Top 10 Fastest-Growing YouTubers of 2023

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India is home to a thriving community of content creators taking the YouTube world by storm. From comedy and music to beauty and gaming, Indian YouTubers create content that resonates with audiences around the globe.

As we approach the middle of the year, it’s exciting to see which YouTube channels are gaining the most traction and capturing the attention of viewers. So, without further ado, let’s get into our top 10 picks for the fastest-growing YouTube channels of 2023.

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Introducing the fastest-growing youtube channel in India – CarryMinati, also known as Ajey Nagar. Hailing from Delhi, he started his youtube journey at 10 and has now amassed a whopping 38.4M subscribers. His entertaining style and witty humour have garnered him a massive following, particularly among the younger generation.

CarryMinati has an impressive engagement rate of 2.23M on his channel, and his videos have an average viewership of 9.21M views. His entertaining and humorous commentary videos cover various topics, from online gaming to social issues, and have earned him a loyal fan base.

 His interaction with his audience through live streams, social media, and comment sections has further contributed to his popularity and engagement. His top three videos have received over 10 million likes each.

Round2Hell has become one of the fastest-growing youtube channels in India, run by three friends from Uttar Pradesh – Nazim Ahmed, Wasim Ahmed, and Zayn Saifi – who started their journey in 2015 as a hobby and uploaded their first video in December of that year. The video was well-received, which motivated them to continue creating more content.

Their popularity grew rapidly in 2018 after they released a series of school life videos that went viral on social media platforms. The group’s content focuses on sketch comedy and is inspired by their personal experiences and observations. 

Today, Round2Hell is one of India’s most popular YouTube channels, with over 29.6M subscribers and an engaged audience with a 36.1M engagement rate. They have an average viewership of 9.2M views on all their uploads.

Ashish Chanchlani is a well-known Indian YouTuber who has gained immense popularity for his humorous and entertaining videos. Ashish initially started making videos as a hobby while studying in college. 

Ashish’s videos are known for their unique content, engaging storytelling, and relatable humour. He often collaborates with other YouTubers and celebrities, which has helped him gain a massive following.

He won numerous awards for contributing to the Indian YouTube community, including the People’s Choice Award for Best Comedy YouTuber at the WebTVAsia Awards in 2016. Today, Ashish Chanchlani has over 29.5M subscribers and an engaged audience with a 29.3M engagement rate—also average viewership of 9.2M views on all his uploads.

Sandeep Maheshwari is a renowned Indian motivational speaker and entrepreneur. His journey as a YouTuber began in 2012 when he decided to upload a video of a seminar he conducted on his website. The video received an overwhelming response, and he set to become one of the fastest-growing youtube channels.

Sandeep’s channel offers motivational and inspirational videos aimed at helping people overcome challenges in their lives. What sets Sandeep apart is his unique style of delivery. He speaks in Hindi and uses simple language, which makes his message accessible to a wide range of people. 

Today, Sandeep Maheshwari’s YouTube channel has over 27.4M subscribers and an engaged audience with a 2.3M engagement rate—also average viewership of 7.82M views on all his uploads.

Bhuvan Bam is one of the top 10 youtube influencers in India. He started his YouTube career in 2015 by creating a YouTube channel called BB Ki Vines. 

Bhuvan’s videos feature him portraying multiple characters, often interacting with each other in humorous situations. His content is relatable, and he covers topics ranging from the struggles of daily life to societal issues. His humorous take on everyday situations resonates with the audience, making him popular among people of all ages.

His channel, BB Ki Vines, has over 21.2M subscribers and is the first Indian YouTube channel to cross 10 million subscribers. His engagement rate is 16.4M, and his average viewership is around 9.03M

Harsh Beniwal is a popular Indian YouTuber, actor, and comedian known for his hilarious videos and relatable content. 

In 2016, Harsh Beniwal created his YouTube channel, quickly gaining popularity among the younger generation in India. Harsh Beniwal’s videos are known for their humorous take on relatable topics such as relationships, family, and society. 

Apart from his YouTube channel, Harsh Beniwal has also acted in web series and movies, including the Bollywood film “Student of the Year 2”. Today, Harch Beniwal’s YouTube channel has over 15.2M subscribers and an engaged audience with a 13.8M engagement rate—also average viewership of 8.96M views on all his uploads.

Amit Bhadana is a popular YouTuber in India known for his humorous content and entertaining videos. After completing his education, Amit started working in a law firm. However, he soon realized his passion lay elsewhere and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a YouTuber.

Amit started his YouTube channel in 2012 but didn’t gain much traction until he uploaded a video called “Exam Be Like” in 2017. The video went viral and catapulted Amit to YouTube stardom.

He followed it up with more videos, and each one became more popular than the last, cementing his position as one of the fastest growing youtube channels.

Today, Amit Bhadana has over 24.4M subscribers and an engaged audience with a 9.5M engagement rate—also average viewership of 8.55M views on all his uploads.

Nischay Malhan, also known as Triggered Insaan, is a popular Indian YouTuber known for his humorous and satirical videos. 

Before starting his YouTube channel, Nischay was pursuing a degree in engineering. However, he soon realized he wasn’t passionate about it and decided to take a gap year to figure out his true calling. 

Nischay’s initial videos were gaming-related, but he soon realized his natural talent was creating humorous and satirical videos. Since then, Nischay has become known for his witty commentary on various topics, from social issues to online trends. His videos often include funny skits, parodies, and sarcastic commentary.

Today Nischay has over 17.9M subscribers and an engaged audience with a 6M engagement rate also average viewership of 8.42 M views on all his uploads.

Mr Indian Hacker, known as Kunal, is a popular YouTuber from Mumbai, India. He started his YouTube channel in 2016, focusing on creating videos related to science experiments, life hacks, and DIY projects.

He started his channel to share his knowledge and passion for science with the world. His videos cover various topics, from simple life hacks to complex science experiments. Kunal is known for his unique and innovative content creation approach and educational and entertaining videos.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Kunal is active on social media and has a strong presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Today Kunal has over 30.4M subscribers and an engaged audience with a 6.7M engagement rate—also average viewership of 8.41M views on all his uploads.

Emiway Bantai is a famous rapper and songwriter from Mumbai, India. He started his YouTube journey in 2009 by uploading videos of his performances and freestyle raps.

However, his diss track “Asli Hip Hop” in 2018 brought him widespread recognition and made him a household name. The song, which was a response to a perceived slight from a rival rapper, went viral and was praised for its lyrical content, flow, and Emiway’s delivery.

His YouTube channel content is about posting music videos, behind-the-scenes content, and vlogs. His channel has over 19.9M subscribers and an engaged audience with a 7.3M engagement rate—also average viewership of 8.33M views on all his uploads.

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These were our picks for the Top 10 fastest-growing youtube channels in 2023. These Indian YouTube stars have built massive audiences by leveraging their talent, hard work, and unique voices to create entertaining and engaging content. 

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