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We understand that creating compelling content is only half the battle. It’s just as essential to connect with the right brands and audiences to maximize your potential. We take the hassle of brand collaborations, negotiating deals, and managing contracts, leaving you free to do what you love and do best – create content.

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Access To Our 500+ Brand Network

Unlock exclusive access to our 500+ brand network and amplify your reach with our website and social media handles. Increase your visibility and potential for collaborations..

Email Inbox Management

Maximize your brand collaborations with our hassle-free email inbox management. Our team of experts will handle all your brand leads professionally (removed coma) so you never miss a chance to grow.

Reaching Out Potential Brands For You

Let us handle the legwork of reaching out to the best brand leads for you. Our sales specialists will work tirelessly to connect you with the best brands while you focus on creating your best content.

Leads Management And Negotiation

From lead acquisition to signing the contract, we streamline your business by handling all aspects of your brand deals; expert negotiators from our team are sure to crack the best deals for you.

Rate Cards And Content Strategy

Our team has the expertise to help you create a winning content strategy that elevates your brand by working directly with brands to understand the latest trends and pricing models.

Media-Kit Creation And Representation

With our experience in curating high-converting media kits, we'll update and enhance yours to ensure you're always presented professionally. We'll also share your media kit with relevant brands.

But, Why Confluencr?

500+ Partnered Brands

With over 500 partnered brands since 2018, including leading MNCs and fast-growing startups, we’ve helped Influencers unlock new avenues of visibility via influencer marketing. We work across 20+ brand categories and engage in an average of 200 brand conversations monthly.

100% Transparency

At Confluencr, we believe in 100% transparency. We provide you with real-time updates on the progress of your deals and weekly reports that include detailed data and analytics. Stay informed and in control every step of the way.

Support From A Experienced Team

You will have access to a team of experts in all domains dedicated to your success. Our sales and business team secure the best deals for you while our finance team handles the contract details.

Influencers Associated With Us

15,000+ Influencers | 800M+ Content Views | 4000+ Videos
Kinnari Jain
Fashion, Lifestyle and beauty

Nityaami ShirkeFashion


Sukanya KandarkarFashion

Parentling and lifestyle

Prapti KarmakarFashion

Jayna TidaFashion

ShikhaParenting, Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion

Why Brands Prefer Us?

Celebrated womanhood and created a natural and eco-friendly presence of Carmesi’s easy-to-use unique hygiene products.
Vocalized the reliability and power of trading cryptocurrency with India's most popular cryptocurrency investing
Emphasised Nueherb’s natural essence, genuine quality and authenticity offered by a wide range of innovative health .


To deliver campaigns at scale, it takes more than technology and content – it takes grit. Our team strives above and beyond to win for you.

Carmesi has been associated with Confluencr for more than a year now. Since then, we have worked with influencers of different genre and we absolutely love the efforts put into our campaigns. I highly recommend Confluencr as one of best agencies to work with.

Lincia D'Mello Senior Marketing Manager, Carmesi

Grip worked with the Confluencr team for an influencer program that involved big influencers. The campaigns were well executed and handled by the team. Really appreciated the proactive communication by them.

Aashish Jindal Co-Founder & CPO, Grip

I genuinely appreciate the efforts of Confluencr team for us. The way they handled our campaigns is really commendable and so is their diligence. Some of our issues were resolved even past midnight which was truly amazing. Glad to have Confluencr as a partner. Looking forward to more partnerships.

Parisa Kohli Growth Manager, Groww

Confluencr team played an instrumental role in successfully expanding our influencer marketing efforts in India. They were able to identify new, relevant creators in multiple verticals, and they managed the entire process from beginning to end. I can always count on them to communicate exactly what’s going on, which is super important when working with Influencers. Always reliable and professional.

Shivangi Dewani Growth and Partnerships, Mudrex

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions please contact us.

As a representation agency, our main role is to help you as an influencer to secure partnerships with brands and negotiate deals on your behalf. We can also provide you with strategic guidance, career advice, and help you manage your social media presence.

Exclusive representation means that we will be your sole representative agency and you will not work with any other representation agency during the duration of our agreement. This is beneficial for both parties as it allows us to focus on securing the best deals for you without any potential conflicts of interest.

A representation agency can provide you with numerous benefits such as access to a wider range of brand partnerships, negotiating power and expertise, and time-saving opportunities by handling administrative tasks on your behalf. We can help you to monetize your content and build a successful career as an influencer, you just have to focus on creating best content for people

The execution process gonna be very simple, we will handling a separate email created for you, We will then identify potential brand partners and negotiate deals on your behalf, along with the ones coming in to your inbox. Throughout the process, we will always keep you informed and ensure that your interests are being represented at all times.

We understand that you may prefer to manage some deals on your own, but we believe that by entrusting us with the management of all your brand deals, we can secure the best opportunities for you and ensure that you are maximizing the value of your content.

We have worked across a variety of industries including Finance, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and may more. Our team has experience working with a diverse range of brands and can help you to secure partnerships that align with your interests and values.

No problem! We can provide you with the guidance and support you need to get started. We can help you to develop a strategy, create a media kit, and create a bench marking report, to help you grow as an influencer.

Goal is to help you build a successful career as an influencer by securing brand partnerships, increasing your visibility, and providing you with the tools and guidance you need to grow your audience and monetize your content.

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