How To Grow A YouTube Channel?

Channelize Growth Tactics Into Pushing Your YouTube Channel To Its Zenith

As the understanding of why influencer marketing is important is growing, we decided to pick a medium – YouTube – and analyze the patterns that drive a YouTube channel to shoot up in terms of popularity. Read on:

Strong Presentation


Ever since its foundation in 2005, YouTube has successfully evolved into the #1 online video sharing platform where thousands of new users sign-up each year and countless influencer marketing trends evolve. Needless to say, it is no easy job to stand out in the vast pool of users vying to make their mark on the digital world.

At a time where people are turning passions into posts and showcasing skilled information creatively, a sense of presentation becomes paramount to your YouTube image and expansion.

How you dress, how you word, the ‘literal’ background check, colours you display - every minute detail counts for an impression. And when it comes to your content, don’t just write it for the sake of getting followers. We’re an age of smart users who can see through scripted content.

So while you’re at it, try to have fun and engage your viewers with quality content, increased engagement, and have a strong and unique effort for presentation. After all - that’ll be your brand.

Set A Schedule

how to grow a youtube channel from 0

Discipline never hurt anyone. In YouTube marketing, discipline manifests itself in the form of a schedule. Take any famous YouTube influencer or channel and they’ll all have one thing in common. They do not post their videos within haphazard durations. They have a meticulous pattern that they follow consistently.

Once people have noticed you, and better yet – liked your content, they’re looking out for more. They subscribe so that they don’t miss out. A good time to be setting a posting schedule and not leave them hanging, if you ask us.

It can be anything from daily uploads, to bi-weekly or even bi-monthly. How often you must upload videos is then determined by the kind of content your channel has. For example, if it’s vlogs, tutorials, and the likes, maintaining a short span between the videos seems most appropriate. Scheduling builds trust and excitement among the viewers and the engagement is bound to take a leap as well.

This strategy is vital for the rising YouTuber as most people underestimate the power of getting followers on a certain schedule.

SEO = Better Ranking

how to grow a youtube channel in 2020

SEO. Search Engine Optimization. A short acronym holding massive importance when it comes to ranking your video at the top of YouTube pages. Keywords are an immense strategy you may be failing to employ while uploading YouTube videos on your channel, and which may be preventing your video to rank in the top 10 results even though you’re putting in the right keywords while searching.

If you want your videos to outrank your competitors’, you need to put in the legwork to properly optimize each video uploaded on the channel. Using these YouTube SEO techniques, you can optimize your video channel, playlist, descriptions and all the text involved to make sure that the videos are ranked up.

Keywords on YouTube can be used in the video titles, tags and the descriptions. An additional tactic you can use is transcribing your narrative into text and publishing it. This is an extremely efficient and simpler way to get keyword-rich content on the video platform because there’s just so many keywords you can put into the title and description.

how to grow a youtube channel in 2020

Enhance Click-Through Rate

how to grow a youtube channel

You’ve got the viewers onto your channel or across your video. But those were preliminary milestones. Your main challenge is to get YouTubers to click your video. There are two main elements to a great video click-through rate (CTR):


The title of the video is what people will read first. It’s sensible to keep YouTube titles short and relatable for the audience, that leaves them thinking - “What’s in THIS video?”


While the title is just half of the job done, YouTube thumbnail provides more visual context and the first impression that we didn’t intend on giving (or did we?). A well put together thumbnail appeals to the curiosity of the viewer visually, increasing the chances of them clicking on your video. A thumbnail can be compiled using text, image, animation, and emotions. A proper balance between them is tricky but if done properly, they can definitely be click-worthy and a solid look inside the content that the viewer should expect.

Better Organize YouTube Thumbnails

We’re used to browsing diverse social media channels and are fairly privy to the idea of ‘good grids’ or ‘good lists’. Don’t think too much, we’ve all been there. When visiting YouTube pages, we’re used to scrolling through the channel lists and a basic consistency and arrangement of videos sub-consciously forms an impression of seriousness or sloppiness of the channel and therefore, its content.

It’s pretty much a domino after that. Visitors’ increase CTR, engagement with one video, then another, and then another. You’ve hooked, line, and CAUGHT – the viewer’s attention. Whatever did you think we were talking about?

A culmination of these tips can become an extremely profitable strategy to foster your YouTube growth and get on the track to monetize influencer marketing circuit with a reliable YouTube influencer marketing agency like Confluencr. If you feel you need to take this topic further into a conversation, contact us, or drop in your comment below.

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