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Inherent Challenges Of The Industry

The healthcare segment is riddled with its own challenges, due to high competition, lack of customer awareness and education.

Crowded Market With Similar Offering

For especially health tech companies there are multiple brands offering the same products or services at similar price points making it tough to stand out.

Takes years to create Brand Equity

Most healthcare brands struggle with building equity, as it takes years to garner patents, and credibility that consumers verify before purchase.

Connect with GenZ is challenging

Healthcare Industry finds it tough to build a connection with the Instagram generation as they are not very botherred about preventive healthcare, and their concerns are more fad driven.

Influencer Marketing Channels for HealthCare Industry

The challenges of the Healthcare Industry are complex and hence the solutions have to win the customer through awareness and trusted recommendations.
youtube seo

Long form videos on YouTube

Associate with youtube influencers in the health, fitness, nutrition space and drive product recommendations .

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Short Videos on Instagram & YT Shorts

Create awareness about your brand through snackible content.

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Professional recommendations on LinkedIn

Drive highly relevant customers to your website through LinkedIn engagement.

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Serving Diverse HealthCare Brands

Confluencr has immersed into the Healthcare Industry by closely working with diverse brands from the sector.

Health & Medical Insurance

Health & Medical Insurance has gained importance more than ever during Covid. We build impactful influencer campaigns that recognises the consumers present needs for the insurance sector.

Preventive Healthcare Products

We've helped Ayurvedic & Health supplement brands create educational content that drives awareness through informatic influencer campaigns.

Hospitals & Medical Institutions

We create credible word of mouth influencer campaigns to enhance the quality of services provided by Healthcare institutions.

Healthcare & Diagnostic Services

We scale Healthcare services through awareness campaigns that drive consumers to choose quality over price points.

Our HealthCare Success Stories

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Brand Awareness | Products Sales

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Nirogam Ayurveda

Products Promotions | Sales

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Product Launch | Sales

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