EM Normandie – Case Study

EM Normandie Case Study

Knowledge makes you great!

EM Normandie is one of the top business schools in the world and rightfully so. It has been constantly re-inventing itself to guarantee a level of excellence that matches your ambitions and to give you the means to play an active role in your personal and professional development. The Business School is constantly adapting, innovating and imagining new teaching methods. It is overturning the codes with new and more daring ways of learning against the backdrop of inverted classes, serious games and other interactive teaching methods.
EM Normandie Case Study

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Pursuing MBA is a choice made by people to upscale their lives and get better job opportunities along with increasing the value of their network. Keeping this in mind, we created digital assets with influencers for their digital marketing needs promoting the salient features and advantages of choosing EM Normandie as the preferred choice for trailing this specific path. This helps create reliability about the brand that they are the perfect optimal for the students.

The Creators

We worked together with influencers from the education and knowledge niches to showcase the dependability of the brand, that they have done their research on the subject and know what they are talking about. The creators promoted the most pertinent reasons of pursuing further education and its benefits, educational as well as monetary gains.

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Some Of The Videos

This made my mind clear about wanting to continue further studies to enhance my skills.

Studying abroad seemed like a lot of work. But now I understand how fruitful it is.

All these teaching methods are very innovative yet practical. Loved to find out that someone is actually applying them practically.

Making the students industry ready is the main objective of any university and EM Normandie is doing that job flawlessly.

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