6 Benefits Of Influencer Campaigns On Instagram For Your Brand

6 Benefits Of Influencer Campaigns On Instagram For Your Brand

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“Influencer marketing is the first real consumer-driven marketing channel. It’s real people talking to real people. If you look back, consumers have really only had a voice for about the last 10 years. As that happened, people started to talk about things they were passionate about, building audiences and providing real valuable content to people.”- Todd Cameron
(Enterprise Sales Director, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce)

Influencer Marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. Every social media platform in the digital world has become the most effective way for brands and businesses to reach a wider array of their target audience. With the help of social media influencers, the overall marketing game of businesses and brands has transformed drastically. 

Consider what a survey by Mediakix says. 89% of marketers say influencer marketing generates more ROI than other marketing channels or traditional forms of marketing. Additionally, a study by Influencer Marketing Hub says that Google searches for the term ‘influencer marketing” have increased by 1500% over the last few years. These statistics provide enough proof concerning the impact that Influencer Marketing is having on various brands across the globe.

Among various social media platforms, Instagram Influencer Marketing has been considered to be highly effective. Though initially a photo-sharing app, Instagram has been technically enhanced in recent times and has become a favorite platform for several content creators. Another study conducted by Mediakix says that Instagram is the most powerful and impactful channel for Influencer Marketing, followed by YouTube and Facebook. 

Consequently, research states that 39% of active Instagram accounts are those of influencers, and 81% of them have a follower base ranging from 15,000 to 1,00,000. Most importantly, this social media platform is receiving an increased number of users with each passing year. As of June 2021, 12.7% of India’s entire population use Instagram. The number was 5.7% in January 2020. This enormous increase in Instagram users has driven several brands to use the platform for promotional content via Influencers. Apart from an increased number of users, what other factors make Instagram an effective platform for Influencer Marketing?

Here are the 6 major benefits of Influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram:

1. Brands Can Build A Greater Following

instagram influencer marketing benefits

For a significant increase in revenue, brands need a big following from their target audience. Influencers already have a huge base of followers who trust their opinions. Through promotional campaigns, brands can leverage the follower base on Instagram for higher engagement and returns. Ultimately, this will lead to an increase in the number of users for the brand.

Influencer campaigns on Instagram are not only about communicating a brand’s story, but also involve doing so creatively. Instagram provides several resources and liberty to Influencers to create content that is natural-looking on social media pages, attractive to the target audience, and creatively delivers the brand message. Influencers can create sponsored posts, contests, branded content, and reviews on Instagram. Don’t forget that the audience will always remember ‘how’ a message has been delivered.

2. Instagram Allows For The Creation Of Unique And Creative Content

instagram influencer marketing benefits

3. Instagram Influencer Marketing Is Affordable

instagram influencer marketing benefits

How much a certain brand has to invest for an Influencer campaign on Instagram largely depends on the influencers being chosen. According to a study, based on the number of followers, influencers charge between $10 and $10,000 for sponsored partnerships- which is very economical compared to celebrity endorsements. Brands with a limited budget can collaborate with micro-influencers who ensure better efficiency of investment with a lower fee. Hence, brands can amplify brand recognition and boost sales without spending a fortune on marketing.

Research says that Instagram bloggers who have 25K active followers have a higher engagement rate, ranging from 3% to 7% irrespective of their niche. Their content is seen by the most number of followers or subscribers. Nano and Micro-influencers are a boon for startups and small brands whose goal is to reach more audiences.

4. Micro-Influencers Provide More Engagement

instagram influencer marketing benefits

5. Influencer Campaigns On Instagram Boost Sales

instagram influencer marketing benefits

Instagram influencer campaigns are a joint undertaking. They benefit both influencers and brands, thus opening several opportunities like live events and customized promotional content. Ultimately, this will boost the sales of brands. Like we, at Confluencr, did for Pinaaz- a silver jewelry brand. To give a personality to the brand, we did several product and service review collaborations with micro fashion and lifestyle influencers. This amplified the brand’s conversion rates and got in 27 content assets along with 1900+positive comments.

Be it a post, a video, or a reel- if it is engaging, creative, and is promoted by a well-known influencer, it may become viral within no time. Moreover, Instagram influencer campaigns work perfectly for innovative marketing and can result in enhanced audience engagement. Satt Naturals wanted to promote their natural products that are made by relying on ancient science but have a modern approach to them. To make people relate to the brand ideals, we encouraged LGBTQ+ influencers to collaborate with the brand and share their stories where they have been called unnatural. The brand’s campaign was driven by the theme: “They Are Natural, Just Like Satt Naturals.” As a result, the campaign resulted in a 13% engagement rate, 2000+ active comments, and a reach of 1,699, with 12 YouTube creators promoting the campaign.

6. Instagram Campaigns Can Go Viral

instagram influencer marketing benefits


For many brands, Influencer Marketing can still be a relatively new approach to marketing and promoting their products and services. However, Influencer Marketing is an excellent new-age reality for brands to increase the number of people. Specifically, Instagram Influencer Marketing has proved to be an effective way for Better ROI and audience engagement. Most importantly, Instagram Influencer Campaigns provide a wide scope for brands to have their voice heard in different ways- and all of this at the most affordable and reasonable prices.

Do you want to start an Instagram Influencer campaign for your brand? Are you in search of an ideal Influencer to tell your brands’ story? Confluencr is India’s leading and distinguished influencer marketing agency based and has aided a huge network of brands to collaborate with ideal influencers. We have a 15000+ influencer network in 16 countries, and we have curated 500+ creative brand campaigns for 200+ brands. Reach a wide network of a global audience with our customized Instagram marketing campaigns. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to learn more.

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