It is undeniable, video marketing is on the peak since the past few years. 89% of professionals say that video marketing yields the best ROI’s. 

Today, anyone can become a YouTuber. With the one-click access to the internet, it is easy for people to put their content out. This is why youtube has become a platform where people can monetize their content in the video form and a few are successful enough to make a living out of it. 

To become a successful YouTuber, there are certain basic guidelines that one needs to follow. It is important to differentiate between what works & what doesn’t. Also trying different strategies to analyse what will make your channel grow is important.

Are you a beginner?

Or are you a YouTuber struggling to grow your channel?

Well, here are a few things to consider that will enable you to see the growth in your channel.

Are you consistent enough??

Looking to build a successful channel? 

Well of course. Then you must have the content you want to make popular among your audience. With the intention to grow, you cannot publish videos in long intervals like once a week or thrice a month. As it is a step towards YouTube success, with lots of people yet to recognise your profile, it is necessary to post content regularly and consistently. This helps the viewers to expect more from you. 

How often you must upload videos depends on the kind of channel you have. If it is vlogs, tutorials, etc. it is necessary to maintain a short span between the videos. It should be more often and even on a daily basis if possible. For other kinds of the channel, once a week upload works. Whatever the schedule, you must upload when promised. This builds trust and excitement among the viewers and the engagement will take a leap as well. 

This strategy is vital for the rising YouTuber as most people underestimate the power of getting followers on a certain schedule.

Are you passionate enough??

People choose the path of becoming a Youtuber to showcase what they love. We have big female tech YouTubers as well as male because they have a knack for technology. We have fashion and beauty content creators who showcase their love & passion for beauty & fashion. YouTube enables creators to present themselves passionately and have fun. This is what intrigues people- The genuineness. 

If your content is just for the sake of getting followers, it can seem scripted and just what people mostly ignore. 

If you are a beginner or already a YouTuber, one basic thing to keep in mind is just have fun. Have fun while speaking with the audience. Though youtube videos are one-way communication, speak in such a way that the audience can react to it and thus will want to know more, increasing their engagement.

Rank it up!

Why do you see the particular video on top of the list? Well, it is not random right?

If you want your video to be top-ranked, you need to put in the legwork to properly optimize each video uploaded on the channel. Using youtube SEO techniques you can optimize your channel, playlist, descriptions and all the text involved make sure that the videos are ranked up. A bit technical, but this is how you can successfully rank your videos. 

Keywords on YouTube can be used in the title, tags and the descriptions. Apart from these, when you create the video, you can transcribe them into text and publish it too. This is an easy and simple way to get keyword-rich content on the video platform. Also, the quality of the video is the most important key to increase engagement. But it is also necessary to optimise the Youtube SEO. In the visual platform, get your focus to the right keywords for the videos.

The presentation of your Thumbnail

Have you ever wondered why you want to see a particular video, whose content you don’t even know of?  

It is simple! You will click on a video which is visually appealing to you. If you have to shove to get more views, then it is a sincere reminder to check your presentation of the video, that is, the thumbnail. This is because, before clicking on the video, the viewer can get a brief idea of the type of your content from a thumbnail. Not only this but a good thumbnail can enable you to climb the rank ladder faster and increase the chances of getting clicked, hence enhancing your CTR.

A little more attention towards CTR

Youtubers main aim is to get their video clicked. There are two main elements to a great video click-through rate (CTR), which are- 

  • Title: the title of the video is what people will read first. If it is not something that will make them curious, then it is just ignorant. For this, the title should be short, something that is questionable and relatable to the audience and make them think about it. Then and only then they will be interested to view your content. 

  • Thumbnail: thumbnail is basically a brief presentation of the video. It appeals to the viewer visually and thus increases the chances of them clicking. It involves text, image, animation, emotions, etc. A proper balance between them is tricky but if done properly, they will definitely be click-worthy.

It is necessary to remember that success and growth do not happen overnight. 

Every successful YouTuber out there has put in the legwork and with lots of patience, seen their channel grow. Along with patience, it needs hard work, consistency and a priority. The audience is very wavering, keeping them intact is a talent that you have to develop. A YouTube channel without the audience is just a waste. Therefore, the foremost aim while growing on youtube is to gather the organic audience that will be loyal to you. And for that, your content plays an important role. If you advocate your content efficiently, you will have your niche. To know more visit Confluencr.

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