Trending Female YouTubers in the Technology Niche

With YouTube Being The 2nd Best Search Engine After Google

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 8 female YouTubers breaking that search engine in tech for all the good reasons.

IJustine – 6.32 M Subscribers

Justine Ezarik, better known as iJustine, is one of the most prominent technology YouTubers of all time. With 6.32 million subscribers, she has almost a decade of experience in the tech world. Her videos are extremely popular among the techies. 

With the initial focus on Apple products, her channel has now become much more diverse with content relating to varied technological gadgets and features. Earning so much credibility over the years, she’s been invited to participate in TV series such as Law and Order, Criminal Minds and the Vampire Diaries.

Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu – 1.1 M subscribers

A Chinese internet personality, Naomi Wu, renowned as the ‘Sexy Cyborg’ or the ‘Machinery Enchantress’, has a fan base of 1.1 million subscribers. She is an advocate for women in STEM, open-source hardware, transhumanism and body modifications. Her main attempt is to challenge the gender-bias in the technology niche with an attractive persona, using objectification of her appearance to inspire women. 

She is popular as the builder of FashionTech wearables. With her dedication towards tech, she is known to be playing an important role by disrupting stereotypes along with encouraging innovation.

Estefannie Explains It All – 42.8K Subscribers

Estefannie, with a successful youtube channel of 42.8K subscribers, is an engineer, a computer scientist and a designer. She engineers things and documents her findings, prototyping, experiments on YouTube. On her atypical tech channel, she not only describes the technological products and gadgets but also explains deeply how things work. 

She is keen on making tutorials to help people learn ‘how to make their own gadgets and programs’. From playing a game of Jenga against a robot arm to videos on explanation to make a Raspberry Pi laser cage to protect the cookie jar, you can find fun, innovative and vast knowledge on the use of technology. What makes her channel so popular is that she uses her tech-knowledge to create some really interesting and amazing things.

Ruseberry – 11.2K Subscribers

A front end developer, Ruseberry, creates a space for her inner techie. She is a trendsetter and creates videos on a number of topics. Having a passion for web development, she creates knowledge-based content explaining her life as a web developer. She also shares tips and tricks to make a living out of it. 

From short vlogs to 45-minute videos, she thoroughly explains various features of developer software, techniques of programming, app creation, and freelancing ideas. Her videos offer insightful and down to earth advice on the varied concept of web development. Her niche audience is loyal to her content and asks for recommendations on various topics.

Coding Blonde – 24.8K Subscribers

Keen on breaking the stereotype of blondes who are not considered serious,  Masha Zvereva, creates techie content through her channel. A brilliant and talented woman, she is passionate about the diversity in the tech industry and believes that it will be a main driver behind innovation and solutions that will serve everyone. 

She is a real gem of the world of technology. Her content is more technical relating to the features and tutorials of various software in web development. She also encourages non-technical people to learn to code as an essential skill. She is keen to make space that supports the woman and helps them thrive in the industry. 

Erica Griffin – 870K Subscribers

The technology nerd, Erica Griffin, is a successful tech Youtuber who likes to film stuff. Her style is “Insanely in-depth”. She creates content about reviews, recommendations and comparisons of various smartphones, tablets, laptops and much more. She has a loyal following of audience as her content is brutally honest making it much more trustful and credible.

Erica began with publishing in-depth reviews on various products through which she gained fans, followers and influence. Today she holds a fan base of 870000 subscribers and over a million views each month.

TechMeOut – 210K Subscribers

With the love and passion for technology, TechMeOut delivers knowledge on everything that comes under ‘Technology’. From unboxings, product reviews, features and tutorials on various apps to best applications for Android and IOS, tech tips, tweaks on jailbreak and more, you can find anything and everything in tech. Her audience claims her channel to be ‘A BOMB’.

Mayuko – 264K Subscribers

A senior Software Engineer, Mayuko Inoue makes youtube videos on life as a software engineer. With her life in Silicon Valley, she aims to make the tech industry feel more accessible to those pursuing a career in it. Besides reviews, tutorials and technicals, she also speaks about the journey to becoming a software engineer. 

From ‘How to learn’ technicals, tutorials on various coding software, making IOS app, etc. to how to get a job as an engineer, she shares the efficient knowledge and her experience that can be very much effective to anybody wanting to pursue a successful career in software engineering.

Every day, there are more and more women building a good reputation in the world of technology. Although the majority of people see this field as male-dominant, modern society is rapidly breaking down this myth. 

Statistics show that 45% of Youtube users are female, having no shortage of women who continually post videos and yield millions of views. It is believed that women mostly cover fashion cooking and lifestyle context, but it is not difficult to find gamers, comedians and tech-savvy women among the most successful youtube personalities. 

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