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Boost your online presence on Google & Bing organically. Whether you’re aiming for brand recognition or traffic, our professional SEO services can help you grow. With our sincere efforts, we have proudly secured numerous national awards. If you’re on the lookout for the best search engine optimization agency, look no further.

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Our SEO Success Stories

We take a holistic approach to growing brands on Search. Focussing on Content, Tech, Links, and Page Structures – Our approach guarantees robust growth for brands at any stage of their journey, delivering results that speak for themselves.

6X increase in Organic traffic within 1 year taking monthly sessions from 10K to an impressive 63K. Share of voice rank improved from 9th to 3rd in the market.

Best Search Marketing Campaign

Drivers of Digital Awards

Best SEO Campaign

India Digital Awards by IAMAI

SEO marketing B2C

NAME Awards by Indian Business Council

20X organic traffic growth generating 1500+ enterprise leads. Ranking within page 1 for 5500+ keywords and 200+ Snippets.
Bizongo’s Artworkflow is an online cloud-based software to manage your packaging artworks and labels. They provide world-class packaging label design approval management & artwork proofing software for brands.
200+ incremental enterprise leads generated every month via incremental Organic Traffic. Ranked 60% of target keywords on position 1 in just 5 months.
India’s top Polycab distributor, operating offline for 46 years, aimed to expand digitally in India and the Middle East. With 8 branches and a clientele spanning major sectors like Steel, Power, Petrochemicals, and more, they sought to grow and strengthen their business, with Intent Farm.
9700+ keywords ranking in top 5 search results. Organic sessions grew from 14K to 170K per month in just 24 months. 1000+ Snippet slots secured.

NAME Award

Best eCommerce Marketing Campaign

Unlocked Award

Best Performance Driven Campaign

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Awards & Recognition

Prestigious accolades, reflecting our commitment to setting benchmarks in Performance Marketing and SEO.

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SEO Marketing B2C

NAME Awards by Indian Business Council

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Best SEO Campaign

India Digital Awards by IAMAI

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Best Search Marketing Campaign

Drivers of Digital Awards

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Best Performance-driven Campaign

Unlocked Awards

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Best eCommerce Marketing Campaign

NAME Awards by Indian Business Council

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Best Cross Channel Campaign

Unlocked Awards

Full-Service Best SEO Agency in India

We initiate our game plan by conducting in-depth competitor and keyword research, gaining insights into the category, and formulating a strategic plan for achieving success.

We use helpful content structures, so writers can focus on creating interesting content without having to worry about SEO details. Our goal is to make sure the content is engaging and easy to find.

We optimize every aspect of each page, considering on-page details, technical elements, internal linking, and backlinks. Our goal is to optimize the overall performance for a better online presence.

Our report templates give micro insights into exactly what is working and what needs to change for growth. These insights help fine-tune strategies, ensuring our efforts consistently lead to positive outcomes.

Full-Service SEO Services Agency in India

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We Make You Stand Out As A Authority Site on Google SERP

We pay close attention to the intent behind search to customize our content structures. This ensures our content is highly relevant to users, leading to improved engagement on the page.

We carefully analyze data in smart ways to discover insights that empower us to excel in individual keyword challenges.

We build strong website authority by creating backlinks through manual approaches and personalized outreach. This strategy ensures our website remains unaffected by algorithm updates.

We go beyond concentrating solely on SEO. Our primary goal is to dominate the SERP results, whether through our website or content on 3rd party sites – aiming for traffic across all platforms.

What's included in our Professional SEO Services?

Confluencr offers holistic SEO services, focusing on expanding organic traffic, generating leads, and boosting revenue. As a full-stack, end-to-end SEO agency, we boast an agile, highly skilled, and experienced SEO team. 

What's included in our SEO Services?

Why Confluencr is the Preferred SEO Services Agency in India

100s of agencies “claim” to produce results and do things, similar to, what we do. Choosing the right agency can be tough with so many claiming to do what we do. But let’s make it simpler.

We are the one for you, if:

  • You appreciate honesty.
  • You believe in working together for the best results.
  • You understand that marketing is more than just tasks.
  • You value expertise and solving problems from the ground up.

💪🏼 Only The Best In Your Corner

Our team, comprised of some of the brightest minds from IITs and NITs, is our pride. We dedicate over 50 hours each month to ensure that every strategist working on your account is at the top of their game, consistently leveling up.

🔋 Hit The Ground Running

We believe in front-loading the work right from our initial contact and incorporating months of strategic planning into your initial audit and proposal. With a 45-day onboarding plan, you experience short-term victories and lasting results without an extended wait.

🪴 Driven by ROAS, Not by Egos

We're more than just service providers – consider us strategic partners, not a team of "Yes Men." If something seems off, we won't hesitate to question it, and the results will prove the value of our pushback. We remain agile and are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure your growth.

Learn More About Our Professional SEO Services

Confluencr offers a range of SEO services designed to boost your online visibility. From Holistic Website SEO Solutions to Local SEO, Guest Posting, Authority Link Building, YouTube SEO, Technical SEO, Shopify, eCommerce, Enterprise, SaaS, SEO Content Writing, and Consultation – we’ve got your digital marketing needs covered to enhance your rankings for relevant keywords.

Whether you’re just starting out or well into your journey, introducing an SEO agency is always a timely decision.

When Launching a New Website:

Collaborate with a Website SEO Agency during the construction phase of your website or e-commerce store. Embed SEO strategies into your site architecture and content planning early on, optimizing both technical and on-page SEO before the official launch.

During a Site Redesign:

When revamping or migrating your website, ensure maximum impact and safeguard your existing web traffic by partnering with an SEO marketing company. Their expertise will help navigate the redesign process smoothly, preventing any loss of authority or traffic.

When You Want To Increase Organic Search Traffic:

Optimize your digital presence with an SEO agency employing a strategic SEO process. Not only will it enhance relevant traffic, but it will also elevate leads, conversions, and revenue generation.

When you work with Confluencr, you don’t have to worry about missed deadlines or hidden costs. We’ll deliver substantial traffic growth on schedule, within budget.


Confluencr recognizes the need for comprehensive, results-driven, and cost-effective SEO solutions. We aim to deliver a substantial return on your SEO investment. Leveraging cutting-edge performance measurement, reporting, and quality control tools, we ensure that your campaign not only attracts relevant traffic but also engages potential customers ready to make a purchase.


Confluencr is an award-winning SEO company that knows its way around both local and global markets. Unlike smaller, newer SEO firms, we’ve got the experience and smarts to guide your online strategy in the right direction. 

Our team includes over 100 internet marketing experts with different roles like project managers, optimization specialists, content writers, programmers, and quality experts. Together, we’re focused on making sure you’re super satisfied and getting great results.


Confluencr stays ahead in the ever-changing landscape of search engines by keeping track of all the updates. Our dedicated team of specialists continuously monitors campaigns, gathers data, runs tests, and fine-tunes our optimization process and strategies whenever needed.


Communication is crucial for the success of any online marketing campaign, and at Confluencr, we excel in it. We pride ourselves on being one of the best in keeping our clients informed through various channels: project management, live phone support, instant messaging, and emails. Our reports are detailed and transparent, ensuring you’re always in the know.


Check actual client testimonials on our website. And that should tell you much about what we do and what brands prefer us.

Our SEO solutions are tailored to each brand’s unique state and objectives; we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all packages. Generic packages waste time and money. We conduct custom audits to determine the precise content, backlinks, and technical SEO resources needed. Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter approach – talk to our Brand Partnerships team for a FREE custom audit and discover the specific investment needed to achieve your goals.

Our SEO optimization services go beyond boosting organic traffic; they prioritize driving revenue from organic sources. By enhancing your company’s income through organic channels, we empower larger initiatives, such as entering new markets, launching products, or contributing to the community.

Yes. Our SEO marketing firm can assist with as much of your online marketing strategy as you need. If you don’t have a web development staff, we can help implement technical SEO recommendations on your website. If you lack the resources to create quality content, we offer different tiers of SEO content creation services to support your content marketing plan.

Target keywords that are a worthwhile investment

Optimize strategically for each funnel stage. Our SEO experts conduct precise keyword research, ensuring balanced growth across the entire funnel while aligning with your goals and budget.Tap into diverse expertise with Confluencr. From SEO and content marketing to business consulting and tech enablement, our comprehensive team equips your business to adapt and excel in dynamic market conditions.

Leverage industry-leading SEO experts

Access a versatile marketing team at Confluencr, covering SEO, content marketing, business consulting, and tech enablement. Their expertise empowers your business to navigate market conditions seamlessly and achieve excellence.


We have a strong presence mainly in India as an SEO Agency in Bengaluru and an SEO Agency in Mumbai.

Absolutely. Our SEO marketing firm provides comprehensive support for your online marketing strategy. Whether you lack a web development team or resources for quality content creation, we can implement technical SEO recommendations and offer various tiers of content creation services to bolster your content marketing plan.

SEO outcomes vary based on industry competitiveness. While we aim for quick wins, our focus is on sustainable gains, addressing technical barriers through your SEO audit recommendations. Building on initial momentum, expect long-term organic search results in about four to six months. Although it may seem lengthy, this timeframe allows your site to establish topical authority and relevance with search engines.

Campaign success is influenced by factors such as:

  • The longevity and current ranking of your domain
  • Competing companies’ aggressiveness
  • The competitiveness of keywords in your industry
  • Prompt execution of SEO recommendations
  • Evolving industry dynamics or economic shifts

Absolutely, every partnership at Confluencr begins with an audit. It helps us assess compatibility with your goals and define our action plan, team structure, and costs. To request a FREE detailed SEO audit, reach out to our Brand Partnerships team.

We specialize in serving eCommerce, SaaS, and Lead Generation-focused brands across various industries. Explore our past case studies for a glimpse of our experience and expertise. To learn more, connect with our Brand Partnerships team.

SEO is a continuous journey, not a quick fix. Even after achieving initial goals, we set new objectives, adapting to changes in the search landscape caused by factors like new competitors, algorithm updates, or shifts in consumer behavior. Confluencr ensures ongoing adjustments and refinements to keep your campaign aligned with evolving business needs. Once your website is optimized, monitoring and adapting your strategy becomes a seamless process.

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