Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Chennai

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“Social media is the ultimate equaliser. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”- Amy Jo Martin
(Founder and CEO, Digital Royalty)

Chennai is known as the “Gateway to South India”. It has a rich cultural scene – the glitz and glamour of Kollywood and the classical dance Bharatanatyam. Chennaiites love their Kollywood stars. 

And just as they love their influencers too! Influencers from all across India have risen to prominence on social media platforms, voicing their opinions, engaging their followers, and building credibility for brands. And so we bring you the top 10 Instagram influencers in Chennai that can be a perfect fit for your next collaboration.

Let us look at the list of top 10 Instagram influencers in Chennai that show us how it's all done with culture and style.

Niharika, who engages with her followers at around a rate of 4%, is one of the top Instagram influencers in Chennai, with a huge number of followers on her Instagram handle. 

Every next video is more hilarious than the previous one. How she manages to create such entertaining content is a mystery. Your followers want to know the secret behind it, Niharika! Her sarcastic delivery of dialogue will have you in stitches. 

This Instagram influencer has partnered up with the Dunzo delivery app, OkCupid and Gillette Venus India. Some media publications where she has been featured are Bangalore Times, DNA and Indian Express. Her brand collaborations include – Netflix India, Whisper India, Sprite India.

This Instagram influencer from Chennai has been lauded as one of YouTube’s Creators of Change. She spoke about her journey at TEDx, which was independently organized by a local community AmritaUBangalore. You can check out her video to gain insights and be inspired to do your bit. 

If we are asked which kind of brand should Niharika collaborate with, we will say any! She can even sell sand in the desert! Why restrict her to just one particular brand? Do you agree with us?

With an audience engagement rate of around 6.5%, Mabu has made a name for himself with relatable comedy. This top influencer from Chennai has garnered a large amount of followers with his Instagram account. His comedy is one hilariously relatable video after another

His comedy is so relatable to his followers that it has made him popular and his account is growing every day! Hmm… we wonder why? 

Well according to us, Mabu is an entertainer through and through

This Tamil Influencer has collaborated with Dimaak Tours, Apps Store Chennai, Focus Menswear and Metro Gadgetz.
Not just an influencer from Chennai, Mabu has also started his YouTube account and starred in his own web series “Life of Middle Class”. On his YouTube channel, he uploads vlogs about his travel and life experiences and his videos are gaining a lot of attention from people.

We believe Mabu would be a great fit for the brands that want to connect with their audience through relatable content, with a hint of comedy.  Don’t you think so too?

A television artist, an Emcee, an artist, there is nothing this Tamil influencer can’t do. Imagine being loved locally and by the folks on social media, that’s exactly what Farnia’s social media account looks like. Farina’s Instagram is full of celebrity collaborations, fashion photoshoots and are fun lifestyle. And all of this content is loved by her followers. 

This Chennai-based influencer has her followers thoroughly entertained through her posts with celebrities, BTS from shoots, snippets of shows she hosts and so much more. Every post is more fun than the other, there is no end, making her followers wait for more. 

Farina has collaborated with a lot of local and country-wide brands and artists, – including Aarthy Hair & Makeup, JCS Jewels creation, The Chennai Mobiles, Gold Winner and others. 

With an engagement rate of around 2%, Farina likes to engage with her followers. We mean, is it a wonder that Farina is one of Chennai’s favourite Influencers?

In our humble opinion, Farina would do wonders for any brand that comes her way. She is a fan favourite of many!

A Journalist by profession, Gobinath popularly known as “Neeya Naana Gopinath” is one of the most celebrated Anchors in the Tamil Film and Television Industry. 

He has written more than five books throughout his career. And has bagged many awards as a Talk Show Host. But with an engagement rate of around 4%, he has become pretty famous on his social media as well. 

Be it his snappy Interview snippets, be it pictures with A list of celebrities (We mean Rajanikanth, guys!), or BTS of Award show interactions, Gobinath has his followers in a grip. We mean who doesn’t like to know a little more about their favourite celebrities?

In the recent years of his career, Gobinath has worked with networks such as Star Sports Tamil. And has partnered with Namma Pathys for a campaign to distribute free books.

Gobinath has a YouTube channel where he hosts his travel show and talks about his experiences. His videos are popular and are garnering a lot of views. 

We believe Gobinath can collaborate with any brand and turn it into gold!!

Another versatile Instagram Influencer in Chennai with acting, dancing and writing skills packed into one is Kumaran Thangarajan. A professional dancer turned actor, and with all this talent that makes him a fan favourite, he is also seen writing heartfelt letters to his fans through his Instagram. 

His Instagram feed is great a testament to his acting prowess. Through this platform, he shares his Movie and TV show posters, his dancing abilities and something we love, his gym videos!

Kumaran first rose to fame through Tamil TV shows and became a common name among the people.

His followers are never short of showering him with praise. No wonder he is so loved. 

We believe any brand would do wonders collaborating with Kumaran, we mean why stick to one brand when he has so much talent?

A speech pathologist, actress, and social media influencer whose infectious positivity radiates through her content, Deepika has been gaining a lot of love and attention from her followers. With a booming engagement rate of 17% she for sure loves to interact with her Instagram followers. 

Her Instagram profile radiates positivity and spreads joy through her content. Be it feature videos, magazine cover shoots and most recently a profile full of her wedding videos, everything she uploads is getting only love. 

Deepika has been on the cover of Tamil Magazines like She India and had a feature in Chennai Times with her husband during her wedding. And has worked on amazing collaborations with brands – iQoo India, and Bespoke.Dhishya, Heavy Metal Clothing, Tamara Chennai, Label Vastara, Pothys, and many others. 

Deepika has partnered with some other actors for “Its Okay Girl” a campaign for gender equality. 

We believe Deepika would be great for brands that deal in traditional wear as she pulls them with panache.




A Doctor turned Actress, Model, Dancer and multi-talented creator, Aditi’s feed leaves you in complete awe. From her mesmerising dance performances to powerful and heart-felt reels of her acting prowess, her feed is a full treasure trope of talent that makes you want to go back again and again.

Did you know Aditi recently won Best Actress Debutant (Tamil) by SIIMA awards? We mean talk about the abundance of talent!!

Aditi has collaborated with brands like The Chennai Silks, Saregama Tamil, Anlon Art Salon and so many others. 

We are sure she is loved as an actor, but with an engagement rate of around 13%, she is clearly her followers’ favourite on Instagram as well.
Do you think the best brand to collaborate with her would be a clothing brand specializing in traditional attires? Just look at her feed, she rocks them like a superstar!



An Indian Model and actor, Arthi is living the dream! She is doing it all, travelling, fashion, makeup, lifestyle, at this point we don’t know if there is something she can’t do! From creating beautifully curated fashion posts to uploading GWRM to the most soulful music. From travelling the world to hitting the gym without getting tired. Arthi has got her social media game on point. 

This Tamil influencer in Chennai is a fan favourite. With an engagement rate of around 2%, she enjoys interacting with her followers through her social media. 

Even though Arthi’s Instagram feed is beautiful, to begin with, she has also collaborated with brands like GT holidays, TVS Emerald, Kkix Customs, Zero Gravity Photography, Nykaa and many others brands and has made it so much better. 

Brands with the idea of mixing fashion with travel would be ideal to collaborate with Arthi, mostly because we are in love with those gorgeous pictures!





This Tamil Influencer on Instagram is an actor, content creator and a yogini. And her social media feed is so beautifully created that it will instantly make you calm.

We should definitely take inspiration from Pradaini for her mental wellness and healthy living. The beautifully captured photos and videos of her travel days are a sight to see. Her beautifully curated fashion reels and reels influenced by yoga are so refreshing to watch. 

She has worked with brands like Lila Colours, Myntra, Honda Car India, Dyson India, Avira Diamonds, Peptide Therapy, Aquaguard and so many more!

We think health and wellness brands that believe in sustainable living would work super well with Pradaini.


Subhiksha is a True-Blue South Indian and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Her Instagram account is a treasure box of mesmerizing sarees, kurta sets paired with just the right amount of earrings or necklaces and sunglasses. 

Just head on over to this Instagram influencer’s feed to prepare your shopping list from several stores, right from Les vêtements to sling bags or purses and footwear. 

Convert your saree into a crop top and skirt. This gives a new life to something old and reduces wastage. Sustainable fashion for the win! 

Also, who wouldn’t want to wear their mum’s old sarees? A total foodie at heart, Subhiksha’s a coffee lover too. She loves her filter coffee. 

Anyone wishing to go on a vacation? Confused about where to head next? Virtual tours are available on her feed. 

This Instagram influencer’s engagement rate of over 5% is one of the reasons brands love to collaborate with Subhiksha. Her collaborations include – Titan Eyeplus, Colgate India, Dish-Yum, Much Love, Charles & Keith and Noor Sarees, KALKI Fashion, Morris Garages India, mCaffeine, Amazon Karigar, and a lot of other brands.

A clothing brand specializing in sarees should consider tying up with Subhiksha for a collaboration project. It would be a big hit with the audience, trust us!

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As the most significant influencer marketing company, we have profiled the top Instagram influencers in Chennai and other cities to ensure your “date” goes well. We don’t like to brag, but we like to think of us as Cupids in this respect, hitting the arrow right where it needs to be for both parties. So shoot us an email at [email protected] if you think you need master ‘Influencer’ matchmakers.

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