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With a global presence in 180 countries, Art of Living, – a global non-profit organisation founded by the visionary humanitarian and spiritual teacher Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, offers a variety of educational, mindfulness, and humanitarian programs to help individuals find inner peace and reach their full potential.
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Influencer Profiling

We carefully selected influencers in the mental health, lifestyle, yoga, and wellness niches, as their audiences often look to them for guidance and inspiration on achieving holistic health and wellness. To appeal to a broader audience, we also partnered with popular comedy influencers who resonate with Gen-Z creators.

By diversifying our approach, we aimed to inspire a new generation to prioritise physical and mental well-being. Our influencer selection process was driven by a passion for promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

We selected mid-tier to macro-influencers because from a small creator to a big comedian – everyone experiences anxiety and struggles with their mental health; we wanted to reach out to a diverse audience via this campaign and hence selected a diverse range of following.
As a short-form content-dominant platform, Instagram is widely prevalent among younger audiences, who often struggle with focusing, managing anxiety, and finding direction. These are all areas in which meditation can offer significant benefits.
Content Frequency 
We took each influencer live on alternate days, ensuring that the buzz about the campaign stayed intact while giving each influencer enough time to gauge good reach in two days.
Content Style  
By leveraging Instagram’s vast reach and engagement, The Art of Living’s meditation campaign #HarGharDhyan reaches these audiences with a message of inner peace and mindfulness. Our content style was unique to each influencer; we incorporated relatable struggles and how meditation can help overcome them in an entertaining and educational way

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