when you join forces with Confluencr for comprehensive paid social media management and advertising.

135% growth in revenue of the vertical while maintaining stable ROAS over 8 months. Scaled the course offerings from 4 to 12 with new courses contributing 40% to revenue.
Rajasthan Royals launched RSB, their online Sports EdTech vertical. It’s the go-to place for sports learning, with courses like Sports Analytics, Nutrition, Psychology, and Marketing. Taught by top Cricketers and Coaches – these courses are highly loved.
200K+ downloads secured for the brand, starting from scratch. We launched the brand and consistently scaled while lowering Cost per Install, with latest CPI hovering around INR 14 and average INR 30.
Hubble operates in a unique market space, offering its users instant discounts on 100+ top brands, both online and offline. Through Hubble’s app, users can effortlessly save on their purchases across categories like electronics, fashion, travel, and more.
9Cr+ eCommerce Revenue. 50% growth in Google Ads Revenue and 35% improvement in ROAS. 180% growth in Meta Ads Revenue.
Kreeva – the perfect combination of culture, festive feels, and rich Indian traditions. With a prime focus on India’s rich heritage, Kreeva designs stunning ensembles that make every woman embrace her body.
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Awards & Recognition

Prestigious accolades, reflecting our commitment to setting benchmarks in Performance Marketing and SEO.

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SEO Marketing B2C

NAME Awards by Indian Business Council

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Best SEO Campaign

India Digital Awards by IAMAI

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Best Search Marketing Campaign

Drivers of Digital Awards

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Best Performance-driven Campaign

Unlocked Awards

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Best eCommerce Marketing Campaign

NAME Awards by Indian Business Council

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Best Cross Channel Campaign

Unlocked Awards

Full-Service Facebook Ads Agency

Our agency takes the lead in developing unique and captivating concepts, that captures the attention of audiences and persuades them to take action.

With over 30K Creators and Celebrities, we create user-generated content to produce eye-catching Reels and Video ads that captivate viewers and drive results.

We specialize in optimizing landing pages and user journeys to create a seamless experience for customers. We make it easier for users to navigate and engage with your brand.

Our detailed templates provide a microscopic view of what is working effectively and what changes to maintain growth and success.

Full-Service Facebook Ads Agency in India

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What's included in our Facebook Advertising Services?

From Facebook to Instagram, social media is where your customers spend a significant amount of time. However, various challenges hinder your ability to generate incremental revenue, such as algorithms, competition, and content saturation.

By partnering with an experienced Facebook ads marketing agency like ours, you gain access to the expertise needed to effectively target, engage, and persuade your market. This eliminates the guesswork involved in paid social marketing.

Our services ensure that not only will your ads be seen by your desired audience, but they will also inspire them to take action and make a purchase. And the best part? We accomplish this without draining your ad spend.

What's included in our Facebook Advertising Services?

We Make You Stand Out on Social Media Feeds

Our team researches your target audience, previous campaigns, and competitors. This enables us to identify specific high-intent targeting strategies that yield the best conversion rates.

These Facebook Conversion API and CRM integration tools enable us to deliver instant, high-quality optimization signals to Facebook’s algorithms.

Diving deep into the numbers, we uncover valuable insights that give us the winning edge at every stage of the customer journey.

In many industries, a cross-channel strategy is needed, starting with brand building on Facebook and driving conversions on platforms like Google or Amazon. 

Our Creative Prowess

Why Confluencr is the Preferred Facebook Advertising Agency in India

100s of agencies “claim” to achieve outcomes and perform tasks comparable to our own. Selecting the appropriate agency may pose a challenge for you! Allow us to simplify the process.
We are the ideal choice if:

  • You appreciate the straightforwardness
  • You acknowledge that the finest work emerges through collaboration
  • You grasp that marketing encompasses more than just implementation. 
  • You prioritize expertise and problem-solving based on fundamental principles.

💪🏼 Only The Finest In Your Corner

Our team, comprised of some of the most talented individuals from prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs, is a source of immense pride for us. We dedicate over 50+ hours each month to ensure that every strategist working on your account is at the pinnacle of their abilities and continually striving for improvement.

🔋 Hit The Ground Running

We prioritize laying a solid foundation by implementing months' worth of strategic planning into your initial audit and proposal. Our comprehensive 45 Day Onboarding plan ensures that you experience immediate short-term victories while also setting the stage for long-term results that won't keep you waiting indefinitely.

🪴 Driven by ROAS, Not by Egos

We don't simply act as vendors; instead, we become your partners in success. Our team of strategists is not afraid to challenge ideas or provide constructive feedback when something doesn't align. The outcome of our collaboration will leave you grateful for our honest approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Confluencr’s Facebook marketing services are specifically designed to enhance your business’s online presence and increase sales by strategically placing advertisements, targeting specific customer segments, and creating captivating content. Our primary focus is on raising brand awareness and generating leads, ultimately maximizing your return on investment.

Confluencr offers personalized pricing options based on your individual needs and budget. The exact charges will be determined after an initial consultation to understand your campaign objectives. Generally, our fees are a percentage of the media spend.

There are several benefits to choosing Confluencr as your Facebook Ads management partner. Our team consists of experienced professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of Facebook’s advertising platform. We excel in thorough data analysis, which plays a crucial role in optimizing ad performance. 

Additionally, we provide comprehensive reports that offer clients valuable insights into the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. Moreover, our utilization of advanced dashboards enables real-time monitoring and adjustments to ensure that your ads are constantly improving.

In addition to Facebook, Confluencr specializes in managing advertisements across various other digital platforms such as Google, YouTube, and Instagram. This comprehensive approach to digital marketing allows us to develop a well-rounded strategy for our clients.

Absolutely. Confluencr welcomes clients who do not have an in-house marketing team. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support in digital marketing, making us an ideal choice for businesses that may not have dedicated marketing departments. We take care of all aspects of your marketing needs, ensuring that your business achieves the desired online presence and engagement.

Confluencr has a wealth of experience across a wide range of industries. This allows us to cater to the unique needs of each sector by developing tailored strategies. Our portfolio includes working with businesses in e-commerce, technology, healthcare, fashion, and more. This diversity demonstrates our ability to understand and address the specific challenges and opportunities present in different market segments, enabling us to craft effective marketing solutions for our clients.

To get started, reach out to us to schedule a consultation where we can talk about your specific requirements and objectives. Based on our discussion, we will develop a customized plan for your Meta campaigns. If everything aligns, we will proceed with the setup process, which typically takes 5-7 days, before beginning the actual work.

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