CurioCottage – CASE STUDY

CurioCottage - Case Study

Story of a thousand miles and a hundred days – CurioCottage

Founded in 1971, by Mr Lal Bathija, and currently owned and managed by Anand Bathija, Curio Cottage started with very humble beginnings. It was then a little store, selling Curios and Silver trinkets. Quaint and looking more like a little cottage selling Curios and Jewellery, Mr Lal decided to keep his thoughts simple. He called it “Curio Cottage”. The name stuck and he loved it more with time! But handcrafted Indian jewellery and not the Curios is what he loved, and decided that he would travel and bring the “Best of India” jewellery to his store!

curiocottage case study

Content Map

The content was mainly focussed around creating engagement and buzz around the brand and its values. This was reflected in the reels by flaunting the beauty in every design by CurioCottage and displaying how each and every design is unique in its own way yet they are grounded in the roots of tradition. This blend of classical designs made the jewellery very desirable.

The Creators

This campaign went live with influencers form fashion and lifestyle niches. This collaboration was received very well from the influencers and their audiences as well since this pairing was well thought of, and the influencers from these niches had previous experience with fashion and their pairings of outfits with the jewellery.

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Some Of The Videos

CurioCottage indeed made me curious about their jewellery.

The traditional touch to the hint of modernness in everything they make is great!

The fabulous designs are something that I love with all my heart!

Outfit pairings is a piece of cake when you have such beautiful accessories!!

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