Top 10 micro-influencers in the lifestyle niche to follow in 2023

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“Influencers — they’re the best thing since sliced bread. But forget bread; they’re selling like hotcakes. They’re creating huge returns, and they’re only set to keep growing!”- Emily Warna
(Marketing Manager, Tiktok)

The Oxford Dictionary defines an influencer as:

“A key individual with an extensive network of contacts, who plays an active role in shaping the opinions of others within some topic area, typically through their expertise, popularity, or reputation.” 

When we think of influencers we assume that they have a huge following, and that’s the only thing that matters to bring in more traffic, to get more people to watch their content, be it organic or advertising, however, influencers are categorised on the basis of their following into:

Mega: 1M+ followers
Macro: 100K  – 1 million followers
Micro: 10K  – 100,000 followers
Nano: 10K  followers or less

Because of their proficiency to develop an authentic relationship with their audience as experts in their niche, micro-influencers bring more organic traffic.  As they’re just starting, most of their followers are the people that are really interested in their content niche. 

Lifestyle influencers on social media post about everything ranging from the products they use in their daily lives to their vacations, outfits, meals, style and everything in the realm of lifestyle. Their audience is drawn to them because of their distinct style and wonderfully shot content. As a result, these accounts become go-to locations for ideas, advice, inspiration, and more – in short, they create a community of thousands of individuals who aspire to live the same lifestyle as them. Their relatability & authenticity are their strongest virtues and magnets to people who match their vibe. 

Let us now look at the top micro-influencers of 2023 who have rocked social media through their unique content.

Top 10 micro lifestyle influencers in India:

Kiran Rathore is a lifestyle influencer & YouTuber who shares tips on all things food, fashion, fitness, gadgets & parenting. Her cute cherubs light up her feed with their charm. Be it parenting, fashion, beauty or healthcare Kiran has it all covered for you.  This micro-lifestyle influencer’s feed is an entertaining amalgamation of tips, product reviews, funny content & some wholesome family content. Kiran’s  ‘feel good’ content will definitely make your day.

Founder of a social media marketing company, Palak quickly grew her following as a lifestyle influencer due to her relatable content. As her Instagram name ‘Healthful with Palak’ suggests, she is a health & fitness influencer on Instagram. However, what sets this lifestyle influencer apart is that she shares her real-life struggles as an agency owner & a wife trying to become her healthiest self. If you want some relatable yet motivational content, her Instagram account is your haven.

A TEDx speaker, a GoPro Vlogger, a globetrotter & a lifestyle influencer – Heena Raheja is living the life of her dream & rightfully so! This lifestyle and travel influencer’s IG feed is full of high-quality travel content. If you want to see the world through her lenses or need some inspiration to start travelling – be her Instagram account’s guest!

Be it being an entrepreneur and running her own clothing line or creating enticing lifestyle content on her Instagram channel; this girl does it all immaculately. Ashna is seen modelling for a lot of brands on her Instagram account, creating refreshing travel content & just pretty much slaying on her Instagram feed with her friends, fam & her fashion. We see this Indian lifestyle micro-influencer already on the rise!

This explorer’s content is one to watch if wanderlust is on your mind. This micro lifestyle influencer’s feed is full of travel tips, visiting beautiful hotels & unexplored territories. Nidhi’s travel content is a treat to the eyes as it is always well shot & provides valuable travel insights & tips. One can only dream of having a lifestyle like her but we can all vicariously live through her by watching her content when wanting a vacation.

This mom pride’s herself on her cooking skills & her tips on health & parenting. Geeta’s Instagram feed is full of lip-smacking recipes for foods & drinks and her collaborations with various brands resonate with me. This mommy influencer in India has her hands full & yet seems to be a master of all trades with her consistent content flow. Head on to her Instagram account if you want to know about the most delicious recipes & enjoy wholesome content.

A prosthetist & Orthotist, a model, a yoga enthusiast, a gymnast & a skater Dr Shuvam does it all. He often posts fitness & health-related content, & flexes his hard work at the gym as well as his Yoga moves. The combination of strength & flexibility that he has developed is astonishing & inspires this lifestyle influencer’s audience immensely. His Instagram account is the one to look at if you want some health, & fitness motivation.

This micro lifestyle influencer is all about cosy living, and travelling, & is thriving through her professional sabbatical taking us along the journey. Mohicka has lived in 22 homes across 5 countries & is an avid traveller.  She discovered her home decor passion post marriage & has been blessing her feed with aesthetically pleasing home decor content. Her Instagram account stays true to its name as it gives just the right amount of cosy & aesthetic vibes.

Winning the ‘Top 25 Female Bloggers In India’ & the ‘Creative Female Digital Creator Award’ in 2021 – Pragya is one of the most beloved micro lifestyle influencers in India. You can check out some interesting travel content on her story highlights if you’re wanting to get to know a particular place better. She also shares a lot of product reviews & clothing tips that are appreciated by her audience.

Funny, quirky, interesting & a lot about fashion is what defines Rhea’s feed. This lifestyle influencer makes sure to balance her feed well with singing, dancing, fitness, family & fun content. Her day in the life & travel vlogs will have you vicariously living that life. This Indian fashion influencer’s content never fails to give a ‘feel-good’ vibe and is sure to cheer you up on any rainy day.


With lifestyle influencers influencing people to buy products from various niches, brands and businesses can benefit from collaborating with micro lifestyle influencers to make the most of their influencer marketing strategy. Having a concentrated audience, lifestyle influencers recommending your brand might work as most of the audience knows & connects with the influencer on a personal level.  The ultimate power of connection can skyrocket the growth of your brand

Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realize the immense potential of these micro lifestyle influencers on their audience. We help our clients gain collaborations with these micro lifestyle influencers. We have curated a network of leading micro lifestyle influencers across India and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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