Instagram Influencers in Bangalore

Top 10 Instagram Influencers In Bangalore

Bangalore, one of the metropolitan cities of India is famous for being the IT hub, its nightlife and of course as the “City of Gardens”. The city has a cosmopolitan crowd comprising mainly youngsters due to the software jobs scene. As a result, the city has people from all over the country living there. With a setup like this, it comes as no surprise that there has been a rise in digital influencers in Bangalore; what with the youth increasingly conscious of their health, fashion, travel, and of course – all things techno.

Let us take a look at some of the top Instagram influencers in Bangalore.

Shweta Prasad - 155K Followers

digital influencers in bangalore

With 155k followers, Shwetha is a pretty famous social media influencer from Bangalore to say the least. She is a Kannada television actress who has become a household name due to her acting stints. 

Shwetha believes in pursuing a sustainable lifestyle which is why she launched a company dedicated to making and selling eco-friendly, sustainable products. She has always used homemade products, never bought hair care and body products from the market. Lots of influencing there, folks.

In the most current display of her dedication to community, Shwetha did a lot of charity work for people affected by the COVID19 pandemic, distributed PPE kits, provided ration kits to the Assam flood victims and much more. She also interacts with her IG followers- an engagement rate of 6.30%! She truly is a person with a golden heart.

As an Instagram influencer, Shwetha’s list of brand collaborations consists- Swadeshi (ER- almost 3%); RKR Collections (ER- over 3%); Spin Unisex Salon Nagpur (ER- over 6.50%); Label ArHa (ER- almost 7%); Sugarberryz Cakery (ER- almost 4%); Aubree Haute Chocolaterie (ER- over 4.50%); Go Bananas (ER- 8%); Prashanth Hairstylist (ER- over 15%); Karat Farms (ER- over 28.50%); With Love Stores (ER- over 13%); and other brands.

Shwetha has been featured in Bangalore Times as “The Most Desirable Woman of 2018”. Her Valentine’s Day special post was her most viewed piece with almost 170k views, engaging her followers at over 100%! And after knowing all this, we aren’t even surprised. 

Guess a sustainable products’ brand would be a “sustainable” partner for Swetha to collaborate with.

Neha S - 24.4K Followers

instagram influencers bangalore

Neha is a travel, food, fashion and lifestyle influencer with a quirky personality. Her Instagram profile is followed by 24.4k people. 

She is a travel junkie who loves to trip and document it with aesthetically wholesome pictures and videos – clearly narrating her experiences- an engagement rate of almost 4%. 

As an influencer, Neha has collaborated with a lot of offbeat travel brands like The Himalayan Sikh Company (ER- almost 18%). If you dream of spending the night in a tent surrounded by snow with stars as your company, you should attend the Winter Wild Heaven in Uttarakhand, an event organised by The Himalayan Sikh Company in collaboration with Neha. This post garnered the most views on her feed – the accompanying picture was just magical, as if you have been transported to Narnia! Her posts hit closer to home, what with our travel bug sprinting about. 

Neha has collaborated with leading lifestyle brands like- Max Fashion; Global Desi (ER- over 3%); StreetStyleStore (ER- over 4%); Bunaai (ER- almost 5%); Sunfeast Dark Fantasy (ER- over 3%); Ramada by Wyndham (ER- 4%); Paravent Apparels (ER- over 3%); Fairfield by Marriott (ER- over 3%); Olay (ER- almost 5%); Nescafe Cold Coffee; Cofsils (ER- almost 9%); Everteen (ER- almost 9.50%); Plum (ER- 3.60%); Yoni Care (ER- almost 4%); Zivame; BlushBerry (ER- almost 9%); and many others. 

Seeing Neha’s love for travel, an offbeat travel or lifestyle brand would be an amazing “companion” for her to travel the collaboration route with.

Neha S - 24.4K Followers

instagram influencers bangalore

Simran Jain - 121K Followers


Simran is a digital creator who loves travelling, as is demonstrated by the incessant travel pictures on her IG feed. She loves sharing tips on fashion, makeup and skin care as well as her travel stories. Her 122k IG followers stand testimony to her talent and skills, and are diligently always on the lookout for her new posts. She answers their queries too - engaging at 4.70% with her followers! Her video about personal care hygiene was the most viewed clocking in around 279k views ! Simran has been featured in Bangalore Times, Top 50 Bloggers in the Brands & Bloggers Magazine, LookVine and Times Bloggers Conclave. Simran’s brand collaborations with Blur India; Chaayos (ER- over 6%); Bounce (ER- almost 23%); Amazon Fashion India- WOW Skin Science India, Dot & Key Skincare and Wella India; The Beauty Store by bigbasket; Parachute- Sliding Comb Challenge; Galaxy India (ER- 4.50%); Gerua (ER- over 82%); Behrouz Biryani (ER- over 4%); Kuvar Jewels (ER- almost 73%); SUGAR Cosmetics (ER- over 4%); mCaffeine (ER- almost 47%); Myntra (ER- almost 170%); LimeRoad; La Senza; Max; Vero Moda; and a dozen others turns out to be the stuff of dreams. We feel a clothing brand would be a good choice for Simran to collaborate with.

Harleen Singh - 92.1K Followers

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Harleen Singh - 92.1K Followers

Besides being a travel addict, Harleen is insanely in love with dogs (speak of being a Doggo-person), food, and is also a movie buff. Her IG profile consisting of  92.3k followers is brimming with her travel photos, and many have her posing with her furry friends.

Harleen started solo travelling when she was just 17 yrs old and has already visited more than 13 countries. She believes it is therapeutic and helps one clear their mind. We couldn’t agree more, Harleen. This thrill seeking adventurer’s bungy jump is her most engaging content at  and 44k views !   

She asks you not to worry too much about finance, but be more mindful of personal safety while travelling alone. Her belief is that you travel not to stay in luxurious hotels but to learn about a new city. 

If you are someone who loves travelling or wants to start with it, do scroll through her Instagram feed. You could even ask Harleen your travel related queries, and she will definitely answer your questions, seeing as her engagement rate is above 25.30%! What! This is one influencer who loves her followers equally back! 

This fearless influencer’s brand collaborations’ archive includes- Plum (ER- almost 15%); Thera Para Travels (ER- almost 12.50%); Nissan India (ER- over 26%); Fuschia Design Studio (ER- over 18%); Tranquil Resort (ER- over 15.50%); and others.

A travel company is the perfect brand for this adventure loving influencer to work with. Do you agree?

SaloniI Srivastava - 51.3K Followers


Saloni, known as a business coach, recently came into the limelight for her launch of the HustlePost Academy, a one-stop destination for people to learn all about side hustles.

This intelligent coach with around 52.1k Instagram followers, describes herself as a digital entrepreneur, and is looking to help people break away from their monotonous 9-5 office hours life.

Apart from this academy, Saloni has been successfully running her lifestyle based YouTube channel and an e-commerce firm. She’s a professional juggler who rarely drops one of her brands. In awe of you, Miss Saloni 🙂

Saloni’s content on her IG feed is relevant and insightful for her followers and she makes it a point to engage with them (an engagement rate of 5.37%). It’s full of infographics- one of the most powerful types of content, mentioning the self-help books to read, self-care and exercise routines and motivational quotes. Saloni’s post describing a Weekend Day in her life was her most viewed content piece with an engagement rate of almost 38.50%.

Saloni has collaborated with The Raw Factory (ER- almost 10%); Storytel IN (ER- OVER 6.50%) and volunteered at unheardindia (ER- over 13%). Saloni also delivered a speech narrating her journey as a digital entrepreneur at Tedx. With her image as an inspirational figure, the best brand to work with Saloni would be the one who wishes to inspire the world with their products.

SaloniI Srivastava - 51.3K Followers


Navya Ramesh - 196K followers

instagram influencers in bangalore

Navya Ramesh - 196K followers

One of the apex digital influencers from Bangalore with 195k IG followers, Navya has honed her art through the months. She prefers modelling as her forte and can be seen blogging about it as well. Her Instagram posts stand testimony to her offbeat modelling – a proof of which seems to be the famed Agonda beach photoshoot with the largest number of viewers. The post engaged her followers at a rate of almost 10%.

She’s the content creator at Heels On Wheels and has extensive experience in the field of fashion having worked as a brand marketer for various lifestyle, tech and fashion brands. Navya was invited to TBC, Asia held in Sri Lanka, as a hosted blogger. She was also a host at India Beach Fashion Week. These invites further cement Navya’s competence. 

Navya’s toured several beach towns and cities around the world – Goa, Halong Bay, Siem Reap, Ho Chi Minh City, Paris…..We can already imagine our readers groaning in disappointment! Aren’t we jealous enough of your globetrotting, Navya! Being a seasoned influencer, she’s aware of the need for substantial engagement with the audience, explains her ER of around 4%. 

As a social media influencer, Navya’s brand collaborations encapsulate- Khmer Kitchen India; Bodycraft Clinic; Agonda Villas (ER- almost 6%); Cinnamon Agonda; The Cape Goa (ER- over 9%); Raj Shroff (ER- over 6%); House of NM (ER- almost 4%); LaSenza India (ER- over 4%); Fort Tiracol- Terekhol Goa and Spice Traders W Goa. 

We believe a brand in the swimwear or beach vacation niche will be an apt collaborator with Navya. Any other view? We are all ears:)

Simrun Chopra - 124K Followers

social media influencers in bangalore

Simrun is a health influencer in Bangalore who wishes to help others follow a healthy lifestyle. This mommy to a lil t-rex (her words, not ours) and a certified nutritionist, suffered a health scare three months after giving birth to her kiddo. This led to her creating content in the form of health programs and nutritious recipes.

Simrun’s 125k followers greatly benefit from her knowledge. She often asks them for suggestions about the issues faced and creates her content based on the suggestions she receives. Her high engagement rate of around 4% instills confidence in their minds. She also speaks about PCOS,  a syndrome caused due to hormonal imbalances in women. 

The active social media influencer has collaborated with- Photoshoot (talking about water retention)- Priyal Bhardwaj, @vishaliashik and Tinge; Missa More, Zara and Dorothy Perkins; Jewelry- Eina Ahluwalia; Pastels And Pop, Fabindia and Pallavi Foley Official (ER- almost 5%); Reebok India (ER- 3%); and others. She even spoke with Vogue India about creating healthy snacks.

Simrun is the true celebrity of this disease and health issues ridden world. Wish there were more internautes like her. You keep moving forward, Simrun. Keep doing what you’re doing and the world will be a better place for it. Go, Simrun, go! Visualize us in the cheerleaders’ costumes please:)

We feel a wellness brand will be a “healthful” fit for Simrun. Is this an unhealthy fit of collaborators?

Simrun Chopra - 124K Followers

social media influencers in bangalore

Naved Qureshi - 67.7K Followers

top instagram influencers in bangalore

Being a father didn’t stop Naved from either maintaining his fitness or wearing tres-chic clothes. And that, dear readers, is the truth you must all put a lock on in your minds. Just because you have other important things to do, doesn’t mean you compromise on fitness or style!

Naved’s greatest loves, the three Fs- family, fitness and fashion, form the foundation on which he leads his life. This IG model and consultant with 67.8k followers is a force to reckon with. He often posts his exercise routines online which help encourage his followers to get up and start moving. His engagement rate of around 4% lets you know that this social media influencer engages his audience with posts on current topics like street harassment, fair trade, and more, which further aids in forming a connection with them.

Naved’s post where he celebrates “Doston Wali Diwali” received the highest views of around 31k! Goes on to show how much people missed celebrating the festival together this year. 

As a digital influencer, Naved’s brand collaborations cover- Heineken India (ER- over 3%); Indian Terrain and Fairtrade India (ER- 5%); Asics India (ER- over 5%); Beardo (ER- almost 12%); Garnier Men (ER- almost 6%); Banana Club (ER- over 5%); Ausum (ER- 5%); BeUnic (ER- over 6%); Social Works (ER- almost 4.50%); HungerPacks (ER- over 20%); and several other lifestyle brands.        

We believe Naved’s “fittest” choice of collaborator would be a mens’ lifestyle brand. Are you in agreement with us, Naved?

Akshaya Alshi 48.1K Followers

top influencers in bangalore

Akshaya, with 48.2k Instagram followers, has gained tremendous traction for her beauty and slick avatars. 

Alshi’s snazzy outfits and impeccable makeup make her audience fall in love with her and wait impatiently for her future posts. Her feed is the stuff of dreams and we can only ever try to reach the height that Akshaya has achieved. As they say, “Shoot for the stars and you will at least reach the moon”. 

Akshaya won acclaim at the tender age of 18 in international beauty contests and has represented India too. She believes “Content is the King”. We are 100% in accord with you here, Akshaya:) This results in the immaculately crafted posts on her social media. 

Alshi’s high engagement rate at almost 7.50% makes her one of the most persuasive digital influencers. Her latest reel shot to  Want It That Way is her most trending content with audience engagement at 25%!  

This top Instagram influencer in Bangalore has collaborated with brands such as- The Beach Company (ER- 9%); Taneira (ER- 6%); Kiran Uttam Ghosh and ffolio (ER- over 6.50%); Arabella (ER- 6%); The Coveted (ER- over 8%); Ritika Kankani (ER- almost 5%); Kromakay Salons & Academy (ER- almost 4%); Raisin (ER- over 4%); Kaya Clinic (ER- over 3.50%); SIIMA- Pantaloons (ER- 7%); Unlimited Stores; RAREISM; Hidesign; 2AM By Anjali and Meha; Lavie Bags & Shoes; Kingfisher; adidas; and hordes more. 

Alshi was the face of SIIMA held in Doha, Qatar and represented the Indian Blogger community. According to us, a premium, luxury brand would be an ideal choice for working together with Akshaya.

Akshaya Alshi 48.1K Followers

top influencers in bangalore

Rohini James - 46.7K Followers

influencers in bangalore

Rohini with 46.7k Instagram followers, is a reservoir of health and passionate about food. All those looking out to try new dishes, unsure of workout regimes or just plain bored of staying at home, check out RJ’s feed – it’s filled with amazing dishes, fitness regimes and pictures of beautiful destinations from around the world.

Starting her journey as a food writer, Rohini branched out into the health, fitness, travel and lifestyle niches. All fitness enthusiasts out there know that a proper fitness gear is as important as the exercise routine. RJ doesn’t just provide tips and routines to follow, but also advises on sporting the right workout clothes to prevent further injury or skin chafing. Her relevant content is a result of her high engagement rate of around 4% – a social media influencer who beyond a doubt cares for her followers. RJ’s post about Friendship Day which engaged her audience at almost 24%, was the most viewed with over 11k viewers! 

RJ’s feed is just the right mix of restaurants and lounges to dine at, tasty food- burger and fries, anyone?, sublime sunsets and workouts. She was also a part of the Luminox India Team for Spartan Hong Kong OCR. 

Awarded the “Top Ten Indian Fitness Blog 2018” by, you know this woman is an authority figure in the fitness industry. 

RJ has collaborated with numerous brands some of which are- 7 Rivers Brewing Community (ER- 0VER 4.50%);  Godrej Protekt (ER- over 10.50%); Ocean Spray (ER- 4%); Aashirvaad Atta (ER- over 9.50%); Flynote (ER- 4%); Timios (ER- over 4.50%); Swiggy (ER- over 4.50%); Magnolia Bakery India (ER- 4.50%); Akshayakalpa- Lactose Free Cow Milk (ER- over 3%); Xtep India (ER- almost 18%); Total Health- Anjali Mukherjee (ER- over 3.50%);  purplebasil (ER- over 3%); Kica Activewear (ER- over 3%); Aloft Bengaluru (ER- over 3.50%); Nilgiris Stores (ER- over 17%); Sheraton Bengaluru; Rejuve Spa- The Lalit Bangalore; Daniel Wellington; Brik Oven (Pizzas! Sangrias!); F45 Training Indira Nagar. 

Seeing her proficiency in the fitness domain, we believe a health and fitness brand would be a “strapping” collaborator for RJ to work with. What do you, dear readers, feel?

It’s clear that the social scene is booming in the city, especially the fashion and lifestyle niches. With no surprise, fitness influencers are a part of this mix. These influencers in Bangalore are only going to see an increase in the demand for their services. Brands need to keep an eye out for them in order to avail the advantages they provide over the traditional marketing channels. 

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We, at Confluencr, have built a community of social media influencers in Bangalore and around. We operate with an aim to tell your story to the right audience with appropriate influencer tie-up to reach the highest possible potential. Should you find yourself with any questions regarding this blog or are a brand looking to collaborate with the ‘right’ digital influencer, we would love to hear from you at

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