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Encouraged honesty and credibility in DearCow's 'Pure and Desi' vision of economic self-sufficiency for the rural cow community.
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Choreographed a trend that increased quality footfalls in the freshly opened stores to celebrate Drunken Monkey’s true essence.
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Generated engagement & buzz around CurioCottage’s fabulous designs and exotic, unique statement jewellery pieces.

Micro Influencer Barters with Confluencr

50K+ Verified Influencers

When we say Micro Influencers – we mean it for both the words. We don’t stick nano influencers in the name of micro. And we onboard people who have influence instead of just followers.

Hassle Free Execution

With tech enabled processes and our experience of having delivered 500+ campaigns, we have streamlined the process of micro-influencer marketing end-to-end.

Super fast & Scalable

With over 50k+ verified influencers already working with us, we can scale your campaign to any limit you want. All this, while keeping it super agile and high quality.

Diverse word of Mouth Content Formats

Amplify Brand Campaign

Use the power of micro-influencers to amplify a brand campaign and make it super engaging.

Contests & Giveaways

Improve social engagement by running contests & giveaways with multiple influencers at once.

Integrations In Trending Reels

Ride the trends with product integrations in trending reel formats and get more visibility for the buck.

Barter with Micro-Influencer Marketing Company

Testimonials & Unboxing

Create trust & relatability amongst target audience with tons of unboxing & testimonial videos.

Channels We Help On for Barter Campaigns


Seed reviews, unboxing videos and FAQ content at scale.


Amplify brand campaigns OR engage social audiences at scale.

Scale your Word of Mouth Marketing

Improve your social engagement, trust and relatability in a matter of days. We scale your micro-influencer marketing efforts via our 50,000+ influencers and experience of 500+ campaigns.

Stop The Scroll With Us

Srishty Rode - Celebrity Influencer marketing for Vatika

Stop The Scroll With Us

Jaffy Garg
Srishty Rode - Celebrity Influencer marketing for Vatika

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Frequently Asked Questions

Barter collaboration is when a brand associates with influencers to help promote its product in exchange for free product samples for the influencer to use.
We can do barter campaigns with micro influencers on Instagram and on YouTube.
Confluencr has standard packages for the barter campaigns. It’s based on the number of influencers and the deliverables expected. You can get in touch with our Partnerships Team at [email protected] to understand the same. It varies from a range of 800 INR to 1500 INR per influencer broadly.
Confluencr works with micro influencers for barter campaigns with followers ranging from 10-30K on Instagram, and 5-50K on YouTube.
Yes, you can choose the influencers from a recommended influencer list shared by the Confluencr team. We share the influencers based on predefined criteria of – age, gender, location & content category.
Yes, the minimum number of influencers for this campaign type is 15.
We believe in working with influencers with decent engagement rates as the end goal of the campaign is to enable awareness. Our influencers have engagement ranging from 1-3% on Instagram.

For Instagram Barter campaign the standard deliverables would be 1 Reel or 1 Post, and the same would be shared via 1 story.

For YouTube Barter campaign the standard deliverable would be 1 Integrated Video or 1 YT Shorts depending on the product.

Yes, the minimum product value is 1500 INR.
Yes, a detailed campaign report with real insight screenshots is provided within 4 working days of the campaign completion. It dissects the data and highlights the next steps for the brand.
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