Best Fashion Influencers in Mumbai

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“People used to watch celebrities on the red carpet talking about what they were wearing, or they would flip through magazines and look at celebrities in makeup ads, but that has lost its traction, especially among younger consumers. Now, people want to go online and get an at-your-fingertips experience. They want to ask an influencer questions and get personal responses.”- Alessia Vettese
(Senior Manager, Rent The Runway)

Fashion influencers are on the rise with their content easy to consume by common people. These influencers have been influencing buying decisions by putting forth their audience creative and affordable fashion advice.  

Fashion influencers in Mumbai are no exception for standing out amongst the crowd. We all wish to feel and look good when we step out of our houses. And we never forget to check out Instagram fashion influencers for some serious inspiration.

Mumbai is known by many names- “the city that never sleeps”, “sapnon ka sheher”, “Bollywood city”. The kaleidoscope of designs we see here results from the arrival of masses from all over the country – each community introducing its rich heritage. Fashion and beauty brands, too, are on the lookout for these influencers, and so we present here the list of top 10 Instagram fashion influencers in Mumbai.

Top 10 Instagram Fashion Influencers to look out for in Mumbai:

Aashna Shroff is one of the best female fashion influencers in Mumbai. She was awarded the  Cosmopolitan Luxury Fashion Influencer of the Year award. Aashna has collaborated with fashion and beauty brands like Victoria’s Secret, Diesel, Loreal, and Nykaa.

As a well-known Mumbai fashion influencer, Aashna Shroff has gained immense popularity on social media because of her fashion content, styling tips, and lifestyle inspiration. Her content revolves around influencing trends, outfit ideas, beauty tips & recommendations, travel diaries, and glimpses of her personal life.

Besides being a fashion influencer, Aashna is a prominent style icon and entrepreneur. By launching her own fashion and lifestyle label, she has formed a community of followers who eagerly look up to her for guidance and inspiration. She has become a renowned and influential figure in the fashion community through her distinctive fashion sense and relatable approach to fashion.

She exudes confidence in experimenting with trends, and her followers embrace her personal style. Beyond online platforms, her passion and entrepreneurial spirit for fashion have opened a whole lot of opportunities for her to expand and make a lasting impact on the fashion industry.

Santoshi Shetty is one of the best Mumbai-based Instagram influencers. Apart from being a fashion blogger with a blog named Styledge, she is also known for her immense contribution to promoting Yoga in the entertainment field and spreading awareness about it. Other than partnering with big brands like Myntra, Santoshi supports many small fashion businesses around the world.

Santoshi Shetty is one of the top fashion Instagrammers in Mumbai because of her confident demeanour and trend-forward content represented in distinctive style. She has proven herself in the world of fashion, further solidifying her influence and magnitude in the fashion world. Santoshi has mesmerised her audience and has bound their hearts with her creativity and ability to connect with her followers through engagement and fashion.

Known for her effortlessly chic streetwear looks to classy red-carpet glamorous attires, she showcases versatility and the ability to push boundaries on her feed. She often expands her influence from fashion to beauty and lifestyle realms and travel aspirations, offering beauty tips and insights into her daily routines. 

This cute YouTuber is prominent on Instagram. Larissa is an all-around personality who sports several feathers in her cap. This charming fashion influencer from has been has been bitten by the travel bug visiting places like Canada, Spain, Venice in Italy, Khonoma in Nagaland, Hyderabad, Thailand, Manchester in the UK and loads more. Larissa has won two travel awards, the latest being “The Best Travel Influencer” by Exhibit Magazine India.  

Larissa is an artist who loves painting not only on paper but also using walls as her canvas. She also DIYs rings and neckpieces, which are so stunning! Check out this talented girl’s YouTube channel, and IG handle for those who love making things with their hands. She is the female version of Sharmaji Ka Beta. Don’t you think so, guys?

This sweet influencer’s brand collaborations encompass Itsy Bitsy, Netflix India, SAHASEA, GoPro India, The Cape Goa – TGC Luxury Resort, Discovery Channel India, Forevermark, Zara Umrigar, Ethnicity and Tanvi Jewels and more.

We believe a clothing brand would look “cute” as Larissa’s collaborator.

The passion that started with a fashion blog named “Caught In A Cuff” has provided Riya Jain with a sense of belongingness among the top fashion influencers in Mumbai. With her stylish looks and engaging content, she has managed to gain a tremendous amount of followers and has gained a lot of views from her legion of followers.

Being a fashion enthusiast, she has partnered with brands like Fiamo, Loreal, Nykaa x KayBeauty, Myntra, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Charmee & Palak and many others

But, these brand collaborations are not her only achievements. She ha awarded as the Style Icon of the Year by SCY Awards and she has worked with many designers and recently opened a Runway show for Nirmoha.

An entrepreneur who has made a reputation in the fashion industry, whose tailored and occasion-specific looks make it impossible not to draw attention to her. 

Juhi Godame-Jain is one of the most popular fashion influencers from Mumbai on social media today.  She has created a space for herself in the competitive social media market. 

She has worked with brands such as Mama Earth, Pears India, Flipkart, Lakme, Tira Beauty, Myntra, L’Oreal Paris, MomsCo, and others. 

Her impact and recognition in the industry are evident through her collaborations with brands and her presence on social media. Juhi has also been the creator face of luxury brands like Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Prada, Kate Spade, Benetton, Caprese and so many more.

Juhi is not just an influencer, she is also a boss lady with her own apparel brand called Arabellaa, which is getting a lot of love and support from her followers.

Besides from being a fashion influencer, Shreen Sikka is an inspiring health and fitness enthusiast who loves entertaining and educating her followers through workout and Yoga routine videos. Shereen is also a renowned Celebrity Stylist and has worked with prominent names like Malini Agrawal of Miss Malini, Actress Sonam Kapoor, VJ Anusha Dandekar and many others. 

Shereen along with her sister Trishala Sikka(who BTW, is also a fashion influencer) has launched a fashion and lifestyle brand called Monokrom. And, other than being an awesome influencer and fitness enthusiast. With her amazing work and expertise, she has managed to work alongside brands like Kerastase, Dove, Pixi, Myntra, Novology and others,  forming a persuasive identity as one of the best Mumbai fashion influencers on Instagram.

Aiana Jian’s Instagram feed is made of dreams! One can find a variety of beautiful posts on whom she proclaims to be knowledgeable, including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and fitness. Her love for fashion has made her a style coach and grow among the top fashion influencers in Mumbai.

She wants people to move out of their comfort zones and be aware of the latest trends while having a keen eye for style. She has collaborated with brands like Nykaa and often promotes products from Dior Beauty. 

Khushnaz, aka Kat Diaries Instagram feed is an epitome of elegance and style. It is a whole package of fashion, luxury, beauty, food, travel, and lifestyle. She curates content covering trendy outfits, fitness, fashion, and beauty tips. She is among the finest fashion influencers in Mumbai. 

Other than being an influencer, Khushnaz is a personal stylist of celebrities, because she has an impeccable eye for detail, which sets her apart from others. 

She has worked with brands such as Valentino, L’Oreal Paris, Isaac Luxe, Aveda and so many others.

In the current phase of social media, Khushnaz Turner has become a trailblazer, setting trends and redefining the essence of personal style. With her magnetic charisma and taste, she not only showcases the latest fashion trends but also elevates the narrative, establishing herself as a senior content writer in the realm of fashion and lifestyle.

Aashi is among the youngest fashion influencers in Mumbai, We believe her following is only going to climb higher.

To her, fashion isn’t just a fad but a way of celebrating life. This is pretty evident from the posts on Aashi’s feed. She may be young but is mature when it comes to being en vogue. This content creator has many ideas up her sleeves and isn’t afraid to share them with us all. Whether it’s her product reviews, different forms of makeup, skincare regimes or outfit ideas, she puts them all out there on social media.

As an influencer, Aashi posts several Unboxing videos of products from brands such as NYX Cosmetics; Clinique India; Dermafique; Essenza Di Wills; Davidoff Perfumes; Carolina Herrera and countless others. Her brand collaborations comprise- The Face Shop India PureSense; Skincare essentials from Amazon India, NIVEA India, Colorbar Cosmetics, Biotique and Bio-Oil India, Nykaa, HipHop Skin Care, and others.

As Aashi has such beautiful eyes, we believe a makeup brand would be a “20/20” vision for her as a collaboration partner.


Soundarya Thakur, a prominent Mumbai-based social media fashion influencer, has seamlessly woven together her passion for travel and style on her Instagram profile. Thakur has strategically collaborated with esteemed brands such as Philips, Ajio, and Lakme, showcasing her ability to leverage her influence in the fashion realm.

A graduate of NIFT Delhi and a participant in MTV Splitsvilla 12, Soundarya Thakur stands out as a multifaceted personality. As a Fashion & Lifestyle Content Creator, she curates engaging content that spans the realms of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. What sets her apart is not just her glamorous aesthetic, but also her active engagement with followers, often inviting them to join in through #getreadywithme reels.

Soundarya has managed to carve a niche for herself in the competitive world of fashion influencing. Her unique blend of high-end fashion and relatable lifestyle content has propelled her into the ranks of the best fashion Instagrammers in Mumbai. For those seeking inspiration and a glimpse into the intersection of travel and fashion, Soundarya Thakur’s Instagram serves as a go-to destination.

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The tips shared by these leading influencers aid us in putting our best look forward, and we don’t mind experimenting with the looks posted online by them. The number of impressive fashion influencers in Mumbai will only go up as more and more people look towards them for guidance and motivation. 

Being an Influencer Marketing company, we understand the importance of hiring the right “influencer” who fits in with your brand and your target audience. This is why we have formed a band of top fashion influencers in Mumbai who would love to collaborate with your brand and share your story. Please drop in your thoughts or queries in an email to us at [email protected].

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