Trending Female YouTubers in the Technology Niche

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“For influencer marketing to sustain, authenticity and credibility is the key.”- Priyanka Dayal
(Founder and Business Head, iCreatives Solutions)

Influencer marketing is expanding its horizons across the globe, taking under its wings brands from all sectors. Gone are the days when influencer marketing was limited to fashion and lifestyle brands. Influencer marketing has proven its potential in increasing brand awareness and generating quality leads. It has encouraged brands in the technology niche to step into the ever-expanding space of influencer marketing and has compelled them to explore opportunities for growth. 

Tech influencers have been playing a major role in advocating brands to their potential target audiences. Through their unique, intriguing content, they have acquired a place of trust in the minds of their followers, thus enjoying the opportunity to have a considerable influence on their buying decisions. YouTube influencer marketing has seen the sunshine, and with youtube being the 2nd best search engine after Google, we bring you the top 5 female YouTubers in the technology niche who are killing it at the game of tech!

Top 5 Indian female YouTubers in the Technology Niche:

With 1.5M subscribers, ‘The Nutri Gurl’ is one of India’s most popular female technology YouTubers. The Nutri girl clears up any dilemma about choosing a phone by explaining all of the features of the most popular and new phones on her channel. She offers in-depth reviews of mobile phones as well as comparisons of similar phones, making it easy for you to select the best phone for you. ‘Best budget phones’ and the ‘top 5 phones under Rs. 15,000’ are this tech YouTuber’s highly viewed pieces of content. 

This female tech YouTuber features playlists on her channel making it simpler for us to skim through the content. You can find playlists dedicated to the best smartphone awards, TV unboxing videos, water-resistant tests, and more on Nutri Gurl’s YouTube channel. With her unique content, this Indian tech YouTuber has managed to garner an average of 30.7K views on her videos and an engagement rate of 5.11%. We already see this influencer making her mark in the tech world!

An electrical engineer from Himachal Pradesh, techy Kiran conquers the YouTube tech space with 568K subscribers and an engagement rate of 4.81%. Her avant-garde way of providing in-depth reviews of various gadgets is what makes her stand out in the crowd of tech YouTubers. Be it headphones, mobile phones, tablets or smartwatches, Techy Kiran’s YouTube channel has in-depth reviews of it all. 

Besides reviewing new age smartphones and gadgets, Kiran also warns us of problems faced while using certain smartphones, makes videos on budget buys, and gives honest reviews on everything tech, including earbuds, smartwatches, and smart TVs. Need the inspiration to buy your next smartphone? This Indian tech YouTuber’s channel provides you with all the information including pricing, reviews, ratings, pros and cons. You name a gadget and we bet Techy Kiran has already reviewed it.  Her in-depth knowledge and ability to deliver content in the most subtle, appealing way possible has helped this female tech YouTuber garner an average of a whopping 55.1K views on her channel. You go, girl!

GadgetByte is your go-to girl when it comes to choosing the most suitable gadget that you’re looking to buy. From in-depth reviews of various electronic gadgets to comparing which devices are the best for a certain purpose, Gadget Byte is a value-packed YouTube channel that can help you know all about gadgets and help you make the most lucrative decision while buying them. 

This tech YouTuber’s channel is home to 504K Subscribers and has playlists dedicated to TV reviews, laptop reviews, headphones and earphones, buying guides, unboxing videos, walk-throughs and how-tos. With an engagement rate of 4.55%, this Indian tech influencer has garnered an average of 40.1K views on her uploads. Seeing her quality content and engagement with her audience, this tch YouTuber has approached her, and she has hosted giveaways including Huawei Honor holly giveaway, Colors elite E-20, amongst others.

This Indian-American tech YouTuber talks about everything in the realm of technology & how she utilizes it to enhance her productivity. She gives her audience base of 86.2K subscribers, an insight into her life, various gadget alternatives, budgeting in the tech industry and much more about her experience as a software engineer

Besides tech, this Indian YouTuber also tightens her audience on ways to enhance productivity, answers their questions regarding software engineering, her secrets to success, and more such inspirational content. She engages with her followers at the rate of 4.12%. This female tech YouTuber also has a playlist dedicated to the designing of a mobile app, and a minimalist icon pack for iOS and android, where she breaks technical knowledge into an easy-to-understand language for her audience.

Tech girl charu is a booming Indian tech YouTuber who not only shares her reviews on various tech gadgets but also regularly posts videos about recent advances in the tech industry, keeping her audience updated about tech news. With an audience base of around 11K subscribers, this Indian tech YouTuber has garnered a maximum of 89K views on one of her videos. 

Besides reviewing smartphones and gadgets, this Indian tech influencer’s channel features a playlist named ‘Tuesday tech facts’ where she engages her audience with interesting, lesser-known technological facts. Charu uniforms her audience about the upcoming product launches and makes sure that her fans never miss out on weekly great deals. Looking for a channel that encompasses all things tech, including recent news, feature updates, and great deals? Tech girl Charu is your one-stop shop!


Besides Instagram, YouTube has emerged as one of the most effective platforms for B2C as well as B2B influencer marketing. Tech influencers, especially female tech influencers are changing the way technology is perceived, and are setting new trends. Tech brands offering unique value propositions through their products and services are all set to collaborate with these tech influencers to effectively reach their target audience and up their YouTube game. 

Pick any place, and you will notice that YouTube has a presence in people’s minds and hearts. They trust these digital influencers on YouTube and often make their decisions based on these “guides” opinions. Brands need to ensure that they collaborate with an influencer whose audience matches their target and has a proven success record with their audience! 

As a global influencer marketing agency we, at Confluencr, have combed through the massive list and house only the best tech influencers on YouTube! Before setting you up with an influencer, we note what you aim to gain from this partnership and choose an influencer accordingly. If you wish to discuss these persuasive new marketers with us or know more about them, drop us an email at [email protected].

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