Top Male Fashion Instagram Influencers in India

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“No longer can you passively market products and services to an anonymous customer base. With the rise of influence marketing, your customer is marketing.”- Reuven Cohen
(Co-founder and CEO, AwardPool)

Influencer Marketing through Instagram has grown enormously during recent times. Several industries have benefited from it and have leveraged its impact for growth. One industry that has seen huge positive impacts due to influencer marketing is the fashion and lifestyle industry. It hasn’t been only women’s fashion that has seen tremendous growth. But, men’s fashion has also gained increased prominence due to the emergence of several male fashion influencers. Instagram has fuelled the rise of various fashion trends and has transformed the men’s fashion industry.

Many male influencers say that they began their journey based on a genuine passion for style and fashion. Social media platforms like Instagram are excellent stages for such passionate people to share their ideas about styling outfits and gain popularity among the audiences. Many men have utilized this and built a loyal follower base for themselves without establishing a profession or practice in the fashion industry. Today, such male influencers have become the most-loved fashion experts for the audiences. Audiences trust their recommendations and hence view them as credible sources of fashion information. Here’s our pick on the top 10 Indian male fashion influencers on Instagram who are redefining the men’s fashion game!

Top 10 Male Fashion Instagram Influencers in India:

A lawyer by profession, Karron S Dhingrra is lighting up the digital world by following his passion for men’s fashion, grooming and styling.

Karron is the fashion sensation in the men’s world of fashion. A look at his Instagram feed, and you’d know why he makes it to the top of the list of best Indian male fashion Instagram influencers. From men’s hair care to skincare to styling, you can see this fashion influencer talking about everything about men’s fashion. Need any ideas for dressing for an occasion? Want to know the history of hairstyles?

This Indian fashion influencer on Instagram has collaborated with notable brands, which include Axe India, Jack and Jones India, Myntra Studio, Belkin India, and many more.

Breaking the stereotypes and redefining men’s fashion, Siddharth is one such fashion influencer in India to never shy away from trying different things.

From formal suits to sarees, to ethnic kurtas you can see this influencer flaunting all things fashion. Jewelry, accessories, ethnic wear, you name it, and we can tell Siddharth has already tried it. With his unique, beyond the stereotypes content, and  Seeing this fashion influencer’s fan following and engagement, a lot of fashion and lifestyle brands have opted to collaborate with him. Some of these include Vadilal Ice Creams, Syska personal care, Realme, Mia by Tanishq, and notable others. Head to this fashion Instagrammer’s feed for some offbeat fashion inspiration!

Tejeshwar Sandhoo’s Instagram handle is @blueberryblackout. Sandhoo’s looks are perfect for a total wardrobe overhaul – the objective is to explore, and he has nailed every look on his feed. Sandhoo, who is an outspoken member of the LGBTQ community, used fashion as a weapon of resistance, believing that fashion and sexuality are 2 mutually complementary.

Sandhoo created Blueberry Blackout while working on a project that needed him to locate a male fashion influencer, which shocked him because there weren’t many. 

That is when his adventure began.

Jatinn, as, has elevated men’s fashion to new levels with his awesome content. He offers amazing stuff on fashion, lifestyle, and travel. He has a legion of Instagram followers and effectively engages with his fans on a frequent basis.

This male fashion influencer can elevate any and every style he chooses to wear from traditional to contemporary and still look equally attractive and glamorise the simplest of garments using clever patterns. He appears incredibly comfy in all of his ensembles, whether he wears a graphic t-shirt or a denim jacket. His clothing is flawless, and they look fantastic on his strong body type.

Vaibhav Keswani’s IG feed is your go-to place for all things men’s fashion, grooming, and lifestyle.

Vaibhav owns his YouTube channel where he uploads simple and easy to follow fashion tips. He enlightens his audience about summer outfit ideas, outfit ideas for college students, budget shirts for men, budget cargos, street style outfit ideas, skincare hacks, hair trimming and styling tips, and the list is endless. 

On his Instagram too, this fashion influencer tells you 5 style pieces to own this summer, men’s grooming habits, and recent fashion trends from the men’s fashion world. Through his quality content, this top Indian male fashion influencer on Instagram has garnered a lot of likes on all his posts.

 To name a few are Armani Exchange, FBB online, Brooks Brothers India, Breezer India, Lenskart, Realme, Central, Louis Phillipe, Vaya India, Dapper shoes, Bombay shaving company and many more.

Usmaah Siddiqui is one of the most renowned names in the world of men’s fashion. Founder of the Dapper label, Usmaah is one of the finest fashion influencers in Mumbai. This Indian fashion influencer on Instagram has been approached by numerous brands for collaborations.

A few of his brand collaborations include Nykaa man, Titan, Secret Alchemist, Louis Vuitton, and notable others. A graduate in business marketing, Usmaah soon realized his passion for fashion and turned it into a full-time business, winning the hearts of millions of people one post at a time.

Turn to his IG feed for some quick inspiration for fashion. Seeing his connection with his audience, and his amazing work in the field of fashion, Usmaah has been featured in various notable publications including Grazia India, Lifestyle and travel, Cosmopolitan, and many more.

One of the finest content creators in the fashion niche, Nikhil has been making a mark with his solid sense of fashion and styling.

Creating content around luxury lifestyle and fashion this Instagram fashion influencer has attracted collaborations with numerous high-end fashion brands. Besides dropping fashion ideas on his Instagram feed and reels, Nikhil has separate dedicated fashion guides for you to look through.

Other than styling and dressing tips, this fashion influencer is a fan of travel and adventure and makes sure his fans don’t miss an update on any of those either. Believing in the fact that his fans and followers can get to see the world through his eyes, this fashion and travel influencer is up for exploring untapped destinations across the globe. A few of his notable brand mentions include H&M x Sabyasachi, Jaguar, Hugo Boss, L’Oreal, Myntra fashion, Dior, Vivo India, Shoppers stop and endless others.

A social media executive turned blogger! Yes, that’s been the journey of this leading men’s fashion Instagrammer.  Turning his passion into a full-time career, Shakti quit his job and started building his profile around the fashion and lifestyle niche. While in an interview with Social Samosa, Shakti emphasized the importance of being true to yourself for budding influencers to do their art with sheer passion and consistency.

What a piece of advice Shakti! Decoding the secret behind his Instagram handle @thefebruaryboy, Shakti stated that February month bought in a lot of goodies with it, and he didn’t want his handle to be too mainstream. Read the full interview here.

Shakti has been a part of numerous brand collaborations including Vivo India, Jack & Jones India, Campus Shoes, Tata Cliq, Nykaa Fashion, and notable others. With his sense of style and fashion, we see this talented Indian fashion influencer on the very rise!

A lawyer turned male fashion influencer, Sandeep is known for his high-resolution and high-quality content. He is one of the popular #GalaxyCreators in collaborations with Samsung. He has a huge fan base on his Instagram handle, and has gained a lot of followers through his blog “BasicallyMenz”.

Sandeep has worked with brands such as – CODE India, Sadhev, Wrangler, Himalaya Men, Red Tape India, Timex, Bentley Motors, Dewars Whiskey, Wahl India, Kohler and others. 

Sanket Mehta, a male fashion influencer and social media star, has carved a position for himself in the men’s fashion market with ease and grace.

Men’s fashion is a subject that not every influencer addresses. It is not simple to break prejudices and carve out a space for males.

Sanket has been working with many style variables and excelling at them, working with brands like Myntra, Fashion Nova, Dyson India, Delsey, L’Oreal Paris and many others.  This Indian male fashion influencer has gone from modernizing traditional design to adapting the bohemian cult, from Hip Hop sophisticated ensembles to ethnic regal attires.


Fashion influencers do not rely on recognition to increase their reach and social engagement on Instagram. Many of them have started from scratch and have converted their social profiles into full-time careers. They have completely relied on the power and reach of creative content. Hence, they have occupied an authentic and reliable space for themselves in the fashion niche. That makes the perfect partners for fashion brands who want to establish a unique image through Instagram influencer marketing. Many influencers have collaborated with both small and big fashion brands and have contributed to their growth and revenue.

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