Top Indian Education Influencers on YouTube

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“As purchasers, as influencers, and as community leaders teachers can be a powerful force for brands and non-profits looking to make inroads into schools.”

As quoted by Market Research, the above quote sums up the expanding roles of a teacher. Education is no longer confined to classrooms. The process of learning has evolved with the advent of the Internet. Classrooms have been replaced with YouTube lecture halls, and you will find many education influencers in India imparting their knowledge and expertise through their YouTube channels. 

These influencers support the noble cause of educating people on various topics and influencing them to become better versions of themselves. They have gained a broad reach due to their high-quality content coupled with a fierce passion for teaching. Educational brands such as Vedantu are on the lookout for inspiring Indian education influencers who reinvent the world of education.

And here we present the top 10 Indian Education Influencers on YouTube, who’re redefining the traditional methods of learning:

Khan sir believes everyone is entitled to education and shares his knowledge with his followers through his YouTube channel. He explains the topics in the Hindi language. His explanations are easy to grasp and simplify complex topics. With the current oxygen crisis going on in our country, he has posted a video narrating what oxygen concentrator, liquid oxygen, and related terms are. He’s up-to-date posts on current affairs, making it easier for us to be in the loop of what’s happening around the world. 

If missiles and submarines and their defence role fascinate you, you must watch his playlist on defence. It contains several videos of missiles, submarines, helicopters, the Kargil War, and more. Think International Relations is your forte? You can check out Khan Sir’s videos to know the relations between China and Bhutan or India’s connection with Myanmar and China.  This list of top 10 education influencers in India cannot proceed without the mention of Khan Sir!

Keep educating us in your quintessential desi style. After all, the medium doesn’t matter as long as knowledge is being shared!

Founded by Mohd Kashif, Dear sir is an educational YouTube channel. Dear sir was started with an intention of providing quality education across the country and has been doing a great job ever since. 

This YouTube channel is home to a variety of educational topics such as Learn English, applications of trigonometry, simple mathematical tricks, coding basics,  and many more. Dear sir also guides their audience on how to manage time, which courses and certifications one can choose for higher studies, and helps his students with spoken English tutorials. 

Conversing with his students in Hindi. Dear sir also has a dedicated app, and a website to help their viewers with their studies. Besides teaching mathematical concepts, Dear sir also assists his students by giving them sample test papers, solving tips and tricks for a better understanding of the subject.

Just as this channel’s name, Mohd Kashif is indeed “Dear sir” who inspires his students to bring out the best in them.

Born and brought up in Amritsar, Awal shifted to Delhi, searching for a job. Here, he realized the importance of spoken English and communication skills as most of the jobs went to the ones who aced at both. Though he was at a disadvantage not knowing how to converse in the language, he decided to teach himself to improve his prospects. The absence of online resources at the time didn’t deter Awal from his goal. Instead, he devised his methods and finally tasted success when an American company hired him. Determined to help other disadvantaged people like him, he gave birth to his language tutorials.

The channel TsMadaan is filled with several English language guides, IELTS preparation, communication skills, food recipes, hairstyling tutorials, health tips, finance, current affairs, and so much more. The videos range from short 30sec to around half an hour. Awal uses many examples to explain a topic, making his tutorials impactful and exciting.

To explain Direct and Indirect Speech, he used an example of a boss calling his employee to inform of his absence from the office and asking him to let the other employees know the same. Such relatable illustrations make it easier for his viewers to grasp the topic.

He has been featured in the Live Mint and Huffington Post websites for his efforts. Keep posting such unique educational content, Awal!

A teacher, an author, an influencer, and a social activist, Aditya Rana started the YouTube channel ‘Spoken English Guru’ to help his viewers learn English. Aditya helps his viewers learn English in a very simple and an easy to digest method. Explaining important concepts of English grammar in Hindi langue, Aditya makes it a point that his users find it easy to understand and implement. ‘Spoken English Guru’ channel has various playlists dedicated to Basic English Grammar rules, tips for spoken English, English preparation for competitive exams, English conversations, English writing techniques and many more. 

Besides teaching, this education influencer has authored ‘Englishwale English Speaking Course’ and ‘Spoken English Guru Daily use sentences’ that have got traction of his loyal readers. Being a social activist, he has distributed copies of his book in Hindi medium schools under the ‘Saksham Bharat Mission’ initiative. 

Hats off to this Indian education influencer who’s changing lives with one video at a time!

Combining the number of native and non-native speakers, English is the most widely spoken language globally. Many players in the field teach the language, and ‘Let’s Talk’ is one of the prominent players. Their wide range of tutors, both native and non-native speakers, take advantage of modern technology to deliver their lessons via audio and video clips.

Many teachers have uploaded whole playlists on spoken English, including grammar rules, pronunciation errors, how to fix them, hacks to increase your learning speed, and more. They not only provide lessons on the formal language but have included slang words and phrases which are commonly used in informal conversations, ensuring you don’t feel left out in informal conversations. 

Are you preparing for IELTS or planning on becoming an ESL teacher? They have a number of playlists on those too. We love this channel because their playlists follow a rhythm wherein a single tutor has their lessons split into seasons. Just like a web series! This keeps your interest as well as ensures continuity in case you decide to take a not-so-short break.

With this channel, Sabin Mathew wishes to dismiss the concept of engineering being a tedious and tough subject. It streams videos explaining concepts from various engineering streams – automobile, electronics, electrical, mechanical, aerospace, telecommunication, and more.

Before you think about why your car is skidding, you need to understand tire slip basics. This is the base on which the other vehicle dynamics are built upon. The video explains the behaviour of tires and roads in a simple-to-digest format leaving you with a complete understanding of what causes your car to skid.

Cell phones have become so commonplace that we no longer question their workings. Or the Internet, for that matter. These fall under the Internet and telecommunications technology and find a place in the Lesics channel. Are you planning to become a telecommunications engineer? Less has a 13 video series where this subject is concisely laid out for your consumption.

Today several countries have launched rockets into space. Longer distances are covered in aeroplanes or helicopters. How do they fly? What technology gives them this incredible ability to soar up in the sky? Several countries harness wind energy to generate electricity through wind turbines. What parts do they consist of? How do they operate? Do the laws of thermodynamics leave you dazed and perplexed? Less is your knight in shining armour!

This wonderful channel comes like a ray of sunshine for all engineering enthusiasts.

How many of you have tried to compare the quantity of the same product in different packaging? Whether one large package has more or a batch of small packets? He experimented with one of the famous creams available in the market and concluded that the smaller batches provide you with more cream.

Do you remember using carbon paper during your school or college days? What’s carbon paper, some might ask. It’s the predecessor of modern-day photocopy. Check out FWS’s 5 fun experiments with the same. You are wondering how many cooking hours does an LPG cylinder lasts? What is the speed of fire? How fast or slow is it? How does the metal mercury react with gold and water? Do the snacks, or milk packets burst when put inside a vacuum chamber? Or do they stay sealed? Whatever weird or uncommon experiment you might have thought of, the chances are that FWS has already tried it out.

To progress in today’s competitive world, one needs strong, soft skills in addition to hard skills. Being highly proficient in your field is no longer the most important criterion. That’s a basic requirement. What matters more is your ability to communicate effectively and work well with others if you wish to reach far. It’s easy to learn the technical skills required to get the job done, but it’s even more challenging to cultivate interpersonal skills, time management, teamwork, and other soft skills. That’s precisely what Skillopedia is here for to educate you on the subject of soft skills.

Do you suffer from a crippling case of stage fright? Are you unable to hold an interesting conversation? Would you like to know the habits followed by successful people? How does one improve their personality? The lockdown has led to a massive slump in your productivity. How do you overcome it? How does one compose an email to one’s colleague? What’s email etiquette? What should and more importantly shouldn’t be included? How do you ace your job interview? How does one skillfully negotiate their salary?

Answers to all such burning questions are found in the various playlists uploaded on this massively helpful YouTube channel. They have already lent a hand to their subscribers, who have benefitted from their insightful advice and knowledge. Tour around this wonderful channel to assure yourself a successful and rewarding experience!

This Indian education influencer educated his audience on higher education. Harnoor is currently pursuing his MS in Georgia and has created a lot of content based on studying abroad

‘Singh in USA’ is an Indian education influencer’s YouTube channel features various topics such as MBA abroad, life at Harvard, Masters abroad, and how to apply for scholarships while studying abroad. 

Harnoor compares MBA programs of various universities and gives his opinion on which one you should choose. Confused about where you want to pursue MBA from? Head on to this education influencer’s YouTube channel and all your doubts are sure to be answered. 

Harnoor also compares job opportunities and salary packages offered by various universities abroad. His ‘life at Harvard’ features an inside look at the life of Indian students studying at the Harvard School of Business. Harnoor also features inspirational content on his channel in the form of interviews of scholars from the IITs and MIT’s. 

Keep educating and inspiring us Harnoor!

How often do we say a friend’s the best teacher? How often, do we sit with our friends a night prior to the exam and they teach us in a way no one ever would. 

Believing in #DostSeAcchaKoiTeacherNahiHota, Sumersingh Rajpurohit started the ‘Last moment tuitions’ YouTube channel, which is focused on millennial-friendly, self-development content. 

This channel features content around engineering tutorials, college life, and free resources for skill development. Besides this, Sumersingh also guides students with finding internships while studying, preparing for placement on and off-campus drives, using LinkedIn for job search, and many more. 

He also motivates and inspires his audience to never give up and become the best version of themselves. Power-packed with knowledge, and self-experience, this Indian education influencer is a hero amongst his followers.

If we wish to learn something, YouTube is the first place we turn towards as the videos uploaded show us what is to be done. It’s no surprise then that this platform channel has become home to a number of the top Indian education influencers who share their knowledge through this compelling medium

As is evident from the above list, YouTube influencers hold a considerable amount of sway, are looked up to by millions of viewers, and are an excellent fit for brands willing to scale up their YouTube influencer marketing campaigns

We, at Confluencr; as a YouTube influencer marketing agency, have set up our team of such educators whose aim is to educate the masses in their field and are looking towards brands that could help them out in their mission. Their influence and reach would provide brands with a ready audience who trust these influencers’ choices and opinions. If you wish to discuss more on the subject, drop us an email at [email protected].

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