Fastest Growing Youtubers of 2021

YouTube Has Become One Of The Most Accredited Platforms For These “Influencers”.

Here is a list of a few channels who gained traction in last year, due to their uniqe content in respective categories.

Jeferee Star

A once, small-time Youtuber started all the way back in 2006, Jeffree star is an actual YouTube STAR today. Before starting a YouTube channel, he was busy making it big on myspace by building a fanbase for his career as a makeup artist. Although he is widely recognised for his make-up today, he is a man of many talents. In fact, he first started gaining traction because of his melodious singing. The fame he gained from singing he channeled into his makeup career. 

This dog-loving makeup guru would often sneak into clubs just so he could show off his makeup skills hoping celebrities would hire him someday. Today, he owns an established makeup line.

He gained over 5 million followers in 2019 alone over his already subscribed 11.7 million. A huge part of this popularity is credited to his commenting and being involved in the James Charles vs Tatti Westbrook feud

With all good hopes, he will rise higher in 2021 due to his sheer will and hard work. He found his true passion at 13 and he’s done nothing but put everything into that since and evidently it has seemed to pay off, literally.

Goldmines Telefilms

Originating in India, Goldmines Telefilms produces movies, songs and comedy sketches. With a subscriber base of over 30 million, it has been able to be well established in the influencer-verse. 

They have been gaining a lot of popularity in the last year. In fact, they gained over 11.5 million subscribers in 2019 alone, bringing them to where they are now standing. Goldmines telefilms show a lot of promise and the only way to go for them is up.0

Their unique interesting content never fails to gain the attention of their audience. With such a great response from their audience, there’s no arguing the fact that they will gain more followers soon. 

Stacy’s Toys

Run by a 5-year-old Russian American girl named Stacy (or Nastya in Russian), Stacy’s toys are one of the most famed children’s Youtube channels. Diagnosed by cerebral palsy, her doctors thought she would never speak again. Her parents started making home videos of Stacy playing with her father to show their friends and relatives.

But they soon started blowing up on social media, with 23.1 million subscribers currently. Of these, over 13 million were just earned in 2019.  She is now the third highest-paid YouTuber earning over $18 million. 

Stacy controls multiple different channels following her and her father around on different and wild adventures. She, however, is most popular in Russia, her native land. It is a popular channel among new parents & we are hoping their popularity will rise in the new decade.


A distinguished Indian record label and film production company turned heads when they went head to head with PewDiePie (the most subscribed Youtuber in the world) and surpassed him by gaining over 42.9 million subscribers in only a year. Tseries and PewDiePie had been feuding in 2019 for the title of the most subscribed channel. But with Tseries being backed up by India’s growing population and internet access, they were bound to win.


This 18-year-old English Youtuber is best known for his pranks, challenges, and Fortnite commentary. He first started out with a gaming channel. Morgan Hudson, known as Morgz. It mostly gained traction through strategic shoutouts and a clear set of goals. He keeps up with current trends, like when his views started slowing down, he started playing popular pranks again, and as expected his views shot up again. 

His distinct feature is over-exaggeration, and it has worked wonders for him. Where in January of 2019 he had only 7.1 million subscribers, he has jumped to a whopping 10.9 million by the end of the year. This made him one of the fastest-growing YouTubers with a growth rate of 53.5%.


Born in England, Alia Shelesh is a 27-year-old Youtube gamer. She started her gaming channel with call of duty and black ops videos, but she has evolved since and shifted her focus to reaction videos. Being one of the biggest female gamers, she has over 17 million subscribers, 2.8 million of which she just gained last year. This is revolutionary in the previously male-dominated video game industry. 

In 2019 she won the Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards for Favorite Gamer, which was faced with a lot of backlash with people suggesting she won due to her “sex appeal,” this controversy even though truly disgusting has helped bring her into the spotlight.

Cocomelon- Nursery Rhymes

This kids’ educational animation channel joined Youtube in 2006. They had their set of setbacks in the years. They first started off as That’sMEonTV where they focused on nursery rhymes, but they had to rebrand themselves as ABCKidTV when that didn’t work. However, ABCkidTV didn’t gain much traction either but they didn’t give up. They rebranded themselves for the third time as Cocomelon and defined their brand. They no longer make nursery rhymes but children’s songs and it pays off. They shot up in 2019, gaining over 36 million followers last year alone. 


WWE, formerly WWEFanNation, is currently the 8th most subscribed and most subscribed Sports channel on YouTube with over 50 million subscribers. They upload short clips of 1-3 minutes each, multiple times a day and have managed to gain more than 14 million followers, taking their followers up to 52 million in 2019.  

WWE frequently updates their playlists and puts on the newest and most relevant playlists. WWE also updates their channel banner to the newest and most relevant occasion going on currently.

5-minute crafts

This channel is for the artists in all of us. They make do-it-yourself videos with lifestyle and beauty hacks. They have successfully shifted their focus to crafts and prank videos which may be the reason for their 17 million hikes in subscribers in 2019. 

The channel was in hot water when they started repeating videos trying to pass them off as new. But by the end of 2018, they stopped this practice and now every video they uploaded had new clips in 2019 causing the page to explode on social media with new content bringing in more followers.

Safiya Nygaard

After leaving Buzzfeed she ventured out on her own. As of recently, she has been known for her “makeup experiments” or “Frankenstein makeup.” She documented her life, her wedding, her makeup and everything in between, by making relatable fashion and beauty blogs. 

But she properly started gaining traction when she reappeared on Buzzfeed for a video named “why I left Buzzfeed”. Although it wasn’t controversial, it gave her the exposure she needed. She has gained over 7 million followers from when she started. With her experience and personality combined, she’s only gonna keep going further.

Dude Perfect

It’s just about 5 friends casually playing sports and breaking world records. They aim to perfect trick shots and different stunts which would be almost impossible by the normal audience. Their early videos were pretty simple and did not have a lot of budgets spent on them. They put their high school basketball skills and friendship together on display, dating way back to their College times. 

They’ve also gained so much popularity with over 48.3 million subscribers that they were even offered their own show called ‘The Dude Perfect Show’. More than the trick shots, their camaraderie and friendship are what get them more viewers.

The influencer world is based on you and me. It relies on us to be moved and “influenced” by their content enough so we keep watching, so they can get monetized and make better videos. As long as the internet persists there will always be something wild and new out there waiting to be discovered. There’s something for everybody, from music to wrestling, its just a matter of looking in the right places.

YouTube's Fastest Growing Demographics

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