Top 15 Stock Market YouTube Channels In India

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“The financial segment is a very tricky space. It is growing rapidly and convincing the youth to begin their investment portfolio.”- Aditya Gurwara
(Managing Partner, Qoruz)

People today are increasingly becoming financially aware. The stock market has become the buzzword – all the more with ‘Scam 1992’ playing on every other device – and we’re all looking for ways to navigate the market successfully. Along the way, companies could hold onto the hands of some of the best stock market influencers in India that have gathered a solid subscriber base with their easy to digest educational content in the financial segment. We bring you a comprehensive list of the best Indian stock market YouTubers that can help you leverage your YouTube influencer marketing.

15 Best Indian Stock Market YouTube Channels:

With a significant following on YouTube, this Indian stock market influencer is pioneering a better-educated audience in the stock market and trading niche. His content focuses on stock market predictions, Nifty analysis, daily updates and brand-specific exchange on IPOs, fundings, and scope of profits. 

So, you know which channel to hit up for all things in the stock market. Because we sure did when strategizing the content plan for Angel Broking – one of India’s most potent broking applications. It looks like Super Trader Lakshya’s and multiple other influencers’ word of mouth worked out in the best favour for Angel Broking – driving peerless results.

Market Maestroo, run by Ankit, is slightly more diverse in its content that’s most relevant to mutual funds, banking tips and updates, tax planning, stock market, and the likes. The channel seeks to make people financially literate by educating the layman about the industry‘s inner workings. This stock market influencer in India aims to make the information regionally relevant and cater to a broader audience base to whom financial updates may not be accessible.

Kritika has come out as one of those finance influencers in India who’s gained much traction in the last couple of months. Her videos attempt to examine and highlight developments in mutual funds, the share market, and the finance industry. This stock market influencer tries to cover the basics in savings, debt investing, and money management apart from the general financial education of the masses. 

She tries to be as comprehensive and elaborate as possible in her videos. She was one of the influencers whose reach we at Confluencr leveraged while successfully marketing for TradeSmart – India’s fastest growing online discount broking firm.

Being one of the top influencers for financial advice in India, Nitin’s interests lies in the topics surrounding the stock market, real estate, and personal finance, as evident from the crux of his video content. He provides “Smart Ideas for Your Money”. His extensive follower base testifies to his followers’ trust in the analysis set forth, which seeks to challenge conventional ideas about money and adapts to the current times. With his YouTube endeavours and a blog – nitinbhatia. This Indian stock market influencer is all set for establishing multimedia sources of imparting financial information.

Moving away from the norm, Deepak tends to dig a little deeper into human behaviour and the success psychology of direct selling. He masters tips, tools, and strategies to account for belief systems into the art of selling. This Indian stock market influencer hit the benchmark of training 8 Lakh+ direct sellers in the span of 13 years, has been lauded as the ‘Best Direct Selling Trainer of 2020’ and has been published across multiple publications. So everything that has to do with salesmanship, he’s your go-to.

B Wealthy is a finance YouTube channel hosted and handled by Swati – a woman who’s keen on expounding information on investment, savings, income, mutual funds, taxes, insurance, and the stock market. A handful of lists, she covers these and more topics with a decade worth of experience in personal finance. This stock market influencer on YouTube puts up videos in Hindi – catering to a broader audience seeking to build upon a solid financial base. She is gradually becoming one of India’s best stock market YouTubers, with her channel featuring a wide range of content on the share market.

Neeraj Arora is a trained Chartered Accountant and ardent professor and has co-founded the channel with Pooja Sharma. Their organized posts cover the expanse of taxation, auditing, and strategic management. Their videos also cover the purview of education, employment, and workshops with a strong focus on engagement and collaboration. This Indian stock market influencer’s channel is the one that you can count on for expert opinions on these subjects.

Labour Law Advisor, or as they like to be called – LLA – is a channel that features video series on finance, business, stock market, and careers. The channel, run by Rishabh and Mandeep, offers consultation, brand partnerships, and YouTube consultations apart from other content series – Financial Advisor, Career Advisor, Franchise Analysis, and Smart Stock Tip. Their channel has gained a massive following due to its diverse and structured content with simplicity and clarity.

A channel looking to educate its subscriber base, Investaru Official covers the expanse of stock analysis, updates on stock market developments, and latest corporate activity in stocks such as dividend, buyback, bonuses, and the likes. The idea behind their channel is to make their followers adept at making money on their own with a sound knowledge of the stock market, with a personal mantra to ‘Invest In Present For Better Tomorrow.’ They also make the content audience-friendly, with Hindi as their primary language in their videos.

Karan, an independent trading professional, started Trend Trader Karan with the sole goal to simplify stock trading for beginners. This Indian stock market influencer specializes in nailing the art of mindful stock trading. You can count on him covering all corners of this topic for comprehensive know-how into subjects like intraday trading strategy, swing trading strategies, judging trends, technical analysis, and trading nifty. So stock up on his videos already.

Trading Chanakya is on its way to becoming one of the best YouTube channels for the stock market. It finds different ways of portraying information about the stock market, technical analysis and updates. It’s targeted more to beginners but claims its knowledge to be applicable for seasoned stock traders as well. They create strategies that they then impart through their video content.

A channel atop all market trends, Trade With Trend is diligent about posting videos on trading and investment in the stock market, risk management, and stock market psychology. In addition, they also look into predictive analysis, ETFs, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and options trading. He’s all for enabling his subscribers to learn vicariously through his experiences in the market. Well, your followers sure have to thank you for that, TWT.

Smart Trader comes as an ultra-helpful channel operated by Daice Paul. He covers the length and breadth of stock trading, market developments, platform navigation, stock selection and often do live intraday trading streams. This stock market influencer’s videos cover everything that he’s learnt from the do’s and don’ts, his analyses, and the experience from which stock market novices can be built up. Should you ask questions regarding the topic, he does the occasional QnA to help beginners figure their way out. Make sure you check out this stock market YouTuber for more insights into trading!

Share Bazaari is your go-to for updates, news and stories worth learning stock trade and wealth management from. This educational channel primarily makes videos on the Indian stock market and investments in shares. Owing to the unpredictability in the markets, they try to stay on top of them – enabling better financial decisions for their followers.

Fund Guruji comes as a YouTube channel covering the distance for insurance, mutual funds, and the stock market. Fund Guruji reviews platforms, software, analyses IPOs, and imparts investment tips. He even hosts informative content in that he studies different types of investments guides in terms of differentiators, safety practices, and the likes.


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With the restraints that apply to finance brands, it’s rather tough to create marketing campaigns to promote the offerings. We at Confluencr have aptly leveraged influencers for an industry that needed to find newer avenues, shed off its primary image as boring or dull, and, therefore, now attract a younger audience. To implement influencer marketing for your brand, reach out to us at [email protected].

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