Pinaaz is a quirky silver earring brand. They brought into play fashion influencers to promote their artistic designs. Influencers. Creators generated posts & remarkable content on the topic, which led to strengthening the social media presence of the brand. This also reflected on the brand’s website as enhanced engagement.




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I love those earrings😍😍

Love this earring and your make up do complimenting this earring

Hey pretty earrings. Perfect for college goers & in small functions

These earrings looks super amazing, the design

The colour of the earring looks amazing 💯

Wow your earrings r so cool

Earrings looks very elegant and pretty 💕

Beautiful piece of earrings😍

Wow! Crushing over these beautiful & elegant earrings 👌

These earrings are so simple and pretty😍

925 sterling silver earrings looks so good to try❤️

This is really beautiful 925 sterling earrings it looks so pretty on you I like the design 😍