Top 10 Best Male Fashion YouTubers

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“The one thing that has changed dramatically in recent years is the direct relationship brands now have with their consumers. In this new hierarchy, the consumer has the ability to amplify or negatively impact on business, through sharing positive or negative responses.”- Imran Amed
(Founder and CEO, The Business of Fashion)

Fashion has always been the buzzword, and it does play an important role in one’s life. It defines who you are and how you carry yourself. Men’s fashion has seen a little less limelight so far. However, with the emergence of social media, men’s fashion too has seen expanding horizons. From hairstyling to accessorising, social media fashion influencers are changing the definition of fashion and fashion brands are increasingly trying to reach out to them for successful collaborations. To keep you updated with the recent trends in the fashion industry, here’s our take on some of the most influential male fashion YouTubers in India that are levelling up the fashion game.

Top 10 male fashion YouTubers in India:

A strong believer in self-development, Ranveer Allhabadia has come a long way and has been inspiring us ever since he began his creator journey. His warming sweet smile and simple yet elegant choice of attire make him top the list of best male fashion YouTubers in India. Dedicating a complete playlist for fashion tips on his YouTube channel, this fashion influencer shares insight into formal dressing tips, affordable fashion, tips to look smarter, and mistakes to avoid while dressing up. He also has videos on fashion tips for different occasions, colour matching techniques, fashion for college students, and recent fashion trends. Want to know what inspired him to dress the way he does? Head on to his video where Ranveer talks about 5 fashion tips that changed his life. 

Not limiting himself to one niche, Ranveer’s channel is home to a variety of topics including fashion, fitness, mental wellbeing, and his most famous podcast ‘The Ranveer Show’. Talking about his entrepreneurial journey, Ranveer says ‘I believe in being an entrepreneur of the self’. Being the founder of BeerBiceps, and Monk Entertainment, Ranveer is a lifelong learner. This one of a kind influencer has beautifully tackled various sensitive topics on his podcast and never shies off from being his true self.

Started by Karron S Dhinggra, a lawyer by profession, The Formal Edit is a repository of styling, skincare and hair care tips. Home to a whopping 2.54m subscribers, The Formal Edit is a massive help for men who wish to dress and appear in a la mode.

It’s wedding season, and you are wondering what to wear and how to style your hair and beard. Karron has uploaded a video not just mentioning the outfits you can try on but, more importantly, the mistakes to avoid in getting dressed up. Some of them – no shiny clothes, don’t get your hair cut and beard trimmed just a day before the function, not matching your shoes and watch with your ensemble, and many more. The video might be short but is profoundly enlightening!

Guys who love sporting tees, check out the “Top 10 T-shirt Budget Brands”, or if you’re a lover of white sneakers, watch the “Top 10 Budget Brands White Sneakers”. There are mentions of hair care hacks, reverse grey hair, shampoos to use, get rid of dandruff and more hair related videos.

Skin is another essential part of you that needs the utmost care, something nearly all men forget about. The Formal Edit weighs in on the various skincare routines one must follow and the moisturizer and face wash to use, as per your skin type. Grooming forms an essential part of your style. Never ignore it, dear readers.

The best thing about The Formal Edit is that it provides many budget options. This makes the fashion world accessible, specifically for college students with a limited budget. Karron has shared a video talking about how to become a blogger, blogger aspirants out there. Do pore over it to imbibe tips and vital inputs.

Pawan’s YouTube channel is home to over 1.15M subscribers with whom he interacts at an engagement rate of 7.38%. This Indian fashion influencer on YouTube shares valuable tips on men’s fashion, fitness, lifestyle and grooming. His videos are a complete tutorial on all things fashion and self-care. 

Pawan also informs his audience on what skincare hacks to avoid, affordable tips to get clearer skin, shaving, and dieting tips. He also busts some of the myths related to men’s lifestyle and grooming and shares his honest reviews on various skincare products. Head on to this fashion YouTuber’s channel for a complete mix of fashion and self-grooming tips!

Right from fashion to grooming this fashion YouTuber has created videos on the latest fashion trends, grooming tips, ‘How-to’ fashion guides, hair styling, and skincare tips. Pawan addresses common problems faced by men and inspires us to become the best version of ourselves. This men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger is also active on Instagram with around 21k followers and has collaborated with a number of lifestyle brands such as ‘Garnier’s Shampoo hair colour for men.’

Rishi Arora, the brain behind ‘Be Ghent’ is a lifestyle vlogger and believes in capturing all the big and small moments in life. You can find all things fashion, styling and grooming for men on this Indian fashion YouTuber’s channel. 

Right from guiding you on how to fold your jeans in different ways, to hacks to differentiate between cheap and high-quality T-shirts, Rishi knows it all. Besides fashion trends, Rishi also throws light on how to improve one’s confidence, and body language. 

Rishi engages with his audience at the rate of over 10% and has a cumulative viewership of 14.8k views. His most popular video ‘5 Fashion style secrets that no one knows’ has bagged a whopping 4.6m views.

Hardik Sharma’s YouTube channel, Style Saiyan, is home to 800k+ subscribers. Style Saiyan is dedicated to affordable men’s fashion and lifestyle content. This Indian fashion YouTuber’s channel hosts videos on all things fashion. Hardik provides his viewers, insights into hair styling tips and techniques, how to choose appropriate colours based on your skin tone, affordable accessories, and how to create a rich look with not-so-rich pieces of clothing. 

Working from home, and losing all the inspiration to dress up? Hardik shows us how you can carry your style even at home. He also shares some amazing skincare and haircare hacks and provides everything you need to look classy. Need a cheaper alternative for perfume? Don’t know what to wear while going to college? Unable to decide what to wear for a wedding? Head on to Style Saiyan’s YouTube channel, and we’re sure you’d get some amazing dressing ideas! 

With his content presented in an easy-to-digest manner, this Indian fashion influencer on YouTube has drawn an average of around 280k views. His most popular video ‘5 Clothing fitting hacks every stylish guy should know’ stands with a massive 9.4M views.

This male fashion YouTuber in India masters the art of men’s fashion, especially for young, college-going students. From fashion, styling, to hygiene, Harsh’s channel features everything related to men’s lifestyle and grooming. 

Harsh talks about everything you need to boost up that confidence of yours and help you walk with your head held high. A teenager struggling with acne problems? Check out Hunk Harsh’s hack of getting clear, healthy skin. Want to look more attractive? Want to volumise your hair so that they look great? Head on to this fashion influencer’s YouTube channel, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Harsh has a loyal follower base of 581k subscribers and engages with them at an engagement rate of 7.17%. This male fashion influencer is also active on Instagram and is a favourite among his 70k+ followers.

Sahil Gera, a men’s fitness and lifestyle vlogger, is the creative brain behind ‘the dynamite male’ YouTube channel. This channel is home to 318k subscribers and comprises a variety of topics including men’s fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and finance. 

Sahil is also active on Instagram and engages with his audience at an engagement rate of 4.73%. Sahil believes in being the ‘dynamite version of himself’ and hence keep trying out new things. This fashion influencer’s YouTube channel consists of videos ranging from styling tips and tricks, skincare hacks, content creation, video production tips, and certain insights from the finance sector. 

Sahil has travelled places including Leh Ladakh, one of the destinations on everybody’s bucket list, and has created some amazing vlogs on the same. Want to know how to earn while you learn? Want to learn more about investing? Do NFTs confuse you? Head on to this YouTuber’s digital home, and find answers to all your questions. 

Want to change your look with specs but don’t know which one to choose? Sahil has a special video for that! We appreciate this creator’s knowledge and persistence, and see him already on the rise!

Mayank’s YouTube channel, with a subscription base of 272k, is a 360-degree view of fashion, lifestyle and entrepreneurship. 

Several videos cover basic to formal ensembles that help you decide on an outfit, depending on the occasion. He even has a video about men’s perfumes – you need to smell good too! Mayank’s video on trying 5 grooming habits and their impact on his skin is eye-opening. Men are often made to think that they need not care much for their skin. Something as simple as washing your face twice daily will have a significant effect on your skin! 

Mayank’s narration of his personal experience throughout his entrepreneurship journey will strike a chord with you and encourage you to take the plunge. He has several tutorials on fitness and finance, which help men take better care of their finances and health.

Mayank is an engaging speaker and readily shares his knowledge with those willing to listen and learn! Keep tutoring us, MB!

Vaibhav Keswani’s YouTube channel is your one-stop destination for men’s fashion, grooming, and styling needs. You can find everything from how to add volume to your hair, date outfit ideas, budget street style outfits, budget college outfits, best budget perfumes, and blazers, to styling mistakes to avoid, on this Indian fashion YouTuber’s channel. 

Vaibhav has a promising 190k subscribers, with an average viewership of over 25k views. Want to transform your wardrobe with some solid shirts and accessories? Head on to this YouTuber’s channel, to know what’s his pick. We’re sure you’d be getting stunning yet budget-friendly ideas! 

Love to flaunt those watches? He has a video dedicated to that too! Besides giving you some amazing tips on clothing and fashion, Vaibhav never misses out on certain styling mistakes that you might make and offers his piece of advice. Check out this male fashion influencer’s YouTube channel for some serious styling inspiration.

Just as the name suggests, ‘BeYourBest’ is all about looking your best, feeling your best, and ultimately, being your best. San Karla is the creator behind this YouTube channel which masters the content related to men’s fashion and lifestyle. 

A look at this fashion influencer’s YouTube channel, and you’d know his love for sneakers! He has quite a lot of videos on which sneakers you must possess, the best Indian collection of sneakers, and sneaker hacks to follow. Besides sneakers, he also gives you different outfit ideas using a single pair of jeans. 

San also shows you how perfectly you can pick up a suit for yourself at the most affordable prices. From winter outfits to Indian draping, he’s a master when it comes to fashion. From wardrobe must-haves, to ‘how to impress a girl’ you can find everything related to fashion and lifestyle on this Indian fashion YouTuber’s channel. 

‘Be your best’ is home to around 170k subscribers and has bagged a maximum of 1.2 m views on one of his videos. San is also an active Instagram fashion influencer with a fan-following of over 58k followers and engages with his audience at a whopping 7.19% engagement rate.

YouTube's Fastest Growing Demographics

Youtube being a visual medium, has a higher impact on its audience. We always remember things we have seen better than what we have read or even heard about. This means that brands whose advertisements one sees on YouTube are more likely to stay in the users’ minds.

As per a study conducted by HootSuite shows –

YouTube gets 14.3 billion visits per month and 54% of YouTube users are male. 

Given the statistics, brands dealing in the men’s fashion and grooming industry, cannot overlook the potential of YouTube in terms of marketing.  These fashion representatives are here to stay, and you need to carefully strategise your YouTube influencer marketing campaigns in order to reap the benefits this platform has to offer. 

Being a global influencer marketing agency, Confluencr realizes the immense potential of these male fashion influencers on YouTube and wish to help our clients gain collaborations with these social media influencers. If you want to discuss more on this subject or drop in your views, say [email protected]  to us.

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