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influencer marketing strategy

Influencer Marketing​

Influencer marketing might be an effective way of reaching a target audience to you and me but, to brands like Old Navy, it’s a pool full of opportunities. Time and again, the masses fall vulnerable to the annual occasional patterns and become fragile expenders. For times like these, active brands stay prepared and equipped with marketing campaigns to convince the masses that their products would be the best utilization of their money.

Influencer marketing has a lot more going on backstage than just influencers posting pictures with products and getting likes. Whenever you see a post by Kylie Jenner with Calvin Klein tagged in it, she didn’t just wake up and decided to post a selfie. There was a long span of discussions and planning on who should post what and when behind it. 

Influencer marketing might not be as expensive as traditional marketing but hiring huge influencers and developing digital content consumes enough time and money for brands to strategize before spending.

The Process

More than coming across your product, the need is for consumers to trust it with their hard-earned money and influencer marketing caters to this. Niche-specific influencers trigger a leap of faith in their audience in the time they spend in gaining them. If you’re looking to buy a camera and Peter McKinnon has suggested a value for money Nikon model in his highlights, you are likely to buy it. Anyone would!

Similarly, when consumers identify your product as preferred by their Instagram idols, they would feel inclined towards trusting it with their money. However, to achieve so, a genuine influencer with the desired target audience are bare necessities. This blog will help you understand the process of devising an apt influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

1. Self-Awareness

It is important for you, as a brand to be aware of why you’re indulging in influencer marketing and who you’re trying to reach, to begin with. Before strategizing your content and starting to look for influencers, have the answers to the following ready:

What are your objectives?

Hold on to your horses for a sec!

What do you want to influence people for?

Why do you need to collaborate with influencers?

Jot down what you’re trying to achieve with your campaign and cross-check if your objectives are SMART enough:

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An arrow shot with both eyes closed doesn’t get the prey; you need to know exactly what you’re aiming for.

Correct: Increased traffic on your website or a rise in product sales

Wrong: Earning money or gaining goodwill 


Setting unrealistic goals will induce unrealistic hurdles and further a realistic failure of the campaign.

Correct: increase of 100 Visits per hour

Wrong: Stock clearance by one promotional post


If your results aren’t in numbers, how will you evaluate your campaign’s success?

Correct: Traffic on your website can be measured via visits per hour

Wrong: Goodwill can’t be measured


The objectives must be beneficial and acceptable to the brand as a whole and not to a particular person.

Correct: Boosted product sales would help the brand grow

Wrong: While, relationship enhancement with a particular influencer would not


Your goals should have a deadline within which they need to be achieved in order for you to be able to evaluate the campaign’s performance.

Correct: 1000 profile visits in the first 10 minutes

Wrong: 1000 profile visits

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What is your target market?

Influencer marketing is gaining much popularity day by day because of its niche-centric approach and for your brand to fruit benefits out of it you need to be aware of who’s going to buy your product in order to figure out who needs to see it. Once you’re clear about who you’re trying to influence, you can find influencers that cater to your target audience. This helps make sure you don’t end up promoting your car wash on a food blogger’s feed.

Your objectives and target market will change parallel to your product mix. Do your self-awareness research with every new product and don’t try and sell different products to the same audience.

2. Influencer Sieve


Doing your own research and approaching influencers on your own might give you a tinge of satisfaction, but agencies like ours who attempt to form a bridge between brands and influencers have a wider and diversified scope in terms of reach and content development. Hence, outsourcing your influencer marketing campaigns to the ones who make a living out of it will ensure your campaign’s success. Moreover, it will save you the risk of getting involved with fake influencers as agencies verify influencers before hiring them.


Now that you know the target market you want to reach, it’ll be easier for you to narrow down the list of influencers hungry for your money on the basis of their reach and funnel a few out. 

Sort out influencers that upload work relevant to your “whys” and cater to an audience that constitutes your “whos”. You may take the help of influencer analytics tools available online that give you an insight on the influencer’s target audience and authenticity. Beware of fake influencers that attempt to mirror genuine influencer’s profiles and deceive brands into paying them for promoting their products to a dead audience.

This is the campaign’s success determining step and you need to get it right. Big players have made mistakes in choosing the right influencers and have paid the price. Getting backlashed in your initial campaigns might straightaway blacklist your brand in your potential customer’s head. Choose your influencers wisely.

3. Engaging Content

Checklist time! 

We know who you’re trying to influence, why you’re trying to influence them and who’ll be influencing them for you, leaving us with the “How” and “When”. Prepare a content plan along with your influencers or your advertising agency in terms of the media you’ll be approaching your audience via and the timeline it needs to follow in order to reach the maximum pairs of eyes and ears. The content and its media of communication should resonate with the niche and content history of the influencer. If promotional content emits odd-one-out vibes, the campaign is likely to fail.


Just like Old Navy, have an eye out for occasional opportunities and hit the customers’ minds when they’re hot. Approach your audience with a natural and meaningful message so as to give your content a personal touch for them to relate with. Make catchy and insightful content such that the influencer’s audience would want to know more about the topic. Conclusively, make sure the audience feels inclined towards your content, for what it has to offer. Read along for techniques on engaging an audience effectively.

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4. Drive Up Evaluation And Leads

trending female youtubers in 2020

At last, as mentioned earlier, keep a track of your strategy’s performance. This will allow you to spot your mistakes and strengths and strategize better next time. Having a post on a famous celeb’s feed with your brand tagged in it may make your brand famous, but fame isn’t the only thing you’re looking for, is it? You had set a list of SMART goals in the beginning and as long as the campaign doesn’t achieve those, there’s a long way to go. As the popular wise man says, learn your lesson. Referring to past results gives a strong foundation to your strategies.

Eventually, like every other skill, as you gain more and more experience in influencer marketing, you’ll be prepared to leave a stronger impact on the masses with individual posts at the right time.

Promotion Techniques

1. The Basics

Have the influencer make a post, upload a story and do a live video answering the viewer’s doubts regarding your product.

2. Giveaways

Offer giveaways to their audience in exchange for sharing the post/story with their followers and so on. Maybe, run a contest and invite submissions of creative content relevant to your product and award your products to the winners.

3. Long-Term Promotions

A single post about your new keyboard on a gamer’s feed might not be enough to grasp a teenager’s attention. However, if the gamer has uploaded videos of his gameplay using the same keyboard, it would grasp the teenager’s attention. Similarly, more than promotional posts, an influencer using a product for a period of time would trigger trust in his audience. Utilizing multi-social media platforms would allow you to convey your product’s consumption by the influencer efficiently.

4. Takeover

Have influencers with massive follower bases take over your social media account for a day. This will direct their followers to your feed and provided that it is engaging enough, they might turn into your followers. Now, would you be able to manipulate a mind better via your own account or an influencer’s account?

5. Challenges

Introduce challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge and Mannequin Challenge via your influencer’s account. The challenge and your product will get a viral hand in hand, provided it’s interesting enough.

6. Campaigns

Sign long-term contracts with particular influencers in your niche. Promotions at regular intervals for a span of a month or so would trigger trust in their audience’s head and induce better customer relationships. Conducting campaigns and events with influencers, that resonate with your brand’s personality helps the masses relate.

Factors that impact on ideal influencer

In a walnut-shell, influencer marketing can fruit quite a bunch if strategized aptly. Maybe, even a million. Be sure of your Whos, Whats, and Whens and you’ll do just fine.

However, if you’re still not sure about your content plan or reaching the right influencers or finding an influencer marketing agency for your brand, reach us at Don’t worry; we make a living out of it!

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