Drunken Monkey Case study

Influencers fall in love with the brand smoothie-ly: A unique concept catered by Drunken Monkey

The brand brings to the table the best farm produce, fresh, locally grown, and full of goodness in the form of smoothies. Drunken Monkey offers over 200 types of Smoothies and Smoothie Bowls made from specially blended combinations of fresh tropical fruits. These smoothies are further enhanced with healthy seasonings and the blends are completely natural and fresh with zero addition of any artificial flavors or sugar or preservatives or any kind of concentrates. They create a unique and delicious smoothie blend that is both functional and fun-ranging from detox to meal replacements, from hydration to protein smoothies, and from healthy veggie smoothies to hangover warriors. This distinctive business model required a special type of catering, for which we were tasked with creating brand awareness & promoting the new store-launch via influencer marketing on Instagram, in just 15 days. 

drunken monkey influencer marketing case study

Content Map

The brand offers a unique product that aims at health & purity - keeping this as the linchpin of the campaign, we devised a promotional activity, where influencers took a field trip to the newly opened store with one of their guests and made various content assets for the brand. From trending Instagram reels to static & video feed posts, they shot everything from how the dishes were made to how they were served, from the ambiance to the hospitality, everything was recorded live on camera to bring out the true essence of the brand.

The Creators

We collaborated with nano-food influencers of Instagram, who were based in Nagpur. These creators were majorly hand-picked based on their engagement rates & their zeal for new things. All of them were briefed to portray everything as it is, from safety precautions in the times of COVID, to their experience with Drunken Monkey & Us as brands. We take pride in the fact that they came up with nothing but love for this one-of-a-kind brand and their smooth procedure of collaboration.

Active Comments

Some Of The Videos

drunken monkey case study
drunken monkey case study
drunken monkey case study

The concept looks so cool, definitely checking it out.

Wow. Just found the new hang-out spot with my gang for weekends!

This is an absolute party for Fitness Freaks.

Those smoothies look heavenly. My guilt-free food binge is sorted!

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