Top 10 Instagram Fashion Influencers In Delhi

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“Influencers present fashion in a way that is accessible to followers. They bring authenticity to brand collaborations that, if done well, encourage their followers to purchase. They also often start trends through their own personal fashion, which spurs the consumption of those items for a period of time.”- Luke Meagher
(Founder and Creator @hautelemode)

Influencer marketing has become an important aspect of the marketing mix for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. In fact, influencer marketing aided in a significant 18% rise in sales for fashion and lifestyle brands in the year 2019-2020. Fashion influencers have played a prominent role in making brands succeed, through their quality content revolving around fashion. Fashion influencers, through their mesmerising, yet easy to implement looks, have hooked their audience in believing that they too can try being fashionable, thus accelerating the consumption of fashion items and accessories. 

Seeing the glorious impact of influencer marketing in the fashion industry, brands are on a constant lookout for fashion influencers, that are capable of starting a unique fashion trend thus captivating their target audience into buying their recommendations. Understanding the need for brands to collaborate with the right fashion influencers, Let’s take a look at some of the best fashion influencers – from the “dilwaalon ka sheher” Delhi.

Here’s a list of top 10 fashion influencers on Instagram, hailing from Delhi that are creating ripples in the world of Influencers Marketing:

This talented makeup influencer from Delhi is a content creator with 132k followers on Instagram.

Ishani loves fashion, dancing and fitness. The makeup routines uploaded by her are a delight to watch, and we dig them! They are a source of inspiration for thousands of her followers. No wonder her “2 Ways to do a cat eyeliner” video was her most engaging video at over 398k with an engagement rate of almost 300%! Do check out her Halloween inspired looks for some chills! Keep inspiring us, Ishani!   

Ishani’s posts about behind the scenes of her makeup tutorials offer technical knowledge for her fans – how to edit your makeup tutorials, what to include in them, and tons of other essential tips are the outcome of her high engagement rate of almost 7%. She understands what her fans would like to know and wishes to help them out in their journey of becoming an artist themselves. After all, Ishani believes that – “one must work hard to end up where they wish to reach”. This sort of constructive guidance is very rarely found in today’s world!

Being a mega influencer, Ishani has collaborated with Oriflame India (ER – almost 15%); Océglōw (ER – almost 10%); Lakme India (ER – almost 25%); Maybelline (ER – over 18%); Meredith Luxury (ER – 12%); Zara and H&M (ER – almost 35%); Sadhev (ER – almost 11.50%); mCaffeine (ER – almost 5.50%); Olay India (ER – over 4%); Plum BodyLovin’ (ER – over 32%); Wella India (ER – over 25%); SUGAR Cosmetics (ER – over 13%); Neutrogena India (ER – over 25%); and countless other brands. 

Ishani’s diet posts will most assuredly prevail upon you to start eating healthy too! As she is a beautiful star, we believe a makeup brand would “look” impeccable as her partner!

The grooming groundbreaking influencer isn’t afraid to voice out his opinions or the fact that he uses makeup. Neither does he care for the mockery thrown his way! The guy has enough swag to pull off a ludo board game print! He takes the negative criticism while dancing about in his crazy pants. 

Sid, loved by his 231k fans, doesn’t shy away from trying out face masks. He even posts his thoughts on them, informing us about the various homemade masks he has tried. His “Beauty Basics” episodes on Instagram are a huge hit where he provides tips on how men can apply makeup. Looking at his skin, you know you will receive nothing but the best insights from him. 

Sid’s high engagement rate at over 20% results in him posting content relevant to his followers. The guy is made of pure gold! His “Bond” video shot with Komal Pandey was his most engaging content at over 820%, reaching nearly a million views! 

Several brands for collaborations have approached this fierce Instagram fashion influencer from Delhi – Dior Parfums; Ralph Lauren; Gucci; Burberry; Uniqlo (ER – almost 200%); Louboutin; H&M (ER – over 230%); SocialGOAT (ER – over 340%); Phy – For Men (ER – over 425%); Maybelline (ER – almost 380%); and several others.

Sid’s media features include – HTbrunch Magazine; Times Life; Femina India; Cosmopolitan India. He has even styled celebrities like Sidharth Malhotra, Sushant Singh Rajput, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Saif Ali Khan, etc. Seeing how he considers grooming an essential self-care routine, we believe a men’s grooming brand would be a great match to collaborate with this Instagram fashion influencer.

P.S.: Watch out for posts featuring his grandfather. They are too cute to ignore!

Komal is one of the first personalities to pop up when you hear the words – “Delhi” and “Fashion”. She has established herself as one of the style icons not just there but pan India. It isn’t shocking that she boasts a following of 1.6 mn followers!

This famous beauty and fashion influencer have always been interested in the world of glamour, ever since she was a kid. She used to post her outfits with #Lookoftheday on her social media accounts, following which her friends encouraged her to set up her venture.

Komal’s talent was appreciated by POPxo, who offered her a stint as a comedy and beauty video coordinator. She quit after working for a year and a half to establish her YouTube channel.

This Instagram fashion influencer has received accolades for her cheeky curations and doesn’t give up, even though she has faced allegations of going under the knife. Her account is like a fashion show featuring various looks and accessories. Quite a few of Komal’s posts have crossed a million views, but the one we believe was the most impactful is where she has spoken about “Normalizing showing off the skin” with an engagement rate of over 100%. Most women face a severe issue as they are more often shamed for it. Kudos to Komal for having the courage to speak up on this sensitive issue. Her audience engagement rate, too, is high at around 10%.

Brands that have collaborated with this fashion influencer include Nish Hair Extensions (ER – over 8%); Olay India (ER – over 4%); Aisha Rao and Amama (ER – almost 51%); Torani (ER – over 20%); L’Occitane India and Guess (ER – nearly 9%); Amazon Fashion India (ER – almost 70%); S&N by Shantanu and Nikhil (ER – almost 12%); Rishi & Vibhuti (ER – nearly 12%); Kalakaari (ER – over 13%); House of Masaba; H&M; Forever21; Zara and so many more.

Komal won the “Popular Choice Best Fashion Blogger (Female)” at Cosmopolitan India Bloggers Award 2019. We believe a risque fashion label would be a spunky collaboration for this fashion influencer.

Another influencer whose name crops up often when it comes to la mode in Delhi is Cherry. She’s a video content creator featuring fashion, DIYs and her crazy life. Cherry was a video coordinator by POPxo and featured in quite a few videos alongside Komal. You all unquestionably remember those crazy videos. It was impossible to scroll through your Facebook feed without coming across their faces!

We love this fashion influencer’s posts highlighting draping ideas, how to accessorize your outfits as well as Amazon recommendations. Her “3 PRINTS, 3 STYLES” video of draping sarees engaged 271k viewers at a rate of 143%! 

Over the years, Cherry has polished her knowledge, and we are the lucky ones to benefit from it. A huge thank you to this fashion influencer from Delhi for encouraging and educating us on the nuances of styling. Cherry is adored by her followers, with whom she engages at an almost 4% engagement rate, asking for their views on her OOTD. She has set up her line, Damera. 

As an influencer, Cherry has collaborated with Ashna Pahwa (ER – over 5.50%); Oriflame India (ER – 22.50%); Sephora India; Aldo (ER – almost 4%); BIBA (ER – over 20%); FabAlley, WANDERLUST by Sahiba, The Glam Shell and Zaful (ER – over 136%); Vivo India (ER – almost 30%); Zara; SheIn; Forever21; Splash India; Feel Mighty, Knick Knack Nook, Google home, Santé and numerous other brands.

We believe Cherry would add some life to the marketing strategies of a lifestyle brand.

The 518k admirers of Sukriti on Instagram are a testimony to this immensely talented fashion influencer.

This former RJ is a keen observer of the daily activities, a trait reflected in her posts and videos, which are relatable to us all. A peek at her Instagram feed, or YouTube channel will tell you that. We bet that while watching them, you will be murmuring, “Oh my God! This has happened to me too!” Don’t just take us at face value; check them out! 

Sukriti makes it a point to engage her audience at almost 8%, not just by posting relatable content but also by asking them to comment their views on her posts. No wonder her post on ‘period’ engaged her 826k viewers engaging at over 240%!

As an influencer, Sukriti has partnered with many brands, and the best thing about those collaborations is the way she has linked the brand’s offering with real-life experiences. Few cases in point – Sukriti spoke how food is love for OkCupid India (ER – almost 3%); Impersonated a PT teacher for the Chhalaang series on Amazon Prime (ER – 4.40%); A desi mom’s Diwali product haul video for iDiva India (ER – over 19%) and more. 

This fashion influencer from Delhi is akin to water in the sense that she takes the form of the container she’s put in. We believe that since she’s such a pliable person, any brand falling in any niche would be a “facile” fit for her.

This fashion influencer from Delhi, with a battalion of 732k Instagram followers and an engagement rate of 20%, has worked with a plethora of brands as their content creator and social media manager has a strong background in content creation.

Vishnu loves prints, especially floral, and believes in dressing up, even if your work environment is casual. Take note, everyone, always be well-dressed; your clothes mustn’t look wrinkled. Your dressing sense exhibits your personality – make sure it comes across as agreeable.

Vishnu can go from “I’m crazy” to “I’m the most innocent guy” in a snap! We love both your avatars, Vishnu! Keep making such funny, charismatic posts, and we promise your battalion will only grow. This humorist doesn’t joke around when it comes to fitness – he set up a 30-day challenge for himself, documenting each day as it went. This unedited video made us realize that staying fit is challenging but essential. This is why he is also the best Instagram fitness influencer in Delhi. 

Vishnu’s most viral post has been the one where he talks about “The most irritating question of 2020 – How has quarantine treated you? What have you learnt about yourself?” gleaning 1.5 mn views and engaging his followers at almost 400%! 

Vishnu’s brand collaborations include – Ambrane India (ER – almost 50%); Nykaa Man (ER – 53%); Chhalaang series on Amazon Prime (ER – over 100%); Alexa on Amazon India Contest Alert (ER – over 113%); OnePlus India (ER – over 80%); Center fresh India Contest Alert (ER – over 62%); Lenskart (ER – over 55%); and various more.

Seeing as Vishnu loves to deck up in smart clothes, we deem a lifestyle brand with a fun, quirky feel would be the most “apt” partner for this Instagram fashion influencer.

Manveen, a makeup artist and bridal stylist from Delhi, has made a name for herself in the industry with almost 319k dedicated IG followers. Manveen has also set up an academy offering various professional makeup and styling courses which have trained over 2000 students.

Manveen’s clients often feel conscious about their features. She assures them that they need not feel so and cites her imperfections as a way to make them feel comfortable in their skin. Winner of the “Fastest Growing Makeup Studio in North India” and “Legend of Makeup Industry”, this Instagram beauty influencer has decked up over 6000 brides. 

Manveen uploads tutorial videos, which are a massive help for learning simple makeup tricks. She often asks her followers to mention what they carry in their bridal potlis, engaging with them at almost 4%. Her HD bridal makeup of Simran, one of her clients, engaged her fans at over 295% with 546k views!

This star MUA has collaborated with Gun may Impressions Diamond Hub and The Silverdene Luxury. We believe a cosmetics brand would make the perfect “client” as Manveen’s collaborator.

This Instagrammer with 503k followers embodies a dynamite sized proficiency in les vetements. Niharika posts many “How to” videos explaining the right kind of poses, photography tips, makeup tricks, props usage and loads more. This ensures a high engagement (almost 9%) with her followers, who adore her elegant looks and the tutorials. 

The ‘Whisper unboxing’ was her most engaging video at almost 165%, with 704k views! This thoughtful fashion influencer in Delhi has collaborated with – Nude makeup looks using Nykaa, Faces Canada, Maybelline, SUGAR Cosmetics, Colorbar Cosmetics, Blue Heaven Cosmetics, Plum, wet n wild beauty and ColourPop Cosmetics (ER – over 29%); Nykaa Haul – The Body Shop India, VLCC India, Streax Professional and PROLIXR (ER – almost 21%); Posing ideas wearing – AJIO and Lulu & Sky (ER – over 41%); Created 4 different looks using CLOSET Hues, Tata CliQ, Miniso India, Lavie Bags & Shoes and twirlLabelbyMuskan (ER – over 22%); Vivo India (ER – over 6%); Made For Her Label (ER – almost 5.50%); Myntra (ER – over 58%); and a lot more which makes her one of the best Instagram fashion influencers in Delhi.    

Niharika’s media features include Bgs Raw Media, New Indian Express, Mindgrad University, Storiyaan, Eat My News and several other publications. We think a lifestyle brand would be an excellent “OOTD” for her.

This kudi from Delhi has floored the people with her impeccable pictures and ensembles on Instagram. Her 1.5 mn followers on Instagram stand testimony to this.

Check out Kritika’sthis fashion influencer’s feed for drool-worthy get-ups and that bohemian jewellery! You wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from stealing those! 

Apart from posting about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Kritika has also collaborated with L’Oreal Paris to raise awareness about public harassment faced by women. If these stars raise their voices, we believe people will sit up and take notice, don’t we?

Unsure of what to wear for a festive occasion? Just take a look at Kritika’s 24 positive outfit ideas! We gamble; you would find tons of outfits to fall in love with! This girl is lit! Kritika loves interacting with her followers at an almost 6% engagement rate and posts her questions and replies to them! The post with Kritika and her sister dancing garnered the most engagement at almost 44% with over 436k views! Who doesn’t love watching siblings act goofily!

Kritika’s collaborations include brands such as DateTheRamp (ER – almost 3%); Events by Sahiba and Pretty Little Thing (ER – 11%); Jewelry from Reeti Arneja and Lehenga from Kohar by Kanika (ER – 39%); Myntra (ER – almost 6%); Amama (ER – over 18%); Faabiiana (ER – over 7%); Zara and MyGlamm (ER – nearly 7.50%); and others. 

Thatbohogirl’s press mentions include India Today, 104.8 FM, NewsX, B&B Magazine, and others. Seeing as how Kritika loves the boho style, we believe a bohemian lifestyle brand would be an ideal “free-spirited” cohort for her!

Kusha is one of the top female influencers in India, with 2.3 mn followers on Instagram. She first gained popularity for her fictional character, Billi Maasi and parodies of South Delhi girls. Kusha’s videos are a riot and you wouldn’t be able to keep yourself from laughing out loud. Her video on her first waxing experience was the highest viewed at 3.6 mn engaging her fans at over 240%! Her overall engagement rate stands at 10%

Anyone aware of the Indian pop culture would recognize Kusha instantly. She has appeared on a show with Kareena Kapoor titled “What Woman Want” and has collaborated with several Bollywood stars like Karan Johar, Vicky Kaushal, Sonam Kapoor and more. 

Kusha’s recent video where she speaks about the transformations she is going through, the upheavals which have left her disoriented and unsure, is full of sane advice and relatable. All of us have felt that we are either stuck or have been typecast. These meaningful posts apart from her niche make her seem human to us!

Kusha even hosted a Q&A session for small, local lifestyle brands to help with influencer marketing efforts. An authentic influencer at work here! Being a former fashion writer herself, this fashion influencer from Delhi believes content is the foundation for an influencer’s success. This is a valuable piece of advice for future content creators. Keep your content relevant and consistent. Kusha has partnered with brands such as Amazon Echo (ER – almost 43%); Closeup (ER – nearly 30%); Manish Malhotra World (ER – nearly 7%); Lifebuoy India (ER – nearly 5%); Palmolive India (ER – over 66%); Torani (ER – nearly 12%); Visa India and HDFC Bank (ER – 68.50%); Urban Company (ER – over 62%); Spread awareness about Breast Cancer – Indian Cancer Society (ER – over 70%); Listerine (ER – almost 70%); and countless others. 

We believe a quirky fashion label would “match” Kusha well as a collaborator.

Compare to other channels, ROI from Influencer Marketing is- 

Like the other metro cities in India, people here are sitting up and taking note of these lifestyle influencers in Delhi and positively influencing them. Brands need to fashion themselves as per their customers’ demands – getting involved with region-specific social media influencers to spread the word about their products and services.

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Much Better
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This shows that Influencer Marketing isn’t just a new marketing channel but also has a better ROI for the brands who invest in it. To succeed, a brand needs to ensure that the influencer it’s tying up with is the right fit for them.

Being a leading influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr, take numerous steps to ensure that a brand partner up with befitting influencers to receive maximum benefits from the collaboration. Our interest in fashion and the most opportune influencers in the community has enabled us to fashion ourselves as experts when it comes to influencers in Delhi. So should you find any further queries or observations you’d want to discuss, say [email protected].

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