Top 10 Instagram Influencers In Bangalore

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That’s exactly what social media influencers from Banglore are, trying to make their mark in this ever-expanding digital space. Bangalore, one of the metropolitan cities of India, is famous for being the IT hub, its nightlife and of course as the “City of Gardens”. The city has a cosmopolitan crowd comprising mainly youngsters working in the IT sector. As a result, the city has people from all over the country living there. With a setup like this, it comes as no surprise that there has been a rise in digital influencers in Bangalore, what with the youth increasingly conscious of their health, fashion, travel, and of course – all things techno.

Let us look at some of the top 10 Instagram influencers in Bangalore:

With an enchanting social media presence among many Bangalore Influencers, Akshaya has gained tremendous traction for her beauty and slick avatars. 

Akshaya’s snazzy outfits and impeccable makeup make her audience fall in love with her and wait impatiently for her future posts. Her feed is the stuff of dreams, and we can only ever try to reach the height that Akshaya has achieved, being one of the top influencers in Bangalore. As they say, “Shoot for the stars, and you will at least reach the moon”.   

She has won acclaim at the tender age of 18 in international beauty contests and has represented India. In the same way, she believes “Content is the King”. We are 100% in accord with you here, Akshaya 🙂 This results in the immaculately crafted posts on her social media. 

This top Banglore Instagram influencer’s high engagement rate makes her one of the most persuasive digital influencers. In the world of fashion, Akshaya is a luminary in the industry, and has seamlessly integrated her creative prowess with some of the most prominent brands. Thus, featuring on diverse websites and Instagram pages, she has fostered collaborations with renowned brands, contributing to editorials and engaging in social partnerships. 

Hence, Akshaya was nominated for Influential Personalities ‘30 UNDER 30’ by United Business Journal. She was the face of SIIMA held in Doha, Qatar, and represented the Indian Blogger community. According to us, a premium luxury brand would be an ideal choice for working together with this influencer from Bangalore.

With a wit beyond comparison, Kenny Sebastian a Bangalore-based influencer, through his hilarious sketches and snippets of stand-up comedy has fancied himself a huge (and we mean HUGE) social media following and has garnered an engagement rate of around 6% which keeps his followers happy.

Moving between Mumbai and Bangalore, he has created a niche for himself as one the biggest English-based comedians in the country. Not just through his wise-cracking stand-up comedy, he has garnered a loyal fan base through his incredible music covers, relatable sketches, and hilariously narrated specials as well. He has a unique way of fusing his love for music and comedy in his videos. Which, we believe, adds an extra star to his amazing content

Other than his stand-up specials ‘Don’t be That Guy’ on Amazon Prime and ‘The Most Interesting Person in the Room’ on Netflix, he has also dabbled in a plethora of things, he first rose to fame through his YouTube video ‘Middle-Class Restaurant Problems’ and the series, ‘Chai time with Kenny’, he has co-written and acted in ‘Sketchy Behaviour’ with Kanan Gill (a fellow Bangalore influencer BTW). 

Through his influential growth and exceptional work, he has had the opportunity to work with several brands like Samsung India, Indie Habitat, Youtube India, McDonald’s India, Aisle Network, Even Healthcare, Hilton Hotels, and others. 

Brands that have a voice and want to be the topic of conversation would have the most fun with Kenny because he is always the most interesting person in the room.

A comedic duo, who have been ruling the Bangalore scenes since FOREVER. They have been dominating Bangalore’s top Influencers list for a long time (We’d say they are the OGs of the influencer world). Vineeth ‘Beep’ Kumar and Naser Al Azzeh a.k.a The Jordindian have a huge following of fans who have been loving their sketch comedies dedicatedly. 

They rose to fame with their music video ‘Smoke Shisha Play FIFA’ has been their greatest hit. Their content mostly consists of clever sketches, hysterical parodies, and satirical music videos that showcase their comedy prowess. Duo has managed to exhibit their chemistry through humour, and the camaraderie has just added more spice to its existing hilarious content. 

Jordindian as a duo has stood out when connecting with their followers, not just on social media, they are known to go beyond and show the process of their videos, to connect with followers. 

In this evolving scene of Bangalore-based influencers, Jordanians have been the constant favourites of the people. Through their humour and a generous number of followers, they are not going anywhere and are here to influence for a long time.

Hilarious duo has worked with a lot of people, and their brand collaborations include, iPlanet, Honda 2-wheelers, Beepkart, Sprite India, Confirmtkt, Bombay Shaving Company, and others.

Simrun is a health and fitness influencer in Bangalore who wishes to help others follow a healthy lifestyle. A mommy, to Lil T-rex and a certified nutritionist, suffered a health scare three months after giving birth to her kiddo. This led to her creating content in health programs and nutritious recipes.

Thus, Simrun’s immense following on Instagram greatly benefit from her knowledge. Often she asks them for suggestions about the issues faced and creates her content based on the requests she receives. Her high engagement rate instils confidence in their minds. She also speaks about PCOS, a syndrome caused by hormonal imbalances in women. 

As an active social media influencer from Bangalore has collaborated with Photoshoot (talking about water retention) – Priyal Bhardwaj, @vishaliashik and Tinge, Missa More, Zara, and Dorothy Perkins, Jewelry – Eina Ahluwalia, Pastels And Pop, Fabindia and Pallavi Foley Official, Reebok India, and others. She even spoke with Vogue India about creating healthy snacks.

Chopra is the actual celebrity of this disease and health issues-ridden world. You keep moving forward, Simrun. Keep doing what you’re doing, and the world will be a better place. Go, Simrun, go! Visualize us in the cheerleaders’ costumes, please:)

Vani Murthy a.k.a @wormrani, is a megastar in the world of sustainable living. Wormrani is a visionary and a founding member of @swmrtblr. With an extreme passion for composting, urban farming, and embracing a low-waste lifestyle, Vani uses her platform to inspire and educate people. 

Vani’s expertise is boasted through her significant number of followers and also through her engaging content. She believes in creating a community and inspiring others to join the cause and definitely encourages others to live a sustainable life and share their journey of sustainable living. 

On her social media, she posts a lot of ‘How to’s’ and ‘Why to’s’ when it’s about composting and sustainable practices. And her huge number of followers have benefitted very well from her knowledge.

Through her dedication to environmental causes, she has encouraged people to accept sustainable practices, especially the youth of the country who are curious about these practices. 

A catalyst for positive change, she has collaborated with influencers like Plog Man of India, Brands, and Organizations like Himalaya Wellness, Udhyam Learning Foundation, Project Mathura, Praacheen Vidhan, and others.

Ariya Hegde made a space for herself in the world of influencers through her style, beauty, and captivating lifestyle, and has managed to captivate the hearts of her followers by blending trends and presenting them with finesse

As one of the top influencers in Bangalore, Ariya has learned the trick to engage her followers with her impeccable style and unique approach towards presenting her content and fashioned a large following on Instagram. 

She is a role model for thousands of women in lifestyle, fashion, and style. The creative bone in her has brought out very unique concepts of presentation. Through her beauty hacks, styling videos, and self-care videos she has curated her amazing content (we are blown by the creativity so brilliant). 

As one of the top Instagram influencers in Bangalore, her content attracts a diverse bunch of audience. She is a trendsetter in her own unique way.  While proving that fashion is not just about clothes, but about confidence in how you carry yourself, she is redefining the standards of influencers every day.

Style icon’s brand collaboratives include Being Human, Cadiveu India, Simple Skincare, Xnara Health, Love Beauty & Planet, Renee, Chetak, and more

Priyanka Jain is a pretty famous influencer in Bangalore, with a huge following on Instagram. She is a model, content creator, TEDx speaker, and influencer. Through her fashion and lifestyle content, she has made her place known in this market. 

As a model, she was one of the Top 13 Miss Diva finalists. With her Instagram, she showcases her style and fashion trends. Known for her style and personality, she is famous among Instagram and Snapchat users. 

Her love for travel and taking her followers on the journey with her through Instagram reels and pictures has been a hit with her followers. With fascinating visuals and engaging content, she adds an extra oomph to her videos. As one of the top influencers in Bangalore, Priyanka stands out with her style and sophistication. 

Priyanka’s collaborations include brands like L’oreal Paris, Oppo, Schwarzkopf, Lulu and Sky, Olivia Clinics, Urbanic India, Nilkamal Sleep, and others.

One of the apex digital Instagram influencers in Bangalore with an ever-growing IG following, Navya has honed her art through the months. She prefers modelling as her forte and can be seen blogging about it. Her Instagram posts stand testimony to her offbeat modelling – proof of which seems to be the famed Agonda beach photo shoot with the most significant number of viewers. 

She’s the content creator at Heels On Wheels and has extensive experience in the field of fashion, having worked as a brand marketer for various lifestyle, tech, and fashion brands. Navya was invited to TBC, Asia held in Sri Lanka, as a hosted blogger. She was also a host at India Beach Fashion Week. These invites further cement Navya’s competence. 

Navya’s toured several beach towns and cities worldwide – Goa, Halong Bay, Siem Reap, Ho Chi Minh City, and Paris. We can already imagine our readers groaning in disappointment! Aren’t we jealous enough of your globetrotting, Navya! Being a seasoned influencer, she’s aware of the need for substantial engagement with the audience.

As a social media influencer, Navya’s brand collaborations encapsulate – Khmer Kitchen India, Bodycraft Clinic, Agonda Villas, Cinnamon Agonda, The Cape Goa, Raj Shroff, House of NM, LaSenza India, Fort Tiracol – Terekhol Goa and Spice Traders W Goa. 

We believe a brand in the swimwear or beach vacation niche will be an apt collaborator with Navya. Any other view? We are all ears. 🙂

Kanan Gill is a wizard in the art of stand-up comedy who has mastered keeping his audience engaged. A Software Engineer turned Stand-up comedian rose to fame through his YouTube series “Pretentious Movie Reviews”. He has achieved a substantial and loyal base of followers through his comedy. 

Kanan as a brilliant storyteller has narrated his original stand-up pieces ‘Keep it Real’ and ‘Yours, Sincerely’ and garnered applause from people.

Apart from his stand-up comedy, Kanan has also been a part of Bollywood projects like, ‘Noor’ alongside Sonakshi Sinha. And recently was a lead in a Netflix original Norwegian film ‘Christmas as Usual’. He was also part of a mini YouTube series ‘Better Life Foundation’ by Them Boxer Shorts Productions and was a judge on Comicstaan. His talents are not limited to acting and stand-up, he has also directed and produced content for fellow stand-up comedians(talk about being multi-talented).

Kanan’s content on Instagram majorly consists of snippets of his VERY relatable stand-up videos, heartfelt stories, and life updates that his followers enjoy.

The content king has a list of brand collaborations with brands like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Harper Collins, Content Collaboration with Mooz Graffiti and so many more.

Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill.

Besides being a travel addict, Harleen is insanely in love with dogs (speak of being a Doggo-person), food, and is also a movie buff. Her IG profile runs over a mind-blowing following, brimming with her travel photos, and many have her posing with her furry friends.

Harleen started solo travelling when she was just 17 years old and has already visited several countries. Believing that it is therapeutic and helps one clear their mind. We couldn’t agree more, Harleen! This thrill-seeking adventurer’s Bunjee jump is her most engaging content at an immense views rate, and asks you not to worry too much about finances but to be more mindful of personal safety while travelling alone. She believes that you travel not to stay in luxurious hotels but to learn about a new city. 

If you love travelling or want to start with it, scroll through her Instagram feed. You could even ask Harleen your travel-related queries, and she will answer your questions, What! This is one influencer who loves her followers equally back! 

This fearless Instagram influencer’s brand collaborations archive includes – Plum, Thera Para Travels, Nissan India, Fuschia Design Studio, Tranquil Resort, and others.

The social scene is booming in the city, especially the fashion and lifestyle niches. With no surprise, fitness influencers are a part of this mix. These influencers in Bangalore will only see an increase in the demand for their services. Brands need to keep an eye out for them to avail the advantages of Instagram influencer marketing over the traditional marketing channels.

As per a study conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub-

These studies only show the importance of Influencer Marketing and how leveraging the engagement and reach of the top Instagram influencers can help catapult a brand’s popularity.

We, at Confluencr, have built a community of social media influencers in Bangalore and around. We operate intending to tell your story to the right audience in the right region with appropriate influencer tie-up to reach the highest possible potential. Should you find yourself with any questions regarding this blog or are a brand looking to collaborate with the ‘right’ digital influencer, we would love to hear from you at [email protected].

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