The Need For Influencer Marketing In The Education Sector

The Need For Influencer Marketing In The Education Sector

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“Influencer marketing is not isolated to any specific industry - any brand can reap the benefits if they develop and implement a value-driven strategy.”- Chase Dobbie

The world is currently witnessing a new-age reality. Digital and social media marketing have transformed the way businesses and brands promote their services and products. Influencer Marketing is one such avenue that has been a boon for several brands – both domestically and internationally. 

According to an estimate by Business Insider Intelligence, implementing an influencer marketing strategy was worth $8 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to $15 billion worth of industry by 2022. Research by a prominent digital marketing agency in India says that the country’s influencer market is estimated at $75-150 million a year. The statistics prove how rapidly this avenue of marketing is advancing. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel are some of the major domains that have progressed significantly with the help of influencer marketing. A report that was published in 2020 points out that 57% of beauty and fashion companies have employed Influencer Marketing for enhanced brand engagement.

But, what about the educational sector? The Covid-19 pandemic has sent almost every one of us into a downward spiral, including educational institutions. How can educational institutions benefit from influencer marketing, and why is it essential? In this article, we decode the scenario of influencer marketing for ed-tech brands.

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Why Is The Influencer Market Expanding?

According to an estimate by eMarketer, 84% of businesses want to promote their brands by launching at least one campaign through an influencer. Influencer marketing is currently the most effective means for businesses to promote brand awareness among their target audience. Why is this avenue of marketing expanding at an enormous rate?

One of the many reasons is that influencer marketing attracts many customers to brands and businesses. Recent research says that about 448 active social media users in India. About 85.8% of them use YouTube, while 70% are active on Instagram. The numbers have further spiked up during the Covid-19 pandemic as people were confined to their homes. With this enormous growth in digitalization, social media users tend to prefer products and services recommended by prominent personalities in online spaces.

Studies have shown that Influencer marketing has generated strong ROIs for several businesses. Over 52% of brands collaborated with more than 10 influencers in 2020. On average, Influencer marketing generated $6.50 in revenue for every $1 spent in 2020 during the pandemic. These results are driving brands to spend more on influencer marketing.

How Can Influencer Marketing Help The Educational Sector?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the entire structure of the educational sector. Globally, 1.3 billion students have suffered due to the closure of educational institutions. Students and teachers have been forced to adapt to remote and digital teaching and learning methods. Several institutions have not been successful in this digital shift. Moreover, the pandemic proved to be a litmus test for several institutions and the kind of teaching they provide. A sizable number of brands have failed to pivot into digital platforms smoothly. Parents are now considering alternatives for their children’s future.

Educational institutions and platforms can reach such individuals through influencer marketing for ed-tech brands. Professional advisors, consultants, members of a governing educational board, educational experts, renowned teachers, opinion makers, and other like-minded individuals who have a solid follower base on social media can help educational institutions develop and grow their brand reach.

Few learning platforms in India have benefited from Influencer Marketing. Extramarks, an Ed-Tech platform, had run an exciting campaign called #FundClearHai, whose intention was to help students who panic before giving an exam. The campaign received 24 million views on the Internet and several social platforms.

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Vedantu, an online learning platform, significantly enhanced its online presence through an Influencer Campaign led by Confluencr, where mom influencers drove parents’ trust in coding for kids with more than 200k views on Instagram. This resulted in increased engagement and brand awareness for the brand. 

Traditional marketing techniques like seminars and workshops no longer attract GenZ children and young adults. Today, 80% of young adults spend most of their time following social media influencers and trust their content. So, educational institutions can create impact through the best strategy – Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has an ROI of up to 650%, which neither Facebook nor Google ads can provide. This creates increased brand awareness, which ultimately generates conversions and sales.

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Why Is It Good To Implement Influencer Marketing For Educational Brands?

Consider the following benefits of employing influencer marketing by educational institutions and platforms:

Enhanced Brand Awareness

With paid campaigns and brand endorsements through an influencer, institutions and learning platforms can reach more audiences and thus have increased online visibility.

Accurate Targeting

An educational institution can reach the right audience based on its courses. It has to collaborate with a personality whose followers perfectly fit the target audience criteria.

Creative Content Strategy

The prospectus brochures are things of the past. Social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram provide resources to present content innovatively. Institutions can provide glimpses of their campus, give a demo class, and provide information about the courses offered through videos, reels, and pictures. After all, creative content makes a powerful impact!

Impact On The GenZ

According to a study by, 33% of GenZ children and young adults trust the recommendations of social media influencers. To create a trustworthy impression in the minds of Today’s generation, influencer marketing is a powerful weapon.


Apart from the aspects mentioned above, Influencer marketing has several other benefits to offer educational institutions. So, the question isn’t about whether influencers can promote learning platforms or not; it’s about when and how to make this marketing more effective and creative. With the ever-advancing digital world, educational media shouldn’t lose time in having their voice heard through this powerful new-age marketing technique.

Confluencr is an award-winning influencer marketing agency that has created impactful content-driven influencer campaigns for more than 30 educational brands. Our 15000+ influencer network has been a part of 500+ brand campaigns for 200+ leading brands in India. We can help you scale your business with a wide range of services tailored for educational brands. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to learn more.

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