Top 20 Indian Finance Influencers on LinkedIn

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“For a brokerage firm to be sustainable, they have to provide some sort of education to all their users. Otherwise, you'll get a spike of users but eventually, they will start losing money.”- Prateek Singh
(Founder, LearnApp)

LinkedIn has been one of the most valuable platforms to build connections in the respective industries and spread helpful information. The job givers and job seekers of profit-oriented organizations or nonprofit organizations, whether big, small, or medium, are available on LinkedIn. It has helped them to build a community and understand talent and has also become a go-to platform to represent ideas and achievements. The BFSI industry is no exception to this. With LinkedIn emerging as a powerful platform for influencer marketing, the BFSI sector has seen a positive digital shift in its marketing strategies.

With the emergence of the internet, financial experts have turned into financial influencers. They are trying to spread the proper knowledge using different platforms, including LinkedIn. Indian financial influencers on LinkedIn post content that is catchy and has the right proportion of credible data for the audience’s reference. Finance influencers on LinkedIn have been changing the marketing game for fintech brands, and it would be worth seeing the fintech industry shed its original image as dull or boring by opting for the new-age influencer marketing through credible platforms such as LinkedIn. 

Having studied the influencer marketing arena closely and having worked with India’s top finance brands, we present here the list of top 20 finance influencers on LinkedIn that can prove to be the most economical collaboration for your next influencer marketing campaign.

Top 20 Indian Finance Influencers On LinkedIn:

Sharan started his journey as a finance strategy analyst at KPMG and is now co-founder of this finance brand Hedonova. Along with it, this personal finance influencer in India creates content that is simple to understand and fun to watch. A 15-year-old and even a 60-year-old can understand finance if they follow Sharan! He has been very active on his LinkedIn. He keeps on interacting with other financial experts and business tycoons on various topics from the world of finance. He talks about versatile issues on his LinkedIn, including finance, investment, money, management, psychology of money, and everything one needs to understand about the financial world.

Neha talks about finance, startups, business, and various investment ideas. She is building entrepreneurs and assisting people in expanding their startups, with a dream to encourage financial literacy by content creation. Her content is always on point and is broken down in a way that’s easy to consume. This leading finance influencer on LinkedIn creates videos on various financial concepts in the simplest and funniest way possible and communicates the correct financial data. Also, she makes motivational videos to help people move ahead in life.

Raj has given more than 200 speeches worldwide on financial freedom and is one of the youngest Indians to represent India at the United Nations. Along with being a content creator on various social media platforms, he is also an entrepreneur. Raj is an excellent growth investor. He assists people in understanding business and the world of investment in the easiest way possible on his LinkedIn. This Indian finance influencer on LinkedIn also reposts his content from his podcast and frequently posts videos full of knowledge. He is trying his best to spread financial awareness among the masses. He is helping various viewers to understand the world of business and investment in the best way possible.

Anamika is a chartered accountant and is one of the leading female finance influencers in India. She is the best person to understand how to manage money most efficiently. We would call her the crypto queen. She has been doing a lot of sessions and creating a lot of content in the context of crypto and its working. Her videos of around 1 minute would make you full of knowledge. Being a finance field professional, she can guide you in the most righteous way and the right direction for your financial journey ahead.

Nidhi is a chartered accountant from India and a certified public accountant from the US and is currently working in finance. Along with it, she is creating content on various social media platforms and guiding people toward a great financial path in their life. She interacts with multiple individuals on her LinkedIn and guides them toward a better financial career. This female finance influencer on LinkedIn makes sure to update her audience about the vital economic events happening worldwide.

Along with the content creation, Murad is a co-founder of an e-Learning startup that teaches financial courses to people across India and abroad. If you are pursuing a financial career or are willing to build your business, you should surely follow Murad to get all the details and understand various things about your financial career. He keeps posting much informative content on his LinkedIn and is a must-follow for personal finance guidance.

This Indian finance influencer on LinkedIn talks about tax, finance, startup advisory, and startup funding on his LinkedIn and guides people on the right path of their financial journey. All his videos are around 30 to 60 seconds. You will certainly gain a very precious piece of information from every video of his. He talks most simply and creatively about employment agreements and discusses various tax reforms. His stock market videos are viral over the internet brimming with correct and accurate financial information.

Ishaan says that he is a 24/7 learner, which makes him different. He is one of the best financial advisors you would get on the internet. He is the co-founder of Finladder. He is super active on his LinkedIn and posts informative and worth reading content. This Indian finance influencer keeps on interacting with his followers on LinkedIn and replies to different questions and doubts of his audience. His views are always on point and we love the way he speaks about finance and various topics on his LinkedIn.

Ankur Warikoo guides you in the context of money-making, and investment and guides you towards personal growth. He shares various content on his LinkedIn on different topics. Ankur’s content will surely guide you in the right direction and in the best way possible if you are confused about anything, whether self-development, skills or mutual funds. Ankur’s digital homes are a perfect mix of all things growth and development. This Indian financial influencer on LinkedIn makes it a point to break down complex financial and business concepts in a simple, easy to understand way.

Tanmay Bhatt is an amazing combination of humor and intelligence. Guess who can make complex finance stuff sound funnier? None other than Tanmay Bhatt! He is one of the funniest comedians from India, and at the same time, he creates content on investment. He has a finance YouTube channel where he posts investment and finance-related content. This Indian finance influencer on LinkedIn would make it a point to help you understand finance in the funniest way possible.

Sarang is an IIM graduate and is a Cryptocurrency expert. On his LinkedIn, he keeps on posting articles and blogs in the context of cryptocurrency, and it’s working. He also reviews various updates regarding the rules and regulations of the cryptocurrency world. If you are confused about anything in crypto, you should surely follow this crypto influencer in India, and we’re sure all your doubts will be cleared within a few minutes. This finance influencer on LinkedIn is your go-to person for all things crypto!

Sayali is the co-founder of Fincocktail. She is super active on LinkedIn and keeps posting content about the market updates and financial freedom. Also, she gives her followers a lot of financial tips. Now and then, on her LinkedIn, she interacts with various business persons and content creators. This Indian female finance influencer makes videos for her business account and reposts all those videos on her personal LinkedIn. One of the latest videos has discussed India’s union budget and has explained the budget in the simplest way for her audience.

Anushka has been an ex-investment banker and is currently doing content creation on various topics like business, finance, economics, and much more. Being one of the top female finance influencers in India, Anushka boasts an impressive fan following on other social media handles too. She makes it a point to review economic and financial reforms around the world and keeps her audience updated too. Do pay a visit to her Instagram account to find great financial content explained in the simplest way.

Pranjal is an early-stage investor. He talks about startups, investment, finance, and much more on his LinkedIn. He is one of the most liked finance content creators on the internet. He does conduct various sessions with college students and millennials. Everyone adores his finance content. He has also published a book named ‘mint your money’ which talks about money-making and growth strategies. Being one of the leading stock market influencers in India, Pranjal Kamra has won millions of hearts across all social media platforms through his on-point creative content.

A Professional tracking Banner Financial Investments at the popular news channel CNBC TV18, Abhishek Kothari is a principal research analyst who offers worthy insights about the Indian stock market and finance. He is one of the top 20 financial influencers with the most significant followers on Twitter. Before making any investment decision, insights from Abhishek Kothari will guide you in the right way.

He is the founder of an investment Academy in India and has educated more than 8 lakh people. On his LinkedIn, he talks about the stock market, various opportunities in the business world, and personal finance. This personal finance influencer in India talks about several crucial pieces of information about the stock market and recent updates. He interacts with his followers on various topics on LinkedIn, thus engaging them and solving their queries. Shares views on everything happening in the stock market.

Varun Malhotra’s posts communicate about the various updates in the finance world. He is the co-founder of a financial brand and makes it a point to talk about various topics like how to raise funding for your startup and reviews companies building necessities in India. Basically, suppose you want to know about the world of finance. Want to know every tiny detail about every great startup building worldwide? Varun’s LinkedIn page is your go-to destination!

This finance influencer on LinkedIn talks about finance, startups, business, and much more. He keeps on giving his views on various financial reforms happening in India and around the globe. He shares informative pieces and provides additional information about every type of content he reads including ‘Data is the new oil to the story of Dhirubhai Ambani.’ This finance influencer on LinkedIn makes it a point to educate his audience on all things finance. He’s your go-to place to learn anything and everything you need to know about finance.

Founder and managing director of Kalaari Capital, Vani is one of the top finance influencers in India. Recognised as one of ‘Fortune India’s Most Powerful Women in Business’ Vani is an influential voice in the finance sector. Being a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, this finance influencer’s investment advice is a result of her personal entrepreneurial experiences. This female finance influencer in India makes it a point to keep her audience updated regarding financial transforms across the globe and drops insightful entrepreneurial tips and tricks here and there on her LinkedIn feed.

Being a co-founder and CEO of BankBazaar, Adhil is one of the top fintech influencers in India. Educating his audience about personal finance, Adil talks about all things finance. He makes it a point to share smart financial advice with his large audience base and also engages with them by sharing his entrepreneurial journey. Adhil’s LinkedIn handle hosts numerous educational articles including those on home loans, education loans, gold loans, and other personal finance topics. This Indian finance influencer on LinkedIn makes it a point to keep his audience updated with the latest trends, transforms, and challenges in the finance industry. Adhil’s LinkedIn is a must-follow feed to gain amazing insights into the world of finance.


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