Best Fashion Influencers in Mumbai

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“People used to watch celebrities on the red carpet talking about what they were wearing, or they would flip through magazines and look at celebrities in makeup ads, but that has lost its traction, especially among younger consumers. Now, people want to go online and get an at-your-fingertips experience. They want to ask an influencer questions and get personal responses.”- Alessia Vettese
(Senior Manager, Rent The Runway)

Fashion influencers are on the rise with their content easy to consume by common people. These influencers have been influencing buying decisions by putting forth their audience creative and affordable fashion advice.  

Fashion influencers in Mumbai are no exception for standing out amongst the crowd. We all wish to feel and look good when we step out of our houses. And we never forget to check out Instagram fashion influencers for some serious inspiration.

Mumbai is known by many names- “the city that never sleeps”, “sapnon ka sheher”, “Bollywood city”. The kaleidoscope of designs we see here results from the arrival of masses from all over the country – each community introducing its rich heritage. Fashion and beauty brands, too, are on the lookout for these influencers, and so we present here the list of top 10 Instagram fashion influencers in Mumbai.

Top 10 Instagram Fashion Influencers to look out for in Mumbai:

Founder of The Dapper Label, a brand that custom-makes clothing for men, Usaamah is a prominent fashion influencer in Mumbai and India. 

He set up his fashion label to plug the demand for men’s fashion which was surprisingly uncatered until a few years ago. 

Usaamah’s Instagram feed with 83k followers has come as a ray of sunshine for the male audience, who are only now recognised as a substantial potential target. Outfit suggestions and accessories insights by Usaamah are a big hit with his audience – his engagement rate is around 4%. His stop motion video featuring @adityaseal is his highest viewed post engaging the viewers at almost 60%, garnering around 48.5k views!

This dapper influencer is a huge fan of vintage couture. We get your love for them, Usaamah. Some of them may be bygone but are still in vogue. He indulges in his passion for vintage couture through shopping for them, mostly from European stores. This blogger describes his style as oversized, relaxed and sharp. Usaamah always dresses meticulously to a client meeting, whereas he chooses street style when attending events.

Usaamah has been featured as a menswear blogger on Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel, GQ, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed and many more media house publications. Usaamah has collaborated with – Vivo India; Dior (ER – almost 10%); Kunal Rawal (ER – over 27%); Triller India (ER – almost 22%); The Collective (ER – over 19%); Uniqlo (ER – over 21%); EST 2020 (ER – 33%); Syska Accessories (ER – over 10%); and other brands. 

A watches brand is one Usaamah can collaborate with as most men love collecting and sporting them.

This cute YouTuber is prominent on Instagram with 547k followers. Larissa is an all-around personality who sports several feathers in her cap. 

This charming fashion influencer has been bitten by the travel bug visiting places like Canada, Spain, Venice in Italy, Khonoma in Nagaland, Hyderabad, Thailand, Manchester in UK and loads more. Larissa has won two travel awards, the latest being “The Best Travel Influencer 2019-20” by Exhibit magazine India.  

Larissa is an artist who loves painting not only on paper but also using walls as her canvas. She also DIYs rings and neckpieces, which are so stunning! Check out this talented girl’s YouTube channel, and IG handle for those who love making things with their hands.

Larissa has a high engagement rate of 6%, and the vlog of her wishing her partner, @ohloveclub, was the most-watched post. She is the female version of Sharmaji ka beta. Don’t you think so, guys?

This sweet influencer’s brand collaborations encompass – Itsy Bitsy (ER – almost 5%); Netflix India (ER – almost 4%); SAHASEA (ER – 5.60%); GoPro India (ER – over 3%); The Cape Goa – TGC Luxury Resort (ER – 5.70%); Discovery Channel India (ER – over 13%); Forevermark (ER – almost 4%); Zara Umrigar (ER – almost 5.50%); Ethnicity and Tanvi Jewels (ER – almost 7%); and more.

We believe a clothing brand would look “cute” as Larissa’s collaborator.

A second-year management graduate, Aashi is among the youngest fashion influencers in Mumbai, with a whopping 146k followers! We believe her following is only going to climb higher.

To her, fashion isn’t just a fad but a way of celebrating life. This is pretty evident from the posts on Aashi’s feed. She may be young but is mature when it comes to being en vogue. This content creator has many ideas up her sleeves and isn’t afraid to share them with us all. Whether it’s her product reviews, different forms of makeup, skincare regimes or outfit ideas, she puts them all out there on social media.

Aashi engages with her followers at a rate of around 6%, with her offering “Giveaways” consisting of products worth thousands of rupees. She’s always open to entertaining followers’ questions and answers them truthfully. Her post on the “bold lips with winged liner” look received an engagement rate of almost 75%, with more than 107k views!

As an influencer, Aashi posts several Unboxing videos of products from brands such as NYX Cosmetics; Clinique India; Dermafique; Essenza Di Wills; Davidoff Perfumes; Carolina Herrera and countless others. Her brand collaborations comprise- The Face Shop India (ER – over 4%); PureSense; Skincare essentials from Amazon India, NIVEA India, Colorbar Cosmetics, Biotique and Bio-Oil India (ER – over 26%); Nykaa (ER – over 18%); HipHop Skin Care (ER – almost 6%); and others.

As Aashi has such beautiful eyes, we believe a makeup brand would be a “20/20” vision for her as a collaboration partner.

La mode has interested Sakshi since her B.Tech college days. Yes, she’s an engineering graduate! Aren’t most of the world’s movers and shakers engineers? She participated in numerous college events that helped her gain knowledge and confidence.

The social media influencer became a star overnight after her cameo in the song “Bom Diggy Diggy” and now has a whopping 5.7 mn followers on Instagram! Engaging with her followers at almost 5%, Sakshi encourages them to quiz her on various topics, and she never fails to respond! Being a massive star, she’s still rooted to the ground- “Eyes on the sky, feet on the ground”.

A travel fan, Bali is Sakshi’s favourite vacation spot, island life all the Way! Her travel diaries will leave you all wishing the travel bans and restrictions weren’t in place now. We feel you. Sakshi is currently vacationing in the Maldives with her hubby. I wish we were there too! Major missing of the seas! The ocean view from her room has become the most viewed post at over 391k, engaging her followers at almost 7%!

Sakshi’s list of collaborators include- CelebOnClick (ER – almost 3%); Naladhu Maldives (ER – over 7.50%); Zaid Farouki; OnePlus India; AJIO; Cashify (ER – over 3%); DaburIndia (ER – almost 3%); Vivo India (ER – almost 6%); and more.  

We believe a travel company would be the perfect “globe-trotting” collaboration companion for Sakshi. What do you say? Onboard with us?

With 1.4M followers on Instagram, this anime-loving makeup artist is as unparalleled as her IG handle. Still, we love the whole exciting vibes she has going on. Once you have scrolled through her feed, we are sure she and her art- makeup will enamour you.

Krutika’s posts strike a chord within us, like the ones of your mom meeting her friends in public – how many of us have made similar faces? – or us skipping imaginary lava on the street while walking.

Krutika believes every content creator must inspire others rather than think of them as only competition. You all learn and grow organically together. Everyone take notes – look at others as inspiration and not just as competitors. Loads of positive influencing over here! 

Her content does not just keep her follower content, but her engagement rate is also high at 17%. She often takes their viewpoints as a sounding board. Her post on women’s friendship for @Bumble_India engaged her audience at over 100% and garnered almost 1.5 mn views!

Krutika has collaborated with: pehnosahi- a website where you take the pledge to wear your mask correctly (ER – over 13%); Bumble India (ER – over 100%); PIPO Popcorn (ER – almost 35%); Netflix India (ER – nearly 42%); Halloween makeup- TTD Eye and Abiism Store (ER – nearly 27%); Dolls Kill (ER – over 20%); Hair and Nails for Halloween- Elxlu and Foxwigs (ER – 21%); Becca Cosmetics (ER – over 20%); Amazon Prime Video India (ER – over 90%); and several other brands. 

This cute and unconventional fashion influencer in Mumbai is a great fit to collaborate with a lifestyle brand to input her twist to the outfits and makeup!

Aashna is a massive star on Instagram with 798k followers and gained popularity mainly for her lip-syncing videos on TikTok.

Aashna engages with her audience at the rate of almost 20%. This is one of the reasons why many brands approach her for paid promotions like Mirchi Studios- Mirchi Groove Challenge (ER – over 8.50%); Makeup Artist Kausha Lodaliya (ER – over 18.50%); Raj Gharana(ER – over 21%); Estate 5 (ER – almost 22%); Amazon Fashion India (ER – nearly 17%); AJIO (ER – over 51%); Fashion Nova (ER – almost 20%); Bingo (ER – over 9%); Pond’s India (ER – over 18.50%); Triller India (ER – 60%); Garnier India (ER – over 35%); Matrix (ER – almost 35%); and loads of other lifestyle brands.  

Aashna has recently starred in the music video of the song “Befikar” with Tanzeel Khan. While on the road, Aashna whiles away her time lip-syncing to songs, and her voice is fantastic. It has to be, after all, that’s what catapulted her to fame. Guess she already has a backup plan, unlike most of us mere humans! 

Aashna’s post with a series of pictures of her “damnfam” culled the highest number of views, almost 773k, engaging her viewers at over 96%! We think a music label would be in “sync” as a collaborator for this singing and fashion sensation.

Model Ekta Maru was the 1st runner-up at Femina Style Diva 2016 and an Instagram starlet with 464k followers. 

Ekta won the Face of India at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award 2020. She also represented the country in the Asia Model Festival 2020. Unfortunately, Ekta couldn’t make it to the top 13. Instead of letting this put her off, she has taken it as a learning experience and strives to improve herself. Readers, make a note, “Never Give Up!” – something most of us forget is valuable life lessons. Thanks for reminding us, Ekta!

This Instagram fashion influencer aspires to star in good Bollywood movies and considers Deepika Padukone, who too started her career as a model, as an inspiration. We know that just like her modelling career, Ekta will move mountains to achieve her dream. 

Ekta has travelled around the world for photo shoots, among them – Dubai for Banana Republic Middle East (ER – over 3.50%); John Jacobs Eyewear (ER – over 7%); Phuket for Malvika Talwar, U/A (ER – over 4%); and several others. 

She has also collaborated with other lifestyle brands such as Fashion Photographer- Abhishek Kumar (ER – over 4.50%); Akash Jadhav Photography (ER – over 6%); The Nail Palace (ER – almost 5%); Robinsons Department Store (ER – nearly 5%); St. Botanica India (ER – nearly 4%); Digitek (ER – 4%); Purplle (ER – almost 4%); Hi-Life; ICICI Bank; Aditi Somani India; and others. 

Ekta is an adrenaline junkie, having tried bungee jumping and skydiving. Brr! Just thinking about them has us quivering in our stilettos! Engaging her audience at almost 4%, this model knows the relevance of staying in touch with your followers. Ekta’s slo-mo ramp walk on the street has the highest viewership at over 452k views, engaging her followers at over 97%!

We believe Ekta is one all-rounder influencer who can make any brand she collaborates with a roaring success. We think a clothing brand would be a “walk in the ramp” for her.

Bhavini garnered fame for her acting chops in the TV serial “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya” and is now a famous fashion influencer with 253k followers on Instagram.

Bhavini always wanted to become an influencer, to be able to have a positive impact on her followers and fans. She loves expressing her views about food, fashion and travel, and social media has become a means for her to do so. 

Bhavini’s recreation of the viral “Rasode main Kaun that?” scene from her show was her most viewed post at over 283k, and engaged her audience at almost 112%! 

Bhavini loves creating content that resonates with her fans; she can do so because she engages her audience at a rate of about 7%. Bhavini asks her followers questions related to the pictures she posts on her feed, in the form of MCQs, a fun way to get to know this accomplished starlet.

The actress/influencer has worked in partnership with brands like – Purplle (ER – almost 12%); Blenders Pride Whisky (ER – over 12%); Vasu Healthcare (ER – over 8%); Inorbit Mall, Malad (ER – almost 44%); MIA by Tanishq (ER – nearly 37%); Aldo India (ER – over 6%); Garnier India (ER – almost 46%); Participated in the Rise Up Challenge by Mahindra Group (ER – nearly 9%); Rapido and countless others. 

We feel a lifestyle brand would be the most suitable collaborator for Bhavini.

Other than maintaining her Instagram with almost 3 mn followers, Prajakta also manages her YouTube channel and a blog, all the while garbed in her beloved pyjamas!

Prajakta’s videos are a massive hit with her viewers – thanks to one thing, and only one- their “desi tadka”. Her videos hold a mirror in front of its viewers wherein they see their reflected Indian self. No shock that her video “If food items were people” engaged her followers at almost 46% with 1.3 mn views! 

Prajakta speaks in her audience’s language – desi – hence her high popularity and engagement at almost 12%. Her videos serve as a reminder of our desi roots which helps in further strengthening her “influence”. 

Prajakta has collaborated with Bollywood stars while one of her videos was screened at the United Nations. This isn’t all – she’s the Indian ambassador at YouTube’s Creators of Change. Phew! Donning so many avatars, we are surprised she has remained (mostly)sane 😉 Way to go, Miss Koli! 

As a formidable influencer, Prajakta has collaborated with – HDFC Bank (ER – over 6%); Gifting Guide- Mivi (ER – almost 16%); Too Yummy! (ER – nearly 20%); Venus India (ER – over 22%); It’s a Girl Thing India (ER – 4.50%); and more. She has been featured on the cover of The Man Magazine with her co-star, Rohit Saraf.

We believe Prajakta should be the face of an OTT channel seeing as she’s an outstanding actress and a great content creator

Actress Barkha Singh whose latest show, “Please Find Attached Season 2”, released on YouTube, is a dog person and a social media influencer with over 2 mn followers on her IG handle! 

Suppose you are having a hard time deciding what to pack in your luggage for your trip or just choosing an outfit for a meetup with friends or any occasion. In that case, you only have to open Barkha’s account and voila! You will have a plethora of options to choose from. It will no longer be a “What should I choose?” but will turn into a “What should I leave?” problem.  

This newbie diva has chronicled all her journeys on her account, which are so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. You feel a sense of tranquillity while scrolling through her posts. There’s something to be said about a smoothly flowing set of pictures and videos!

Barkha’s audience engagement is almost 13% which shows that her game plan is on point. Barkha’s Teacher’s Day Special video with her in a saree is her most talked-about video garnering 1.2 mn views!  

This beautiful fashion influencer in Mumbai has collaborated with- Olay India (ER – almost 7%); Johnnie Walker India (ER – over 6.50%); Alexa on Amazon India (ER – over 23%); Nescafe India (ER – over 10%); Organization looking after the needs of low-income cancer patients- Karo (ER – over 11.50%); Dyson Corral (ER – over 16%); and many more. Barkha has been featured in the Preview section of Femina India magazine. 

We believe a lifestyle brand would fit a well-rounded personality like Barkha’s.

As per a study conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub-

These studies only show the importance of Instagram Influencer Marketing and how the top influencers can help catapult a brand’s popularity.

The tips shared by these leading influencers aid us in putting our best look forward, and we don’t mind experimenting with the looks posted online by them. The number of impressive fashion influencers in Mumbai will only go up as more and more people look towards them for guidance and motivation. 

Being an Influencer Marketing company, we understand the importance of hiring the right “influencer” who fits in with your brand and your target audience. This is why we have formed a band of top fashion influencers in Mumbai who would love to collaborate with your brand and share your story. Please drop in your thoughts or queries in an email to us at [email protected].

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