6 Female Finance YouTube Influencers You Should be Following

6 Female Finance YouTube Influencers You Should be Following

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“Influencer marketing has become a key channel for many brands, and as trading activity increased globally and in India, many turned to these influencers to ‘deep dive’ and learn new things. Influencer marketing as a channel is here to stay.”- Jimeet Modi
(founder and CEO, SAMCO Group)

The quote sums up the power of influencer marketing for fintech brands. However, as far as one can trace, the world of finance has always been a boy’s club. But lately, women have been making their mark and pushing through the gender barriers. The rise of women’s power and the explosion of the internet have created a network of female finance influencers who are knowledgeable and masters in the field of finance, and are leveling up the finance game. They can be followed on Twitter, can be heard over podcasts, have written books and blogs, and inspired many to tackle debt, stick to budgets and grow wealth. 

Fintech brands offering unique value propositions to their consumers are on a constant lookout for these finfluencers to tap into the interests of their target audience and build brand awareness. Influencer marketing for BFSI brands has seen a rise since the pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down. Fintech brands have more than ever realized the power of influencer marketing and are all set to shed their image as dull or boring and make their way into the hearts and minds of their potential consumers through finance influencers.

Here we bring you the list of the Top 6 Female Finance YouTube Influencers in India:

CA Rachana Ranade is one of the best finance influencers in India who aims at improving financial literacy in India by helping people learn about stock markets in the most simplified manner. She runs a YouTube channel through which she imparts financial education for more than 10 years and has more than 3M subscribers on her YouTube channel. She hosts various workshops thus engaging her audience at a 3.88% engagement rate. Through her in-depth explanation of financial topics, this finance influencer has been able to garner a whopping 76.8K average views on her uploads, and a highest of 19.4K views. Seeing her top-tier content and engagement with her audience, a lot of fintech brands have collaborated with this leading female finance influencer including SmallCase. The brand partnered with leading YouTube finance influencers in India to create brand awareness, generate leads and drive higher account openings.

Swati Kumari is the founder of B Wealthy, a platform that features educational and informative videos on making money. She has been in the finance industry for more than a decade and aims at helping people manage and grow their wealth. She also runs a YouTube channel that has more than 468K subscribers and continues to educate us all on financial topics and advises us on growing wealth so that we can live our desired life. Swati enlightens her audience on topics including systematic investment plans, education loans, mutual funds, IPOs and everything in between. With an engagement rate of 3.71% with her audience, this female finance influencer has garnered an average of 13.4K views thus attracting a lot of brand collaborations including Upstox to promote its brand by showcasing its features through video content. She is undoubtedly one of the best female finance influencers in India and an inspiration for her female counterparts.

Founder and CEO of Taxation Help, Neha is a finance influencer and an entrepreneur hailing from Delhi. Being a finance content creator, Neha emphasizes making financial concepts easy to understand and consume for her audience. This finance influencer in India is an inspiration to women entrepreneurs, and those striving to make their mark in the finance sector. With a subscriber base of 342K subscribers on YouTube, Neha engages with her audience at a 5.13% engagement rate. This finance influencer is loved by her audience for her unique and engaging way of putting up financial concepts. Neha enjoys a whopping 885K follower base on Instagram. This finance YouTuber’s channel hosts videos on various topics including taxation, stocks, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and many more. Need a piece of solid advice on financial stuff? Neha is your go-to girl!

Hailing from West Bengal, Nidhi Nagori is a CA and has completed her CPA in the United States. With around 181K subscribers on her YouTube channel, this Indin finance influencer engages her audience at the rate of almost 4.44% ER. Besides enlightening her audience with personal financial planning, and investment strategies, Nidhi also talks about career opportunities abroad, education and certifications in the fintech sector, work opportunities and career tips. Nidhi enjoys a fan following of about 600K+ followers on Instagram and has garnered an average of 8K+ views on her YT uploads. Her most viewed content on YouTube is that revolving around work from home opportunities, which has garnered 402K views, 13K likes, and 847 comments. We see this talented female finfluencer already on the rise!

An ex-investment banker, Anushka Rathod is one of the best female finance influencers in India and a CFA level 2 candidate. Anushka has risen to popularity with easy to understand, in-depth content revolving around business and finance niches. With almost 16K subscribers to her YouTube channel, this finance influencer engages with her audience at an impressive engagement rate of 8.21%. Anushka makes it a point to keep her audience updated with all things finance. She uploads videos on topics ranging from multibagger stocks to cryptocurrencies and everything in between. Her most viewed content on YouTube, with as many as 15K views is the one where she explains the types of cryptocurrencies in Hindi. We see this young, financial expert, make a mark in the world of finance with one video at a time!

Kusha is unapologetic about voicing her opinions on social issues like body shaming or being sexualized at a young age. She has always freely shared her thoughts and encouraged her followers to do the same. 

Kusha’s hilarious videos take on the real-life situations most of us have been through. What was going through your mind as you tried putting the varmala around your spouse? When that one friend who never replies on your WhatsApp chat finally does. Such relatable content is the result of Kusha’s 10% engagement rate.

Several brands for collaborations have approached Kusha – OPPO India (ER – 40%), VLCC Personal Care (ER – 40%), Levi’s India (ER – 9%), OkCupid India (ER – 6.90%), supported the #StopTheBeautyTest by Dove India in partnership with Femina and GRAZIA India (ER – 41%), Olay India (ER – 72.50%), Pizza Hut India (ER – 7.70%), Bombay Shaving Company (ER – 73.90%), organized a SWAROVSKI Giveaway (ER – 41.60%), LENSKART (ER – 33%).

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Influencer marketing in the BFSI sector is here to stay for the long run, but BFSI companies need to revamp their marketing strategies to stay relevant and fresh. The content you create should not just cater to your target audience but should also appeal to a passive audience who have the potential to be your customers. Finance influencers have got this equation right, and collaborating with them shall offer brands, great returns on investment. Collaborating with the above-listed influencers can help brands position themselves in front of an audience who’s already interested in finance management, and wealth creation. 

Being a global influencer marketing agency, Confluencr has pioneered influencer marketing solutions that have now become a staple part of the BFSI marketing mix. In India, we work with 4 out of the top 5 discount brokers, leading insurance firms, global consumer banks, cryptocurrency platforms, share market apps like Angel Broking, and many other financial investment brands. With the restraints that apply to finance brands, it’s rather tough to create marketing campaigns that can truly promote the offerings. We have aptly leveraged influencers for an industry that needed to find newer avenues, to shed off its primary image as boring or dull, and therefore now attracting a younger audience as well. To implement influencer marketing for your brand, reach out to [email protected].

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