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Changing one household at a time: Influencers switch to A2 milk and urge their followers to do the same

A little bit of Desi goes a long way. The brand offers the milk and ghee of Indigenous Indian cow breeds. Their milk contains an effective A2 beta-casein protein and has natural sweetness, boosts immunity, and helps in the growth and development of a child’s brain.

They wanted society to understand how effective Gir Cow A2 milk would be in their lifestyle, so with intentions as pure as their products they started their brand awareness campaign with micro-influencers all over Mumbai.

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Pure & Desi were the cornerstone of the thought process behind the content generated for them. We urged influencers to actually switch to their products to be able to speak with honesty in front of the camera. Ideas ranged from making different recipes with A2 milk to doing the blind-fold milk taste challenge. While breaking myths and removing the stigma around milk and weight loss, we turned around a significant amount of heads into months.

The Creators

Creators across Mumbai tried and tested their product and came back with nothing but love for the brand. The truth prevailed on and off camera with them talking about DearCows not only to their Instafam but their real family too. We onboarded Parenting, Food, Lifestyle & Nutrition Influencers, who undoubtedly created a massive impression on their followers and engaged them in a healthier living.

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Some Of The Content

Dear Cows Case Study Influencer
dear cows case study

Switching to the GirCow A2 milk was the best decision I made for my family.

Unadulterated products have different taste altogether. DearCows surely delivers as promised.

My child finishes the glass of milk now, even without the added chocolate powder.

I thank the gwalas and DearCows for actually bringing us the best of the best.

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