Best Instagram Influencers in Chandigarh

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“People share, read, and generally engage more with any type of content when it's surfaced through friends and people they know and trust.”- Malorie Lucich
(Head of Tech and Innovation Communications, Pinterest)

People trust people’s recommendations more than that of traditional ads, and salespersons and influencers have been successful at sending across a brand’s message in a way that the audience loves to consume and follow. Instagram influencers from Chandigarh are no exception to this. India’s most well-planned city, Chandigarh is the twin capital of both Punjab and Haryana. The land of Patiala suits and Parandis is no stranger to the world of fashion. The youngsters here wear chic western clothing while the older generation prefers kurta salwar. They love wearing bright colours and even their festivals look so colourful! The various Instagram influencers in Chandigarh through their digital content, inspire their followers to work towards their dreams. They are paving the way for a bright future for social media influencers in this beautiful city. Let us look at some of these digital stars:

10 Best Instagram Influencers In Chandigarh

Astha is a model, an actress and an influencer in the domains of fashion, makeup and lifestyle. She loved experimenting with print ads and dressing up as a child. 

ArabellaStyling is a one-woman show by Astha who decided to pursue all of her passions rather than give up on any of them. Just a look at her Instagram handle will prove that she is a queen of multi-tasking! She believes in providing relevant and interesting content to her followers. Her digital content has raised the bar pretty high. 

Astha too has been bit by the “Emily In Paris” bug streaming on Netflix, and has recreated Emily’s looks which are on point! She looks charming in them. Her winter outfits will make you feel cosy and warm just by looking at them. Stopover at her social media home to check them out. 

This talented influencer from Chandigarh has collaborated with several brands, some of which are – Zivame; Max Fashion, mCaffeine, The Body Shop India, The Face Shop India, Shoppers Stop, Oven Story, Inbisco India Pvt. Ltd., Alan Truman, Simple Skincare India; Mintree USA; SHEIN, The Boho Salon and Spa Chandigarh, and many more.

Astha has also been featured in Times Of India, Chandigarh Celebration, Chandigarh Times, Tricity Scoop, and was a showstopper for Vero Moda India

Seeing Astha’s stunning skills, we believe that she would be a “model” partner for a lifestyle brand.

Fashion blogger, and makeup artist, Mukta is an actor and model from Hoshiyarpur, Chandigarh. Mukta made her television debut through MTV’s Splitsvilla and is currently a fashion and lifestyle influencer whose Instagram feed is filled with different dressing, and makeup ideas. 

Through her reels, this Instagram influencer from Chandigarh gives you insights on different outfit ideas such as ‘6 Looks to create with 3 polo T-shirts’, ‘Stylish Punjabi suits at affordable prices’, and makeup tutorials. Her love for glamorous nail art is visible on her Instagram feed, and she has collaborated with a lot of brands that provide nail art accessories, some of which include @nailnlashstudio, @nailcafebyencanto and many others.  Some of her notable brand collaborations include Nykaa-Pink Fashion Sale, Mua, Amag Beauty, Paras Ghee, Evion for #EvionInBeauty, and many more. This Instagram influencer is your go-to place for some amazing glam makeup and fashion ideas!

This Instagram influencer in Chandigarh creates content around beauty, fashion, and lifestyle niches. Jaffy is a safety scientist by profession and an influencer by passion. She uploads videos on affordable fashion ideas, and easy to follow makeup tutorials. 

Jaffy loves to interact with her followers and says she feels content after connecting with them and hearing them out. Seeing this stunning creator out there, a lot of brands from different niches have offered collaborations with this Chandigarh influencer. A few of which include Myntra, Spoyl, Anand Design Studio, Starbucks, Hyatt Regency, JW Marriot, My Glamm, Taco Bell, Veet India, Mamaearth, and California Walnuts, and many more. This lifestyle influencer is the best choice for brands dealing with lifestyle products.

This sassy lifestyle influencer from Chandigarh follows an understated style statement. You won’t find her walking about in flashy outfits, but that is what makes her different and beautiful. She oozes grace even when adorned in a simple pair of jeans and a floral print top! If you love the Patiala salwar suit, you must check those out in her posts. 

She has got long hair and it looks magnificent in ALL of her pictures! How do you manage to make your hair look that good in Every? Single. Post! Please share your secret with us poor beings having to struggle with bad hair days!

Her long, beautiful hair is reason enough for a hair care products brand to “highlight” this Instagram influencer from Chandigarh as their partner for collaboration!

Karanjot is a TrueBlue Punjabi Munda is an actor and a Diljit Dosanjh fan. Who doesn’t love Diljit? Picture us cheering like crazy at a Diljit Dosanjh concert.

Karanjot has posted several music videos on his feed featuring himself. Mostly sporting jeans and sweatshirts in them, this Jatt will steal your heart with his sweet smile, Punjabi charm and of course his uber-cool bhangra skills! 

Karanjot is an amazing comedian too. He posted a funny video featuring his friends and himself on his IG feed. A music video app would be in “sync” with Karanjot as a collaborating “artiste”.

Ananya from Chandigarh is a nano-influencer and is one snazzy dresser! Just take a look at her feed and you won’t be disappointed! Heard about the bedsheet challenge? Visit Ananya’s digital home to know about it!

We love the way Ananya dresses up for functions and goes all out with the accessories but doesn’t look over the top! Her lehenga collection will turn you green with envy and her western attires? Wow! Check out her Instagram handle for outfit inspiration and a whole lot of self-love. She often quotes happiness and being comfortable in one’s own skin. We love you for promoting self-love and happiness as the key ingredients to achieving success in life, Ananya! Loads of influencing here, dear readers!

As an influencer, Ananya has partnered with- Coco Soul, Uncle Jack’s India, Vya Naturals, Swish Beauty Cosmetics, Lass Naturals; SOCIAL; SUGAR CosmeticsInsight Cosmetics and many more. 

Arzoo isn’t just crazy about fashion but is also a gym enthusiastArzoo uses modest backgrounds in her shoots which enhance the outfits she is wearing, and you realize that there’s no true substitute for simplicity and elegance! The grace she oozes while posing against a construction site will leave you dazzled.

If you are a model and haven’t shot in “Sarson da khet”, did you even shoot in Chandigarh? How many of us have taken at least one picture surrounded by those fields?

If you adore bootcut jeans, you owe it to yourself to check out the various outfits Arzoo has shot in it. She makes them look good especially paired with boots. It’s cold season and boots will only amp up your style quotient! 

We believe a music brand would be in perfect “harmony” as a collaborator for this Instagram influencer in Chandigarh.

A fashionista who is a mother too, Ishita exudes grace and charm through her a la mode ensembles and makes it look so easy!  This beautiful content creator will no doubt light a spark in your soul to follow your dreams.

If you are one who loves aesthetics, the urge to fall headfirst in her Instagram feed will be overwhelming. Her outfits are visually very appealing. Ishita’s an artist when it comes to styling. You will want to meet up with her and just listen to her speak about it. We are leaning heavily towards it being an interesting and informative speech. 

Future bloggers out there, check out Ishita’s “Easy Blogger Poses” post on her account. She demonstrates a few poses a blogger could use in their blogs. She’s such a mommy, a classy one, always explaining things and looking after others:)

This Instagram influencer from Chandigarh has collaborated with numerous brands, not shocking, she’s amazing at this – NYX Professionals, The Derma Co, Reveka Setia; Neutrogena India, Mamaearth, StreetStyleStore, Vasu Healthcare, Future Generali India, Aegte, SUGAR Cosmetics; KAPSONS Fashion, Glitter Dust by Palak; Mother Sparsh; Daniel Wellington and tons more. 

We suppose a skincare brand would look “alluring” as her collaborating ally.

Kanika’s sense of styling will blow you away and you will realize that you are watching the work of an expert.

Kanika has acted in a few movies and featured in music videos. She has been awarded “Best Fashion Influencer Of The Year 2019” at Chandigarh Blogger Awards. She has also been recognized as an “Inspirational Future Leader For Women” by Mercedes Benz. 

Save yourself the trouble of deciding your outfits, just scroll through Kanika’s feed and you will be spoilt for choice. She has collaborated with several brands- Urban Theka, Sisters Sweets & Treats  The Tinted Thread, Smoke House Deli, Yashasvi Organics; Juicy Chemistry; Choco Obsession; Sakoon Cosmetics; and several others.

A clothing brand would be a “fitting” collaborator for Kanika.

A biotechnologist by profession. She decided to follow her dreams of becoming a social media influencer and now creates content in the fashion, lifestyle and food domains. 

@galcy_’s love for food is reflected in the several posts of her eating out or the dishes themselves. They look delicious and we couldn’t bear to tear our eyes away! Whether you are a biryani, a chicken, a Punjabi food or a fast-food lover; you will find it featured in her feed. An advice guys- keep your phones near you while scrolling through her posts as you are bound to get hungry and feel an instant urge to order something.  

@galcy_ takes her skincare routine seriously and shares posts of the products she thinks would do you a world of good. Whether you are in search of makeup or makeup remover, lip balms, organic oils for your hair or skin, or a moisturizer, she’s here to help you out. Don’t forget about taking care of yourself while going out for running chores. @galcy_ has even posted a self-care kit containing a mask, a hand sanitiser and other products that you could use.

The numerous brands with whom @galcy_ has collaborated are- Kala Kriti, Biryani By Kilo, Maaira Henfruit, Sultan, Mondsub India, DRUMFIRE, Canal Labs India and several others. 

We believe that a lifestyle brand would be a “healthy” choice for collaboration with this bighearted influencer!

Influencer Engagement Use Cases -

These social media influencers prove that Chandigarh is not behind when it comes to influencer marketing. It’s a city with a high population of youngsters. They follow these digital content creators to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and are only going to increase their engagement with social media.

The reach of social media is vast and its influence – gigantic. The power wielded by the various digital platforms and the influencers can no longer be ignored.

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Unlike earlier, today a brand is easily forgettable if it doesn’t connect with the right audience in a relevant way. Always deliver more than expected. Make your marketing so useful that people would pay for it. Invest in an excellent Influencer Marketing strategy and you will continue having a loyal customer base while spreading your brand’s popularity.

We, at Confluencr, being a leading influencer marketing agency, have taken efforts to build a colony of Instagram influencers in Chandigarh and other cities to facilitate regional influencer marketing for global, as well as local brands. We ensure that brands only partner up with an influencer who will fit in like the missing piece of the puzzle in their marketing strategy. If you wish to discuss more on this or have any queries, please drop in an email to us at [email protected] and we would get right back to you!

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