Best Male Fashion YouTubers

Top 10 Best Male Fashion YouTubers

Do you love white shirts? Karl Lagerfeld once said: “If you ask me what I’d most like to have invented in fashion, I’d say the white shirt. For me, the white shirt is the basis of everything. Everything else comes after.” 

This is one piece of clothing that most of us love wearing and is timeless. So do the male fashion influencers we have mentioned in this blog. Many of us are clueless when it comes to styling and need help or at least an “influence”. Enter the warriors to help the cause- the best male fashion YouTubers. Here we go:

Tim Dessaint - 397K Subscribers

Tim Dessaint is one of the most stylish YouTube content creators with a subscriber base of 357k. Growing in Paris and travelling the world, no doubt resulted in this fashion guru absorbing the various styles and culture from around the world.

A graduate of IÉSEG School of Management, Tim believes in not just creating content for the sake of it, but one that is relevant as well as visually appealing. To maintain his high standards, Tim involves himself in the whole process – right from scripting till the editing of the final video.

Tim’s weekly uploads ensure that his viewers are updated with the current fashion trends as well as they receive wardrobe updates for that particular season. No use knowing where you can buy the best winter coats if it’s the season for sunbathing!   

The zillion videos on Tim’s YT channel will no doubt inspire you, and you will soon find yourself in front of your closet trying out a few of his suggestions or to Marie Konde your wardrobe! Whether you test out those suggestions or get into cleaning out your closet, one thing’s for sure- Tim has managed to inspire you!

Alex Costa - 3.06M Subscribers​

This classy YouTuber has 2.91mn subscribers to his YouTube channel, and why not? He kills it with his style! If you are one to keep notes on male fashion, you must surely have stumbled upon Alex. 

Alex is a reservoir when it comes to male styling. His videos cover you right from the head to your feet! He uploads videos of wardrobe essentials, sneakers, OOTDs, seasonal fundamentals, hair styles and more. Your clothes should match your footwear and so should your hair! This is something that Alex emphasizes on. 

Men often think a simple haircut and they are done. How wrong are they! You need to make sure your stylist is a professional who cuts your hair in a way that suits you. Also men need to pay attention to their grooming style and skin care.

Alex has even created a playlist on fitness-guys, it’s paramount that you keep up your fitness in order to look well put together!

Alex Costa - 3.06M subscribers

The Modest Man - 310K subscribers

This seemingly short guy (5’ 6” is short?!!) is on a mission to help out other short guys with their outfits so they don’t feel any less than the others, aka the tall guys. Brock McGoff started this channel (amassing 297k subscribers) and his blog to share his knowledge of the various stores, tips and tricks which will help others like him, look and feel good. He believes that your look is your first impression. Totally true, we make assumptions based on how others look, what they are wearing and so on.  

The Modest Man channel has several playlists covering styling guides from trousers, shirts, shoes, watches and belts to hair and grooming. Men often forget that their shoes and belt need to match! What! That’s a fact?!? Yes, it is:) Shocking, we know! Oh and don’t forget to coordinate your socks with your shoes too. 

And you thought men’s fashion was simple! It isn’t very complicated either! You just need the right guidance and soon you will be knocking off others with your looks! The Modest Man is your north star in the world of fashion!

Mayank Bhattacharya - 267K subscribers

Mayank’s YouTube channel with a subscription base of 265k is a 360 degree view of fashion, lifestyle and entrepreneurship. 

There are several videos covering basic to formal ensembles which help you decide on an outfit, depending on the occasion. He even has a video about men’s perfumes- you need to smell good too! Mayank’s video on trying 5 grooming habits and its impact on his skin is an eye opener. Men are often made to think that they need not care much for their skin. Something as simple as washing your face twice daily will have a huge effect on your skin! 

Mayank’s narration of his personal experience throughout his journey of entrepreneurship will strike a chord with you, and encourage you to take the plunge. He has several tutorials on fitness as well as finance which help men take better care of their finances and health.

Mayank is an engaging speaker and readily shares his knowledge with those willing to listen and learn! Keep tutoring us, MB!

Jordan O'Brien - 443K subscribers

Jordan describes himself as, “Just a guy who likes to dress nice and share how to do it”. Well we like that too, Jordan. A look at his YT cover photo and you know this is one man who just doesn’t dress well, but is dapper! No wonder his channel is home to 444k subscribers!

Jordan’s videos are just like him- stylish and presentable. He covers all aspects of styling, right from your hairstyle to your shoes. Don’t skip the accessories- watches and jewelry too. Jordan talks about how you can style your watches, pair sneakers or dress shoes with your suit and how to colour block your clothes.

Many of us wish we were able to afford the designer outfits which look so chic and snazzy. Don’t worry guys, Jordan has vidoes showcasing how you can recreate designer creations on a limited budget too! You will also find mentions of stores where you can buy stylish clothing without going broke. Regardless of your finances, everyone deserves to wear clothes which make you look, and more importantly, feel slick and smart.

Excited about your upcoming trip, but packing a suitcase giving you nightmares? Just hop on to Jordan’s YT home and you will find an instructional video on it! No more groaning about packing, guys! Whatever your fashion concern, the answer is available here.

Drew Scott - 441K subscribers

Drew is a style icon in his own right. Don’t let his sappy looks make you think otherwise. Join Drew and his 443k subscribers on an adventure around LA. He regularly goes hunting for the latest trends or concocts a voguish ensemble on a low budget.

Winter is knocking on your front door and you wish to greet it in style? Head on to Drew’s virtual home where he has got an entire video dedicated to fall outfits. Pair your jeans with a hoodie, and if you wish to feel a bit more snuggly, throw on a blazer and voila! You are done!

Have a few old t-shirts just lying around? Why don’t you transform them into something new and trendy? If you have no clue how to do that, well, Drew’s here with a few DIY hacks. If you love the minimalist style, Drew’s a fan of it too. You bet there are videos on minimal outfit ideas! 

Christmas is around the corner and you are still undecided about the gifts! Drew’s got a few holiday gift ideas for you. Maybe you will have a light bulb shining over your head after hearing his ideas! Whether it’s clothing or shoes or gifts that’s got you perplexed, Drew’s got you covered:)

The Formal Edit - 419K subscribers

Started by Karron S Dhinggra, a lawyer by profession, The Formal Edit is a repository of styling, skin care and hair care tips. Home to 298k subscribers, The Formal Edit is a huge help for men who wish to dress and appear a la mode.

It’s wedding season and you are wondering what to wear, and how to style your hair and beard. Karron has uploaded a video not just mentioning the outfits to don, but more importantly, the mistakes to avoid. Some of them- no shiny clothes, don’t get your hair cut and beard trimmed just a day before the function, not matching your shoes and watch with your ensemble, and many more. The video might be short but is deeply enlightening!

Guys who love sporting tees, check out the “Top 10 T-shirt Budget Brands” or if you’re a lover of white sneakers, watch the “Top 10 Budget Brands White Sneakers”. There are mentions of hair care hacks, how to reverse grey hair, shampoos to use, get rid of dandruff and more hair related videos.

Skin is another important part of you that needs the utmost care, something nearly all men forget about. The Formal Edit weighs in on the various skin care routines one must follow, as well as the moisturizer and face wash to use, as per your skin type. Grooming forms an essential part of your style. Never ignore it, dear readers.

The best thing about The Formal Edit is that it provides a lot of budget options. This makes the fashion world accessible, specifically for the college students who have a limited budget. Blogger aspirants out there- Karron has shared a video talking about how to become a blogger. Do pore over it to imbibe tips and vital inputs.

The Formal Edit - 419K subscribers

Sameer Mark - 291K subscribers

Sameer mostly deals with hair and skin care routines which resonate with his 289k subscribers on YouTube.

There are videos wherein Sameer has tried out various hair colours, from Hot Purple to Caramel Blue! If you wish to use a hair mask but don’t know how, Sameer shows you the way! Most of us nowadays sport dark circles under our eyes- too much screen time or not enough sleep. Did you know, simply placing spoons which have been placed in a refrigerator for 1-2 hours will get rid of those pesky circles? For more hacks on it, glance through Sameer’s “How To Get Rid of Dark Circles in 2 Ddays” video. 

Aspire to pursue a career in the influencer marketing industry? Sameer presents you with tips on how to become one. 

BluMaan - 1.64M subscribers

If you experience hair woes or just want to care for your hair, you must join the BluMaan YouTube channel. Boasting a 1.64mn subscribers, Joe established this channel to mainly speak on hair care and style.

The channel is filled with grooming insights, styles, product reviews and tutorials all related to, you guessed it- hair. Planning on trying out a different hair style? Check out BluMaan’s “7 BEST Hairstyles for Men 2020” for ideas. There are so many myths surrounding grooming that we are unsure of which ones to believe. BluMaan solves this confusion with his uploads on them. He has even mentioned the grooming tools one ought to use in order to look sharp.

Wish your hair appeared well maintained for a longer duration? BluMaan’s here to help you out with it and also tells you what NOT to do. Speculated the secret behind Donald Trump, PewDiePie and Leonardo Dicaprio’s hair styles? Joe’s revealed them on his channel! 

The BluMaan brand has also created its own line of hair care products which not only improve your hair quality but are also cruelty free and paraben free to boot! Who knew there was so much to know just about hair?!! A huge thank you, BluMaan, for educating us on this seemingly unimportant element! 

BluMaan - 1.64M subscribers

He Spoke Style - 184K subscribers

Brian Sacawa noticed a void in the online menswear universe and set up the He Spoke Style YouTube channel to fill the gap. Today, this channel has a community of 166k loyal subscribers who benefit from Brian’s observations and his solutions.

The fall season has crept in most parts of the world, this means FALL OUTFITS! Sorry, got a little too excited;) Take cues from HSS’ winter capsule wardrobe video to put together 5 outfits- flannel, denims, suede- included. We often layer up during the cold season, but end up looking like a snowman instead. Has it happened with you all? Well, Brian’s here to assist you!  

Adore grey, brown and navy colours? Go through HSS’ monochrome styled outfits in them. You will fall in love! You are watching a movie or a show, and see one of the characters wearing a hat. You wish to do too, but- Which one and how to wear? Brian’s here with a few videos on them. Flaunt your fedoras without looking silly! 

If you are a perfume hoarder, you owe it to yourself to view his fragrance haul and review uploads. Did you know that the same perfume does not necessarily go with both your casual as well as dressier look? Neither did we! 

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These fashion representatives are here to stay and how! Take your own sweet time and study the various style agents mentioned. You will undeniably find inspiration to up your style quotient! Why should girls have all the fun!

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Youtube being a visual medium, it has a higher impact on its audience. We always remember things we have seen better, than what we have read or even heard about. This means that brands, whose advertisements one sees on YouTube, are more likely to stay in the minds of the users.

We, at Confluencr, realise the immense potential of these male fashion influencers on YouTube and wish to help our clients, that’s you, dear brands, gain from collaborations with these social media influencers. If you wish to discuss more on this subject or just drop in your views, say to us.

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