Top Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube

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“The travel industry has benefited greatly from including influencers in their campaigns, as 84% of millennials and 73% of non-millennials are likely or very likely to plan a trip based on someone else’s vacation photos or social media updates.”- A study by Lonely Planet

The immense amount of information available online has encouraged an increasing number of people to pack their bags and travel. Gone are the days when we contact a travel agent for our planning- booking tickets and hotels, preparing an itinerary, and everything else. Now, most of us make the arrangements independently, thanks to the modern travel guides – the travel vloggers

These top travel vloggers in India give us primary wanderlust goals with their so-cool travel diaries. Their professional-looking videos brimming with tons of information have increased their audience, who often take notes from their uploads to prepare for their travel. The viewers highly trust their travel recommendations and endorsed products/services since a travel junkie knows all the nooks and corners.

To help you plan your next vacation, we bring you a list of the top 10 Indian travel vloggers on YouTube who have inspired a whole new generation of travellers:

Nikhil is a moto vlogger, and has travelled the length and breadth of India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Kutch to Sikkim, all of which have been meticulously vlogged and uploaded on his channel.

Nikhil’s Kashmir to Kanyakumari vlog is an exciting watch. Due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, he had to shift his starting point from Srinagar to Jammu. But, as he says, you need to be okay with these changes in plans and enjoy the ride! Stand still and gaze into the beautiful Gurudongmar lake near the China border or hike up to the famous Banjhakri waterfall in Gangtok.

Nikhil’s international travel vlogs include – the US, Qatar, Canada, Turkey, South Korea, Singapore, Greece, and others. His massive appeal has encouraged brands like Mivi, InterMiles, Dineout, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Tripoto, CRED, and more to collaborate with him.

This travel vlogger in India is your go-to person for all things travels!

Started by Kamya Jani, Curly Tales is one of the most well-known platforms for all things travel, food, lifestyle, and experiences. Having visited 123 cities in over 40 countries, Kamya isn’t done yet. 

The “I Love My India” playlist uncovers several charismatic places and experiences our country has to offer. Are you looking to taste authentic Gujarati food? Watch the video on Ahmedabad’s 100 yrs old heritage restaurants! Want to experience Bali within India? Head over to Igatpuri! Ever experienced Goa besides the beaches? Check out captivating places in Goa with Curly Tales.

Lose yourself in the cobblestone streets of Portugal with Kamya’s 8-day itinerary. Adventure sports and LOTR movie franchise fans, head on over to New Zealand. Visit the mountains in Ladakh or take in the massive deserts of Oman, indulge in the Nawabi biryani or Bahubali Thali (it must be an epic thali!). Munch on vada pavs in Mumbai or chaats in the streets of Delhi. Experience all this and more with Curly Tales!

This top Indian travel vlogger is an expert at her job. If this channel inspires you to pack your bags and start exploring,  then Kamya considers her job done!

Distance between aims to ease your travel planning woes by offering you budget trip options, itineraries, visa procedures for your international travels, and more. 

Does Mathura, known as Lord Krishna’s city, intrigue you? Goa’s casinos are as famous as their pristine beaches. Shubham has been invited by the Deltin Group to play at their casinos, and they have specially create invitation cards for this event Did you fall in love with the Dudhsagar waterfall filmed in Chennai Express? Is it as stunning in real life as on the 70 mm screen? You have seen the Mirzapur web series, but what is the actual city like? Shubham visits the place to report the ground reality. Deriving its name from the nine lakes, Nainital has a rich history that Shubham has beautifully narrated.

This travel vlogger’s YouTube channel features videos containing detailed information – the route, accommodations and their charges, mode of transport, duration of each leg of his journey.  He has collaborated with several brands: Wego App, Roadpanda, a self-drive online bike rental service, JustStay, a hotel booking app, MamaEarth, etc.

Larissa D’Sa is a famous travel and lifestyle influencer and a travel presenter at Travelxp. She won the “Cosmo Travel Influencer of the Year ” award! 

Larissa explored the beautiful province of Alberta with Explore Canada, the Canadian tourism board. The area is known for its beautiful aqua-blue lakes and consists of mountains and prairies. She spent 10 days touring the beautiful North-Eastern state, Nagaland. Larissa advises you to carry your rainwear and winter wear both as the weather is pretty unpredictable and mentions a few things you need to keep in mind before visiting. 

This travel vlogger visited London in November and February and had a great time roaming around. Since it’s an expensive city, she recommends travelling by Tube and buying groceries to prepare your meals. Did you know about a surf club in Vasai, Mumbai? That’s how Larissa spent her birthday. 

 As a part of the GoPro family, Larissa shot her Thailand trip on the GoPro Hero 5 and visited Colorado, the USA, with 30 other talented people from the GoPro family!

This adventurous Indian travel vlogger is partial to exploring India and our neighbouring nations on a bike as it feels genuinely freeing. After all, what’s better than visiting new places with the wind in your hair and the sun shining on your face!

Rohith rode from Chennai to the mountainous city of Ladakh. He has documented his road trip in a series of videos where he speaks about his riding experience, his bike being stranded, and camping in Kashmir, describing Khardung La, the highest motorable road in the world, and his final destination, Ladakh. While on his return journey, he decided to take a detour to visit the famous white desert at Rann of Kutch but was in for a shock. You will have to check out his video to know more!

Rohith has participated in an adventure travel expedition at the courtesy of Royal Enfield. He rode from Kathmandu, Nepal, to the North Everest Base Camp at Rongbuk, Tibet, with other biking enthusiasts. He has travelled from Chennai to Nepal and Bhutan on what he dubbed his #tourof2kingdoms. 

Rohith has collaborated with – GoPro, Soundstripe, Sawyer Products, Great Indian Trail, and more. He is one of the best travel vloggers on YouTube you can follow if you love riding your bike and exploring the world!

Canon ambassador Kritika Goel loves exploring the world and taking pictures of the places she visits. 

Did you know that Asia’s cleanest river in Dawki is Meghalaya, India? Kritika went boating in its pristine waters! Another beauty in this state is the limestone Mawsmai Caves where you need to jump or crawl through the rocks in certain parts. The state is also home to Double Decker Living Root Bridge in Sohra. 

This Indian Travel vlogger on YouTube has toured the Czech Republic with the country’s tourism board. She roamed around Prague in a vintage car, indulged in beer spa (it’s the Czech Republic, no surprises they have beer spa), offbeat parts of Prague like Letna Park, DOX, and the art district. She traveled around Hong Kong with their tourism board and Tripoto. Would you be interested in taking the world’s longest escalator spanning 800 m and split into 13 parts! That would be an exciting ride for sure.

Several brands have onboarded Kritika – Epidemic Sound, Goibibo, Motionleap by Lightricks, Honda Car India, Samsung India, Duroflex, etc. With some severe travel inspiration on her digital home, Kritika is one of the best travel vloggers in India.

The filmmaking duo has a deep connection with the mountains and wishes others to feel the same on their travels. They are trying to accomplish this with their beautifully shot vlogs capturing Manali and its surrounding areas in all its glory. 

Much has been said and heard about the Atal Rohtang Tunnel. The couple shows you what it’s like and how it would aid in boosting the economy and overall life of Lahaul, which used to be inaccessible during the winters. 

Their videos take you to real Manali – the small villages where the locals live and go about their life. These stories will encourage you to ditch the typical tourist destinations and visit such off-the-beaten-track places instead. Just sit back and enjoy your cup of coffee, watching the sunrise. R&B wants you to slow travel that fills your soul with unforgettable escapades.

Brands that believe in their vision and have collaborated with them are- Musicbed, Sleepy Owl Coffee, Rati’s Homemade, OGIO India, Airbnb, Tripoto.

Varun extensively traveled within India before wandering into international waters. He mentions all the essentials one needs on their travels in his videos – carrying medicines with you, packing appropriate clothing as per your destination, not forgetting to wear comfortable and durable shoes. There’s nothing worse than dealing with shoe bites while out and about. 

He traveled to Mizoram with his family and mentioned how the state has vast potential with tourist-friendly arrangements. 

This Indian travel vlogger has visited Pakistan via the Kartarpur Corridor. He has detailed all the necessary documents and procedures one needs to make this journey successful and the timings of the Corridor. His Kyrgyzstan playlist has a lot of exciting finds and activities- hitchhiking, staying in villages, teaching in a school, vegetarian food options, etc. He has travelled to South Korea, Canada, Italy, and countless other countries.

Varun’s top-notch quality videos also include routes he takes depicted on a map. His collaborations include- and Worldpackers

Keep inspiring us to travel with your stunning vlogs, Mountain Trekker!

Wishing to learn more about the world we occupy, Tanya started travelling and documenting her travels to share her learnings with others. Travelling taught her to respect other people, their culture, and their differences. She hopes others learn the same by watching her videos.

If you love travelling to offbeat destinations, then Namibia, Africa, is the one for you. Tanya went on an 11-day self-drive camping trip there in partnership with Wild Planets and captured the raw beauty on her Realme phone. She went on a Game Drive where you get a glimpse of the country’s bountiful wildlife. Check out her series for some never-before-seen views. Her solo trip to Bhutan, bookings are made via, is another great watch. A fun fact – Male solo travellers aren’t permitted while female solo travellers are allowed, though they have to sign an undertaking for it.

Ever wondered what spending a month in Dharamshala feels like? This travel vlogger has experienced it and has even found hidden gems in McLeod Ganj. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau invited her on a week-long exploration with 9 other Indian bloggers. You could leave your phone to charge, and it won’t go missing there! She traveled around Bali in a Gojek cab and had a whole lot of fun wandering around the tiny island nation while staying at a beautiful property booked via Goibibo.

This Indian travel vlogger has collaborated with brands like GoPro India, Indica Surf School, Karnataka Tourism, MakeMyTrip, Manali Igloo Stay, Kerala Tourism, and many more. 

Keep making such fantastic travel vlogs, Tanya!

A travel filmmaker, Shakti’s captured videos have a chill vibe as he is a no-frills traveller himself. He says, “It’s Not Important That We See The Whole World. What’s Important Is That We All Together See The Whole World.” This is precisely what Shakti aims to do – let others see the world through the medium of his lenses.

How many of us have uttered the words – “Yaar let’s move to the mountains and work from there!” Travelling Mondays have actually done it. He moved to Manali with help from GYPSYENIA, an offbeat travel community, for a month-long workation. Check out his vlog showcasing the 4 mesmerizing properties he stayed at, which would give you some whimsical workation goals!

Trekking fans would love his Kedarkantha winter trek series, which has been shot with his professional kit from Harman Pro India and planned with ThrillHikers Travel. The trek was undertaken with a couple of old friends and his subscribers. Did you know you could bungee jump in Goa? Shakti booked his jump with Jumpin Heights, run by ex-army men. 

Travelling Mondays has collaborated with – Kerala Tourism, Discover Northeast,, Sony Alpha India, Sennheiser India, and more. This is why we adore and follow travel vloggers like Traveling Mondays. They often introduce us to unknown attractions which leave a lasting impression.

Wish to know the secret behind the immense popularity of travel vloggers on YouTube? They explore new, unconventional places and share them with us. Our list of places to visit keeps growing longer with every video we watch! Their travel tales reel in the audience and keep them hooked. This makes them ideal for brands looking to target new customers or retarget existing ones through YouTube influencer marketing campaigns. 

We, at Confluencr, have studied this particular set of influencers, Indian travel vloggers on YouTube, and picked only the best for our tribe. We ensure that the vlogger subscribed to you is the perfect partner for your marketing journey. We take care that you embark on a fruitful and thrilling voyage with them. If this blog has thrown up questions that you would like to discuss, we are just an email away at [email protected].

Several studies have revealed the following:

Year on year growth in travel related content views.
1 %
Subscriptions on YT are to vlogs depicting personal travel stories.
1 %
Times more engagement on travel vlogs than other travel content on YT.
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