Consider These Important Metrics While Choosing The Right Influencers

Consider These Important Metrics While Choosing The Right Influencers

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“First and foremost, align your business with an influencer that's relevant to your audience. Monitor their social channels, pay attention to their conversations, and watch their interaction. Have they built a tribe and community or are they simply racking up the likes? You want deeply invested influencers that activate their audience.”- Rebekah Radice

Influencer Marketing Campaigns have seen exponential growth like never before in the past few years. Brands and businesses belonging to all sectors, sizes, and domains are inclining towards influencer marketing for enhanced growth, amplified brand engagement, targeted leads, and significant conversions. While it is true that influencer marketing campaigns are nuanced and have a lot of elements involved, one should not forget that choosing an ideal influencer is an essential step in the campaign crafting process. Brands invest a significant amount of money into influencer marketing. When a lot of effort is put into creating compelling and engaging content, choosing the proper influencer to deliver the content is very important.

Approximately, there are 3.2M – 37.8M influencers in the world belonging to various niches across all major social media platforms. How can brands select an ideal influencer among all such ones-one who can communicate the brand’s message effectively and become a reputable face of the brand? It is essential to realize that finding the correct influencer is more than running a simple Google search and a quick rundown as to which influencer has the most number of followers and gets more likes and more comments. Hence, here are some metrics that brands should consider before deciding on an influencer for their next influencer campaign.

6 Important Influencer Marketing Metrics For Brands To Consider Before Collaborating:

1. Reach Of The Influencer

influencer marketing metrics

The ultimate goal of brands is to reach more target audiences. Brands want their voice to be heard by as many people as possible. Hence, when brands decide which influencer they should choose for their next campaign, they should review that influencer’s insights. The influencer’s follower count, view counts, or subscribers’ number can give you a brief idea of the influencer’s reach. However, social media hacks like bots and pods suggest that the metrics mentioned above don’t decide an influencer’s reach. Hence, brands should precisely lookout for the reach factor.

What do creating resources suggest? Brands can provide ‘how-to’ information and educate the audience about how their products or services are beneficial and provide solutions. Also, resources help the audience to understand the expertise of the brand and the team behind it. Most importantly, resources are shareable. Audiences share and re-share resources they find interesting and engaging. Infographics, tables, slides and how-to guides and videos are all examples of resources.

2. Content Of The Influencer

influencer marketing metrics

3. Build Your Brand Around An Audience And Create A Sense Of Belonging ​

influencer marketing metrics

An influencer campaign can become successful when it works with specific goals in mind. Among such goals, a crucial one is understanding which audience a campaign is meant to reach. Hence, brands should analyze the quality of the followers that an influencer has because they are potential customers. Recent research states that as of 2019, fake followers cost brands more than $1 billion. Another study points out that if a beauty influencer has 400,000 followers, only 20% are interested in beauty. Hence, the quality and quality of followers an influencer has is an essential metric to consider.

A survey on social media influencers in 2020 states that most respondents are mostly active on Instagram, followed by Facebook, and YouTube ranking third. Instagram has emerged as the most popular platform for Influencer Marketing. Hence, brands have to look out for influencers who have a tight grip on prominent social media platforms. It will enable them to reach more people.

4. Platform Used By The Influencer

influencer marketing metrics

5. Reputation Of The Influencer

influencer marketing metrics

While it is true that famous personalities on social media platforms are often criticized, there is also an enormous percentage of the audience who loyally support their work. However, the metric that brands have to consider very carefully is the reputation that a certain influencer has. What does that suggest? Is the influencer known for his/her cool behavior? Have they made inappropriate remarks in the past? Is he/she a positive individual and aligns with the brand ideals? If brands observe red flags, then that specific influencer is not the ideal option.

An influencer’s engagement rate is a crucial factor because it directly impacts the effectiveness of a brand campaign. Influencers with more than 1 million followers are found to have an average of 1.9% engagement rate, while micro-influencers with followers ranging between 5K-20K have an average engagement rate of 2.43%. The number of followers isn’t an accurate metric. Brands need to choose influencers that have a good engagement rate on a specific social platform.

6. Engagement Of The Influencer

influencer marketing metrics

20 Days Of Food Madness With Ola Foods- An Example

Ola, a leading mobility platform in India started Ola Foods – aimed at building India’s most loved food brands focused on quality and hygiene and making meals more exciting and satisfying. Confluencr partnered with the brand and invited 100+ influencers to make rap anthems during India’s most loved IPL season with khichdi as a central theme. We carefully closed the influencers. Everyone- micro to macro-influencers from various niches made exciting videos around India’s comfort food- khichdi. The campaign got 374,576 views, 4,688K+ active comments and 119 carefully chosen influencers participated in this initiative. This is just one of many examples that prove how effective a campaign can be when the metrics are precise while choosing an influencer.

Final Thoughts:

Many brands collaborate with influencers for a single post or a series of posts. However, when choosing an influencer for an entire campaign, brands should consider the metrics mentioned above to choose an ideal influencer. An Influencer is the face of the brand who can affect the brand’s affinity- either positively or negatively. Hence, brands should consider all essential metrics before making a final choice. Confluencr is a prominent and leading influencer marketing company that has collaborated with a wide array of global brands and has helped them partner with ideal influencers. With a 15000+ influencer network in 16 countries, we have created 500+ creative brand campaigns for 200+ brands. Are you in search of an ideal influencer for your next brand campaign? Then, get in touch with us at [email protected] to learn more.

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