10 Best Fitness Influencers on Instagram

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“Fitness influencers are no longer just maintaining their healthy lifestyle to inspire their followers. They are leading the new fashion trends in the fitness industry,”- Katerina Leroy
(Marketing Strategist & SMM Expert)

The importance of fitness is well-known and has been talked about for decades. The internet has put forth lesser-known options for attaining fitness. With the increasing awareness about fitness, the fitness industry has been booming. Fitness apparels, exercising equipment and other related products are in demand, and so are fitness influencers and trainers. 

Masses have turned to fitness influencers on social media platforms to follow their workout regimes, and so have businesses reaching out to their potential prospects. Whether you wish to find the motivation to exercise, or looking for a personalized fitness regime or are on the lookout for a fitness influencer for your brand, Let’s dive right in without further ado!

Here are the top 10 Indian fitness influencers on Instagram who are doing a great job with their content on fitness regimes, daily workout sessions, healthy diets, and wellness tips and tricks.

Pranit has a dedicated army of almost 84.3k followers on Instagram who benefit from his expertise. He has been recognized as the youngest and the inaugural head of master trainers in Pune!

Pranit has always dreamed of becoming a fitness trainer as he believes that health is a long-term investment, a benefit you will reap in the future. We agree with you, Pranit. It’s the one thing everyone needs to look after!

Instead of continuing further studies after the 10th grade, Pranit enrolled in various fitness courses to jumpstart his career. This person knows what he wants and “lunges” after it. 

Pranit has worked with several famous personalities who vouch for him. Check out the posts featuring Swara Bhaskar and Niti Taylor. He squats the talk with his 37-day challenge wherein the participants have become fitter in a shorter period. For those who feel they might not last the challenge, no worries. He has even designed a 7-day challenge. To dispel any doubts, Pranit has uploaded the results of various participants on his IG feed. 

This Instagram fitness influencer’s feed is full of information, motivation and training content. He engages with his followers at a rate of over 9% – sharing tips, inspiration and diet plans with them. He has collaborated with – Komal Jadhav (diet cookies) – this post saw an almost 99% engagement rate! He also collaborated with Honor India at an almost 40% engagement rate; PROCEL Nutrition; My Protein; Amul; Monster Energy and Superdry India and many more. 

Pranit’s media features include Loksatta, Mid Day, The Media Monkey, News Track, PeepingMoon Marathi, and more. @dollysingh’s post on her 37-day challenge journey was the most viewed post on his account, garnering almost 361k views!

Seeing Pranit’s love for fitness, we believe a brand in this field would be the perfect collaborator for him to “weight lift”!

Namrata, with 312k Instagram followers, is a celebrity trainer and has many firsts to her name – “The Pole Studio” Certified Pole Fitness Instructor in India, the only Certified ‘Boogie Bounce’ Master Instructor in India, a licensed Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) instructor and a certified Barre Instructor. She also played squash at the national and international level, football at the state level, and participated in several jumping and equestrian competitions. Whew! We are out of breath just thinking about it!

Namrata wishes to make everyone fit and healthy and is doing her bit through her studios in several cities of India. Her book encourages people to get off their couches and take that first step towards fitness. Scroll through this fitness influencer’s Instagram feed, and you will learn about several new forms of exercise and training.

Check out the various posts of celebrities training with her to get the much-needed motivation! There’s Malaika Arora Khan, Varun Dhawan, Nimrat Kaur and more. We love how fun Namrata makes exercising look. The post with Jahnvi Kapoor training was viewed 103k times with an almost 33% engagement rate. We might consider abandoning our couches in favour of working out.

Dancing is another form of exercise, and Namrata aces that too! Did we mention she’s also a certified scuba diver? Namrata learnt it so she could use it in her training. She finds inspiration in any movement!

Namrata is a humble girl who engages her followers at almost 20% ER and acknowledges their messages of gratitude by thanking them in return! A fitness brand is without a doubt a perfect fit for a collaboration with her.

Ranveer knew beforehand that he wanted to enter the world of fitness. As soon as he was done with his engineering studies, he set up BeerBiceps. Today, his Instagram account boasts over a whopping 1 mn fitness zealot followers which he engages with at a rate of over 8%!

Starting with content on fitness, today the account includes a motley of diverse topics like – lifestyle, self-improvement, books to read, poems, grooming tips, mental well-being, finance tips, funny videos and more! He even has his podcast – The Ranveer Show. His guests speak about their success stories and struggles. You will find innumerable beautiful nuggets of wisdom on the show!

Ranveer’s feed is brimming with tips, motivation and positive vibes! You will feel positive as well as motivated to better yourself! He believes in maintaining a two-way interaction with his audience. He asks their opinions and replies to queries dropped in the #AskRanveer episodes.

An excerpt from The Ranveer Show episode where the Bhagavad Gita is explained in 7 minutes by Gaur Gopal Das has the highest views reaching over 2.3 mn! The post engaged the audience at a rate of 230%! No wonder this talented human is on our list of the top 15 fitness influencers on Instagram.

On a personal assignment of making India fit as a fiddle, Guru is considered the trendsetter in providing free of cost fitness programs. His Instagram account is home to 2.4 mn followers who treat him as their “fitness guru”. They love and respect him. He is also one of the best fitness influencers on YouTube, having 2.15M subscribers. 

Living in California, USA, hasn’t deterred Guru from following his mission. He has proved that borders are no match to your determination, nor are they barriers. He uploads various exercise videos, diet regimes and new workout programs he has come up with.

Guru motivates his followers to keep moving and never abandon their efforts to get in shape. He dispels the myths surrounding fitness with his posts. He even asks you to not feel guilty during the festivities, which are always accompanied by sweets! His engagement rate is over 5%.

Guru’s training and diet programs cover every fitness level – from beginners to professionals. He’s not just a certified trainer but also a certified nutritionist who knows what he’s talking about. Visit his profile, and we are 100% sure you will start working out! 

Guru’s “Gym Trainer Salary” post garnered over 410k views, engaging at a rate of almost 28%, wherein he said he would pay the salary to a few trainers whose gyms have been shut down due to the pandemic. He might look like a tough guy, but inside, Guru’s a big softie! We believe a fitness brand would be a “strapping” collaborator for Guru.

Born in Kolhapur, Sangram’s story will give you goosebumps. It’s a story of true grit and passion. He has won several championshipsgold medal at the “6th World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship 2014“; “Mr Universe” in 2012; “Mr World” in 2012 and 2014; 6 times winner of “Mr India”; and 5 times winner of “Mr Maharashtra”. Whew! This bodybuilder has won titles worth his weight!

This fitness influencer’s Instagram account houses a force of 1.4 mn followers. His feed is filled with pictures of his training routines. An electrical engineer by profession, he now owns the fitness industry, and those interested in a bodybuilding career should, without hesitation, check out this bodybuilder’s Instagram handle. 

Sangram has set up a chain of gyms in Maharashtra wherein he trains future bodybuilders. A video talking about Sangram Classic Regionals was the highest viewed post on his feed, with almost 362k views engaging at 30%! Sangram engages with his followers at over 5%, asking them to caption a few of his posts and warning them about fake products with his image circulating on social media. 

Sangram has partnered with Absolute Nutrition (4%) and ISST School of Fitness Science. We believe a bodybuilding coaching brand would “build” the perfect collaboration with Sangram.

Professional bodybuilder Sunit Jadhav is the 3 times winner of “Mr India Overall Champion” and one-time winner of “Mr Asia Overall Champion”; “Mumbai Shree” in 2014; 3 times “Maharashtra Shree” winner; and won “Mr Dubai International” in 2016

His Instagram account is followed by 584k fans and is a treasure trove of workout routines, diet regimes and is trail-blazing the path for future aspirants.

As a fitness influencer, Sunit has collaborated with several fitness brands like – My Fitness Peanut Butter (ER – 7.87%); Evogen Nutrition (ER – 9.57%); Gorilla Wear (ER – 8.87%); and Ambrosia Organic Farm (ER – 4.74%). His posing practice video was the most viewed, with over 392k viewers engaging at 67%! We believe a fitness training academy would “fit” right in as his collaborating partner.

24-year-old Vikram won “Mr India 2019” and “Mr Marathwada”. He also won the silver medal in the National Junior BodyBuilding Competition.

Vikram’s Instagram account is home to 1m admirers. He started a charity called “VJ Army” to serve the needy and the less fortunate. He has donated medicines and fed the poor at government hospitals in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, videos uploaded on his digital account. He also provides online fitness coaching for both men and women, comprising customized workout schedules and diet regimes for each client. 

Vikram has been featured in ‘The Cine Talk’, ‘IBTimes India’, ‘The Asian Age’, ‘Free Press Journal’, ‘Kathmandu Tribune’, ‘United News Of India’ and several other publications. He has collaborated with Ambrosia Organic Farm and is the brand ambassador of Muscle Formers. He has even set up his chain of gyms.

Another interesting fact about Vikram – he joined the Indian Army! A salute to your compassionate and never-give-up spirit, Mr Fauji! He feels everyone should work towards becoming financially independent. His post showing off his new bike bought with his own money at the age of 23 is his most engaging content at over 70% engagement rate and 380k views! Vikram is a fitness influencer in the true sense and engages with his audience at almost 7%!

Rohit is a sports science nutritionist with 421k Instagram followers. His posts on social media inspire youngsters to start their fitness journey and take better care of their health. He’s an inspiration for all.

Rohit provides online body transformation coaching with his 4-week, 8-week, 12-week and 6-month programs. He has uploaded several posts featuring his clients’ body transformations due to these programs. This expert has uploaded his 8-week and 150-day body transformation videos to encourage his followers.

Rohit’s exercise videos showcase the best exercises for particular parts of the body, which help you better understand the exercise. Seeing as he is a nutritionist, you can rest easy knowing the diet plans he provides will be well-researched and not harm your body. 

Rohit’s video of working out with his girlfriend, a fitness freak herself, was his most-watched post, with almost 448k views engaging the audience at over 100%. We guess a lifestyle brand would be this fitness influencer’s partner for collaboration.

A Chartered Accountant and a lawyer by profession, Neha didn’t let her work get in the way of her true passion – fitness. With over 11k followers, this Instagram fitness influencer’s account is filled with tutorials and exercise routines to help others get fitter and healthier.

Her posts explain what each workout routine is – the sequence of exercises, how many reps and sets of each exercise one must do, and the corresponding video of the exercises mentioned in the post. This is extremely helpful and informative for the viewers.

Neha mixes her workout routines with yoga, weightlifting, parkour and acro yoga. She works out of her home, at the gym, in a garden and even on the beach. It depends on your mood and where you love working out. She has even uploaded a few workout tutorials to follow at home. 

Neha has trained with @coach.fatboy, @bhuwan.g and @beatmaster.delson, all masters of fitness. She has been mentioned in TopRanked and The New Indian Express, Chennai. She has conducted an acro yoga workshop in Bangalore that tractioned a considerable response. 

Neha’s ‘sock workout at home’ was her most popular content piece with over 38k views! As a fitness influencer with an engagement rate of around 4%, Neha has tied up with brands like – Yummy; Genetic Nutrition (ER – 9.56%) and India Hemp & Co and many others. We believe a fitness clothing brand would “suit” Neha perfectly.

Considered one of the latest crops of notable fitness influencers, Kunal has carved his name in the hearts of his over 24k+ followers on Instagram. He is a certified coach with the Nike Training Club and the founder of The Movement, Mumbai. 

A staunch believer in “If You Put Your Mind To It, You Can Achieve Anything”, Kunal believes one must keep pushing themselves to attain their goals. A skinny kid with asthma, his mother, made him participate in several sports to build up his strength. He eventually fell in love with it and decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry. 

Kunal uploads workout routines naming the exercises he’s performing and the number of reps and sets of each exercise. He also highlights the importance of mental health. You will see several posts mentioning how you should take a break once in a while to rest and also emphasizing the relevance of stretching and cooling down after a workout. 

Did any of us ever stop to think about why we always reach out for chocolates and desserts when we feel low? Because chocolates make us happy, we need to realize that they affect our health when consumed in large quantities. Kunal’s post on this makes us all stop and think.

Kunal has explained what calories are and maintained the required amount needed to function each day. He started Unlock – a virtual training center, seeing as gyms and studios had been shut down due to the pandemic. This is one fitness influencer on Instagram who understands his followers’ needs and engages with them at almost a 4% rate. His mountain climbers with a twist were his most viewed content, driving at over 7k views and an engagement rate of nearly 30%! Kunal’s not just a trainer; he has authored a book named “Fitness Simplified” and started a podcast too.

We think a fitness-related brand would be a great partner for Kunal to “flex” his influence!

Indians today are becoming more conscious about their health and are open to trying out different forms of exercise. Our self-awareness about the relevance of maintaining good health is seeing an upswing. This is good news for trainers and other fitness-related businesses, including gyms, studios, nutrition supplements, clothing, shoes, gym equipment, and more. 

Social media has become today’s newspapers and today’s celebrities’ fitness influencers. Suppose a brand wants to ensure its popularity and gain new customers. In that case, they need to collaborate with these Instagram influencers, whose engagement with their audience is high and their words are trusted. 

We, at Confluencr as a leading influencer marketing agency, have exerted our brain muscles and set up an ‘Akhada’ of the top fitness influencers on Instagram who are highly knowledgeable in their niche. They will be an immaculate partner for you, beloved brands, to aid in capturing your target audience by leveraging your social media presence. We ensure that the influencer you collaborate with is the perfect fit for you. If you wish to discuss more on this subject with us, drop an email at [email protected].

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