Cambly Case study

A playdate with children and learning - the art of communication in English language.

The brand offers instant access to private lessons with hundreds of patient, professional native English speaking tutors from the UK, US, Australia, Canada and more. It is designed to teach kids from their tender age how to communicate well and confidently in English, whilst having a fun learning experience.

We were tasked to convey the importance of communication to be taught from a younger age itself. Alongside this, we were to spread awareness of this site which offered authentic teaching and new ways of learning, via an Instagram campaign, in just 10 days!

cambly case study

Content Map

Learning should be fun, and Communication is key which should be mastered from a very young age. With this thought as the cornerstone behind the content generated for the brand, we divided the campaign in two parts. Some mom-influencers gave their honest review after having done a demo session we arranged for them, whereas the others did a tongue twister challenge, highlighting the fun part of learning.

The Creators

We engaged 70 micro-nano mom influencers and one celebrity influencer to partake in our campaign. We divided them in 70-30 proportion to execute the two campaign agendas & made sure that they came back with nothing but respect & genuine feedback about the brand. We encouraged all of them to take demo sessions and express themselves freely on camera & have fun with their kids while doing fun tongue twister challenges we planned.


Some Of The Videos

Always wanted to raise a confident adult, and now I can rely on this amazing platform to teach my son the art of communicating well in English.

Have always believed that English is a powerful language and in today’s time one must definitely have a good grasp on it. So glad that I will be able to provide my children the same with this site.

Count me in! Anything that makes learning fun, I’ll always sign-up my kids for it!

It is a marvel to see such a high-functioning authentic site dedicated to the better futures for kids. My son loved the demo session!

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